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  1. Rutherford said he is done unless he really sees something.
  2. We are still under the cap floor. And Rutherford said that the replacement of Cole would come via Trade more or less.
  3. I heard the Flyers were also going after Richards which made me laugh And yep. In my honest opinion, Florida has a real shot at the playoffs this coming year. I think they are going to surprise people. I could be dead wrong and they still suck it up, but who knows. Only time will tell.
  4. Sorry, but I'm more interested in trying to see what Rutherford has up his sleeve for getting a replacement for Cole. It has to come via trade. I don't see him picking someone up on the UFA market.
  5. I think people should calm down for a bit. Just because people have played bad in other places before, doesn't necessarily MEAN they will play like trash here as well. There could be a chance that he could end up being a steal for us. Only time can tell.
  6. Rutherford says Ponikarovsky is not considered a replacement for Cole, and that team will continue to work on that There you go
  7. Doesn't he expect that EVERY year?
  8. I'll be surprised if we make a pitch to Richards
  9. Florida is definitely going to be fighting for a playoff spot this year.
  10. Scottie Upshall to Florida :| *edit*
  11. Jovanoski to Florida :3
  12. I didn't want him back. He does have heart and grit, but other than that he's garbage.
  13. There have been talks and reports that Brad Richards is actually interested in coming to Carolina. Probably wouldn't even happen but hey, it's something interesting. ...If by some miracle it DID happen though. I'll fall over dead from shock.
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