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  1. surely im just slow but where is the tv schedule for preseason?
  2. I have a few extra I'll trade for anyone. Seriously looking to get rid of them as I have no need for a total of four sutters. Let me know. Dreaddinit@hotmail.com
  3. Are you interested in a Brandon Sutter one from the last game against the Bruins? I have a few extra to trade and would like to start a collection any other way than with three brandon sutters. Let me know. Dreaddinit@hotmail.com
  4. I have a few sutter bobbles to trade. Its my only ones so im not to picky on who I get in return. Cam would be nice. Let me know.
  5. I want to start off by saying that I am a fairly newer hockey fan so I may come off as a little ignorant.....With that being said, has anyone ever thought about the fact that with Wesley, Francis, and Brindy helping out these younger kids on and off the ice, that is where these newer guys will learn and still have the awesome leadership? Except the obvious fact that they won't be playing on the ice with them. Do these guys still have a high level of impact on the younger crowd off the ice as well? I want to believe so. With that in mind, if what I believe is the case, I think this season we are in for a treat. As a canes fan I stand behind JR's decision 100% and have a good feeling about these guys. I mean how bad is it REALLY? We have a bunch of awesome players like Ward, Stahl bros., Gleason, Pits, Sutter, La Rose...list goes on and on. Come to think of it with people like these guys not only do I think that the veteran moves we have made will pan out, I think it will be the best decision of all. Mainly because (and maybe it's wishfull thinking) the other people on the team like Ward, gleason, and La Rose will hopefully mature a little more (come out of the shyness so to speak) and "step up to the plate" to become the next leaders of this team and also help get the newer guys aclimated and get them to full potential. Do I think that its going to be perfect? No, but I do believe it will work out better than expected.
  6. Well the guy has one heck of a slapshot and he can put the biscuit in the basket to boot. I for one am glad to have him back because he brings something to the team that it lacks without him. I'm happy with the deal as long as we have some other players to compliment (which I think we will) Maybe free agency will throw us a suprise or two.
  7. I may be alone on this and thats fine but, 1.) To me Cam was no highlight of last year. Don't get me wrong Cam is my favorite player but to me he was over shadowed by his amateur peers. His %age does'nt make sense to what I saw. Not to mention he was out alot this past season. 2.) Bring babs back. The guy has a wicked slap shot and an attitude to match but attitudes can change. He would fit in again well and help boost the D on the team. Maybe put him with some of the AHL guys. He has been a proven player. Disclaimer: I am still fairly new to hockey and try to keep track of whats going on. Please inform me of any ignorance I may be displaying.
  8. [quote name='carolina_kat wrote: jb_online'] We wont earn a top three pick, but this is a strong draft and we'll get a lot of good young talent anyway. It's not like the only good players in this draft are Hall, Seguin and Fowler. Go Canes Wrong, every scouting report says that there is a big drop off after Hall, Sequin and Fowler.No, not wrong in every right. Look at just about every mock draft site on google. Just about all of them said we should end up with four decent guys. One of them being Brett Connolly. Have you seen his stats? Best rookie of the year period. Add him to the line of whitney and staal etc.. and you could see magic. Maybe even wake up staal a bit.
  9. So my question is, as still a new but avid canes follower is....The chances for the playoffs out the window for sure now? I don't get how the scoring system works in hockey yet.
  10. None of the above. Joey Gladstone from Full House.
  11. Man your awesome thanks alot. And yes my family had it signed for me in november that year I beleive. Thanks again.
  12. It's awesome to see at the beginning of this thread about giving nolan those tickets. What a very unselfish thing to do. I literally have tears in my eyes. My eyes have been open to life as my gf's mother has been battleing pancreatic cancer for the better part of 2 1/2 years. Although not my mother she has been like a mother to me. I feel your pain in knowing what it's like to see a parent in that condition or even worse not having them here. I deal with selfish people on a day to day basis and it really says something to me to see that something someone loves so much (hurricanes tickets) they are willing to give to someone else at the drop of a hat and have no clue who they are. We need more of that in this world. God bless you and God bless Nolan and his family. Go Cains!
  13. I went to the carnival and I was disapointed that as soon as I got to the tent to get a bracelet, they said they were all out of them. Maybe I should have gotten there sooner but I wish they would give out more. I was more disapointed knowing that for one, I drove from Fuquay, stood in line, and then got all the way to the front for nothing. I did go buy a hat and a shirt becuase I still love the canes but it was a craphole day for me personally. I was by myself so I didnt care to spend the rest of my afternoon waiting for the game to start at 2:30pm when it was 10:30 at the time. If I was not alone that day I probably would have went.
  14. Apparently Nic Wallin comes into Home Depot in Apex all the time. My co-workers see him but I never do. They just let him shop.
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