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  1. Sad about the last game...who is going to the airport tonite to welcome the boys home?

  2. I agree...can't wait to see what next year brings...Kirk is doing a wonderful job!!!
  3. According to the NHL Home Ice this evening Parise has no contract...
  4. Ready for some Canes hockey!

  5. Skinner is another Rookie. We need some experience in the locker room. Nothing against Skinner and I know he impressed. I just don't think signing him would warrant a press conference. We already kind of have him anyway.
  6. Why would we hold anything for Skinner. We already know that he is playing tomorrow and we already "own" him. I would guess Parise. Devils need to unload some players and Zach has not signed anywhere. This would be a great scoring winger and the experience that we need to add to the forwards.
  7. I agree that the logo looks great and I love that we were subtle about the aspects. I can't wait to get my ticket!!! I hope that they make these look really cool too. It is going to be really exciting to have the hockey world see Raleigh host the All-Star game!!
  8. Anyone know the flight info from Boston tonight?
  9. Finally plane is in the air!!!! Arrival at 1am!!
  10. Plane hasn't taken off yet what are they waiting on?!?!?!
  11. They just said arrival of 1245 or 1 am on the news.
  12. Where can we park at the airport??? Can't wait to greet the boys!!!
  13. Love seeing Conboy in the lineup. Loved the fight last night!!! We are definitely going to need that in the lineup for the playoffs!!! KEEP CONBOY IN!!!!!
  14. OK.....I got back to my desk around 9-10ish yesterday and saw that Lavi was gone. The only thing I can say was my heart sank to the floor because I was more concerned over who was next. Then I turned on XM NHL Home Ice and heard the Paul Maurice "rumor". Needless to say my heart sank again!!!! We did this already and got rid of him for the exact same reason! I didn't post yesterday because I needed to "sleep on it". I wanted a change for the team, someway to get the confidence back. I hope that I see a new and revived team tonight. I don't really expect (but always hope for) a win over the Crosby/Malkin/Staal powerhouse but I do want a hard fought game. I think having Justin back will help too (hopefully!). For Rutherford's sake, THIS BETTER WORK!! GO CANES!!!
  15. No I didn't get a ticket! Thank God!
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