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    It's good to have the team in the W column again, but the fact that they blew a 3-0 and a 4-1 lead is still unsettling. Anyway, this has been loooooooooooong overdue.
  2. I'm usually the last one to point at officiating, but some of the things that have gone on in this series are just ludicrous. I have never watched a game and been left in awe of the poor officiating before this series. Yeah, I know how that sounds, but few things amaze me. As for your question, I unfortunately do not have any video evidence...
  3. And you are? Just some Boston fan who decided to register here and run their mouth? Nice try junior.
  4. Hey, I'm in year 2015 in NHL 09, went 82-0, and have won the cup every year. I think we can create an absolute dynasty here, fellas!
  5. I'll apologize in advance, as I just scanned some of the recent replies here, but I felt compelled to reply, specifically about the costs of attending games. Last sunday, I took my girlfriend to her first game, going online and hitting up the 9.99 special (as far as I'm concerned, there are no bad seats at a hockey game). I'm heading in from Halifax county (roughly an hour, give or take), but the recent decline in gas prices actually helped spur me to deciding to go. What gets me is $10 for parking. I understand the economics of the franchise needing to profit, but couple ticket prices (whether or not you think they're high) with gas and parking, and you are creating a prohibitive scenario for folks, especially with the economy in the shape that it's in. On the flipside, my girlfriend had an enormous amount of fun. As soo as we got to our seats for the warmups, the first thing she said was "Wow, this is so cool." Not deeply profound, but she was genuinely in awe. Despite the effort in the game, her experience was not tarnished at all, and she commented many times about how much she enjoyed it. I'll admit that over the years, I get more hesitant buying tickets if the team is playing poorly, and that's coming from a guy that, as a 16-17 year old went to about 40 games in Greensboro (about a 2 1/2 hour drive). I've gotten to the point that I value each game I am lucky enough to attend that much more. Anywho, that's all I have for now. Everyone have a good evening
  6. Hahahaha, I was thinking the same thing. I must say that I do like this one, the eyes kinda remind me of the poster for Cape Fear ('91). It's miles and miles above the Nickleback one. *shudders*
  7. It goes beyond just having an enforcer on the bench. More important is to have team toughness, and to have every player watching out for their teammates. That doesn't mean taking a run at a player. It means that if an opposing player takes liberties with ANY player on our team, our team will respond by painting the boards with the opposition. Ok, I really just typed that because it sounded good to me, but, in all seriousness, knowing that you're going to be in the crosshairs of every physical player outweighs the risk of running into an enforcer. Knowing that you'll have to face the ire of the likes of Walker, Gleason, Ruutu ect. for the duration of the game should do more to keep a team honest moreso than knowing "I'll take my licks with their enforcer and sit for 5". The only condition is to keep it clean and smart.
  8. In all my hockey game attending experience, there is no such thing as a bad seat...just bad neighbors
  9. I've honestly never been bothered by Tripp. Yes, he can be a complete goofus. There are the previously alluded to food references. I guess that all the little things that make him annoying to some make him endearing to others. Well, maybe not endearing, but the chemistry between Johnny and Tripp is great and just adds to every Canes broadcast. I'll take the pairing we have over pretty much any other around the NHL.
  10. A big part of it is that, unlike a power play, a breakaway happens on the spot, typically without warning. I's not a situation where practice necessarily yields direct results. Yes, players can practice moves one on one with a goalie, but execution in game is almost never how it plays out in a practice situation. Guys might be out of gas, lacking confidence, ect. That at least can explain some futility as far as breakaways are concerned. In a shootout situation, you might be dealing with a player (or players) that have moves that haven't been working. In a case such as this, they might be trying something different, or again, just be low on confidence. In a situation like these, you can ill afford a split second of hesitation. I guess the bottom line is that it could be just about anything, so my post has been about as futile as practicing breakaways
  11. Hahahahahaha, I actually paused the video at that point. On a comic aside, I had the mental image of Scott beating the bejesus out of a giant frog. Amphibious...indeed.
  12. Then again, how much chemistry can they have at this point? As for Barry's comments, I won't condone or condemn them. The big difference I have gotten so far between him and his predecessor is that he tries to hold players accountable without tearing them down.
  13. Glad to see that he is signed and ready to go. Wish him nothing but the best.
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