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  1. Mo is lookin at million dollar houses thats all i know so far.
  2. Hahaha! Ya buffalow fans are crazy! they are drunk like crazy and get into too many fights with fans. I am watching the game right now and its a pretty good game. beside the score.
  3. I have to agree with Brind'Amour. He is getting old and has not been scoring. Staal... I know that he is our best player but right now I think Ruttu Or Whitney should be out best players they score more......
  4. We have the worst coach on the planet!!! :angry: Lavi gone so it is just not the same! We have JR as a General Manager who screws up the best team after the stanly cup this year :angry: :angry:
  5. I think that the fans that liked Lavie are just really pist off at JR. and then you have the fans who don't care about what happens they just like the team. But I have not been going to any games after Lavie got fired but My friends have said that it has been quite. there is not of yelling and cherring. only when the canes score. I have to say that after this year the team will never be the same with all the trades and fireing of staff..
  6. never saw that coming....... well Frank dosen't score alot.. and JR wants scoring players. I could care less if frank got tradded.
  7. haha this is cute and is now my ringtone. I saw that someone did not know what 12 and 8 was i am not sure what 12 was but i know that 8 is "8 is Matt Cullen" I love the "7 sweeds are scoring"
  8. i noticed that to. he was aswem last year but this year he is slaking.
  9. Ruttu is a good choice. i do not know why people want Staal to become our captin he has not been scoring like last year..... I think either Ruttu or Ray W. They both score lots of goals and play with heart.
  10. Kaberle should go. he dose nothing.
  11. lol. would we get someone from the river rats??? I say that we get the best one they have! we really need a good golie like Came or BETTER! Is there anyone on the River rats that are really good? The canes are not going to go to the playoffs if we do not get a better golie. ( I do not think they are going to go to the playoffs now if they do not start winning but i still have hope! )
  12. Ok well i think that we should get ride of Kaberle. He has been slaking and has not been scoring. Staal has been slaking to. He was grate but know he has not being scoring as much as last year. i am not saying to get ride of him but i am saying to SCORE Staal SCORE WE NEED U SO WE CAN GO TO THE PLAYOFFS! Legtion (Not sure how to spell that sry) I think should go. he is like Grame But i have to say that he is a tad bit better. They really need a supper good golie. And Came is hurt our best golie. So i say that the team is in trouble untile Came comes back. I have herad that they should get ride of Nic because he has only been getting assites and not goals. I think we should keep him. He is the best Defenesmen we got. So KEEP HIM. (He has a few goals this season and that is good for a defensmen) I have think that we would keep Corvo. I think they should keep him to. He is pretty good.
  13. Good idea. How about do that and Stormy with Dancing Granny
  14. Dancing Granny could be a choice to but i say keep stormy..... How about dancing granny and stormy??????
  15. NO WAY!! Stormy should stay! He is grate for the fans! I think that he is grate with kids. He should not go! STAY STORMY STAY!
  16. I saw that i thought it was a stupied thing to do. Sometimes the refs suck.
  17. Thats a lot of injuries. I hope the team gets better. Well i herd that Justin is going to be playing! That is good and maybe we can win some more games. Any news on cam?
  18. I have to agree that Ron francis could be a choice. he knows the team well and has played on it before so that would get a plus. Who is tom rowe?? Never heard of him? Is he pretty good?
  19. I agree with you. But JR should maybe talk to him and not fire him.. And if he dose get fired, who will we get for a new coach??
  20. WE SHOULD NOT GET RIDE OF COACH!!!!!! :angry: He is grate!!! (besides that they are loosing) I think it is the players who are not right not the coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Don't worry i voted for Wallin! How will we know if he wins???
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