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  1. Looks like Rowdy can have Stormy for lunch in one sitting.
  2. It's a two way contract per TSN. Not exactly what he wanted. I suspect he could have stayed with the Canes on a two way contract. Too bad.
  3. I really don't understand why so many are so eager to paint JR in a bad light. In all instances, JR always seem to be above board in dealing with the player. Look at Cole and LaRose talk:How many GM would allow the player to test the water while keeping the offer on the table. He more or less is telling the player go and find the best deal and JR is convince it will not be much better than his offer with a little hometown discount built in. Babchuk more or less has the same offer. The QO is just the number to maintain our RFA rights. It is reasonable to assume he did not get any significant offer. So JR is probably right about his value. FWIW, Boullion just signed for 750k with Nashville according to RDS. He is projected to be #4-7 defenseman. With this free agent market, 1 million is not so bad. There are much worse scenario than to come back and play 1 year with the the promise of top 4 TOI and regain arbitration right for RFA next year. Jussi's cap # were 1.812 last year and he sign for 1.75 this year. How come there is no talk of.....Oooh, JR must be mad at Jussi...or JR is lowballing Jussi even though he has a break out half year. And he didn't get a raise. How terrible JR is to treat Jussi that way. Let face it, JR is very honest in assessing a player is worth. His record on this is impeccable. I see no indication he is wrong on the Babchuk situation.
  4. If we win our last two, I think we take the 4th spot should Philly lose only once in regulation. Both will have 101 points. We have more wins I believe.
  5. I am getting tire of all these What have you done for me lately attitude. Brind'Amour has been loyal to us for such a long time that I think we should owe him the same. I do not know where the projection of -63 is coming from. This is clearly a falsehood. It is like saying I discovered a biased coin that comes up heads 60% of the time. The proof is when I tossed my coin 5 times, It came up heads 3 times and tails twice. So if I toss it 100 times, surely it will come up heads 60 times. My point is you cannot project +/- numbers. If a player is -10 then the projection for the year should be -10 also. The players are constantly learning. There are typically 10 skaters on ice and all of them will modify their play after a goal is scored. With so much variables at hand, +/- really doesn't say much about the probabilities of future outcome. It is a question who can adjust faster.
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