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  1. Agree on all counts except the arena. It depends on the arena/team if they allow detachable lenses. If you call ahead make sure you ask for the PR or media person. I got all the way to Bridgeport after calling ahead and was told no. Unsure about NHL other than Hurricanes and Islanders. Hurricanes allow detachable lenses, Islanders do not AHL I know that Albany (used to, no idea if still does), same for Springfield (both w/new teams/mgmt), Portland, Syracuse, Binghamton, Manchester, Adirondack, all allow them. Bridgeport,WBS, Hershey do not. I plan on e-mailing the teams this season so I have confirmation ahead of time. I'll post a list here once I hear back. @caniac23 - I didn't forget you, been in the middle of some stuff. Will post a follow up to my original when I've got time
  2. I want to think some of this over and ask a few photo-friends a couple of questions. In the meantime I'd suggest a D3000 Dummies guide. If nothing else it gives you a good overview on how to work your camera. I have one for my 5000 and it works great. I've been told the manuals for the Nikons are packed with good helpful information. I have yet to read mine. I'm a 'I don't need no stinkin directions' ...usually followed by 'crud where'd I put that darn book so I can undo what I just did' kinda gal. For visual tools check this link from the Pioneerwoman.com She's not sports related but she touches on some of the stuff you mentioned. Also check the Nikon site and Youtube for video tutorials. Wicked helpful. Did you buy the camera from a camera store? Ask questions to the people who sold it to you. I find that people in that field are more than willing to help. If not a camera store, find one and chat w/them. I use Ritz photo and a smaller local store in Albany. They are the main reason my photos look the way they do (the good ones anyway ) I see a big difference between the lenses in my photos due to the f#. I believe the 2.8 lets in more light. Tamron is an excellent brand. I can't swear to it, but I don't know that you're going to find that lens cheaper than that. I know there's a site out there you can rent from relatively inexpensive, but I don't know the url offhand. I'll post that later too. My best advice on all of it is introduce yourself to some local photogs and ask questions. (Don't do it during a game btw. I'm not a pro and I know how I feel when people bug me when I'm shooting a game) I've only had one so far who couldn't be bothered and I suspect it's because he's not that good. Harsh, but that's my opinion. Every single other photographer I've spoken to (and I can name 13 off the top of my head) have not only happily answered question, but have given tips and suggestions as well. Be back w/some more suggestions in a day or so but that should at least give you a place to start. Hope it's helpful
  3. so gear talk? I have a Nikon D5000 and had the good fortune of being able to borrow a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 for the end of the Rats last season/playoffs. I did not want to give it back. Feel free to check out the photos I took last season at Flickr. I've got the 55-200 lens that I shot most photos w/ though off the top of my head I'm blanking on the f for it. The 70-200 is sweet. It should run about 700-800 dollars new, and is why I don't own one yet. OH and if you click the "Nikon D5000" link on the right side of the picture it will tell you the settings I used. Varied by location in the rink/which rink/which jersey (TU center is MURDER w/photo noise in the reds)
  4. She is and thanks you for the kind words sorry been among the missing. Short story is was laid off and have been job hunting. Still looking, but trying to get back into some of the things I let slip. So, gear talk? let er rip. If I can't answer the question I might know someone who can.
  5. Links compiled by Kinnear face of the franchise, Albany Times Union Rats sad to be leaving the area, Albany Times Union 'All good things come to an end at some point', Albany Times Union Rowdy no more, Troy Record Albany River Rats 1992-2010, Crash The Crease Rookies had major impact on River Rats' success, Schenectady Daily Gazette Piper leading Rats to Charlotte, Schenectady Daily Gazette Rats 2009-2010: Southbound; the kids are alright, Schenectady Daily Gazette After playoff loss, Rats end 17-year run in Albany, WTEN Albany
  6. Times Union: Rats sad to be leaving the area Daily Gazette: Rats 2009-2010 Southbound Borer back on track The kids are alright
  7. Are ya kidding me? .Barring any major life drama I plan on being in Charlotte for the home opener..lol you poor people are stuck with me
  8. Photos from last night's Game 4, Round 2 against Hershey are up. I'm still labeling the players Game 4, Round 2 04/29/2010 vs Hershey
  9. Links compiled by The Infestation: Post-game coverage: Rats season concludes in overtime, Albany Times Union It's never easy to say goodbye, especially now, Albany Times Union Rats notes 'n quotes: Hershey led for less than 30 minutes, Albany Times Union End of the line, Troy Record Even in defeat, River Rats salute faithful, Troy Record Bears 5, Bears 4 OT: Notes; missed opportunity; lessons learned; Hershey has to wait, Schenectady Daily Gazette River Rats play last game in Albany, WNYT-13 Albany Another rally lifts Hershey Bears, Harrisburg Patriot-News Bears complete sweep of Albany in OT, Lebanon Daily News Video: Hershey Bears advance to AHL Eastern Finals, FOX43 Hershey Bears sweep away Albany, York Dispatch Bears are heading to the conference finals, HersheyBears.com Official scoresheet, TheAHL.com
  10. Thanks OBX. I didn't have the best angle on the OT goal, I heard from numerous people that it hit the crossbar, the net came off and it went in after. I don't recall the goal light coming on. I think the ref called it a goal after most of Hershey cleared their bench. It is what it is and it's over, but I'm disappointed regardless I've heard rumors of NJ making the move from Lowell back to Albany. They claim people are excited about this. To be brutally honest, I'm not one of them. I guess we'll see though.
  11. From the Booster Club FB Page: It is with an exceptionally heavy heart that I post this. In spite of 34 saves from Justin Peters and goals from Jerome Samson (2), Chris Terry and Zach Boychuk your Albany River Rats fell to the Hershey Bears in overtime tonight. Tonight's loss brings to an end 17 years of Rats hockey in Albany. We will miss them and wish them nothing but the best next season!
  12. Links compiled by The Infestation: No time for Rats to show any fear, Albany Times Union Rats in must-win mode, Troy Record Game 4 looms for Albany, Schenectady Daily Gazette Practice notes & quotes, Schenectady Daily Gazette
  13. Photos from Game 3, Round 2 against Hershey are up. Mostly. I apparently missed a card when transferring photos so I'm missing some OT photos. They'll be added tonight. Game 3, Round 2 04/27/2010 vs Hershey
  14. This is what I'm hoping. I don't care if they put Pogge in net to switch things up. I can't imagine Hershey has done too much research on him. Why not try it? I know they CAN do it, I just don't know if they WILL
  15. Oh I agree they're getting experience they will need in Charlotte - particularly the rookies. Even if you're called up, it's different hockey during the playoffs. I plan on following these guys, albeit from a distance now, next season. I'll continue to post when I can next season. Though hopefully this season isn't over quite yet. I'm not ready to dim the lights and leave and I dont' think they are either. I shot last night's game so those will be up later this morning.
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