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  1. well i voted that conboy will be sent back. why. well this is my reason. with the way things are here we bring guys up to fill the holes. when thoes holes are filled in with the regulars, no matter how well they played we send them back. each and every game i watch where conboy is playing, he playes ALL the minutes hes given. hes a great player who does well. he understands our team and gels well even in a "fill the whole" kind of way. i would love to see him play as a regular for a while. brookbank, although hes our " enforcer" doesnt do much else. conboy plays hard and produces well for us, not in goals, but in other ways, great d and does what we need him to do. i would love see more ice time for him.
  2. right now i look at our team, and i dont see a formidable leader. Ruutu produces well, wallin when not injured is great, but we have to look at is, who are thoes who show up night in and night out, play their time, make plays, make checks, and rally the guys. This i feel imo is ruutu. Since his quick arrival to the team he has come in and played like hes been here for the last 5 years. He makes things happen, i think thats who our next leader is. at the very least give him the A.
  3. wow a great fan. i know everyone is going green and recycling, and the canes are doing that too. JR is re-hiring his "best friend". politics yes i can see that, but the man has the most wins with our team. Lavs wasnt getting the team to be where they need to be. they have alot of unneeded stress put on them. from themselvs and alot of the people who are superfans when we win and hateful when we dont. i too wanted to see lav go. i too wanted a coaching change. francis has been iffy on the coaching thing. JR needed someone he could trust to come in and tweak the team. Lets give Mo the chance to be different, to be better. I may not like this idea, but we dont have to like it, as fans we support our team no matter what. im a 1st yr sth and ill continue to get my season tix, no matter what. i love this team, and i love going to games. JR may be crazy, but crazy just might be what we need. plus toronto is paying his severance, and were not paying him anything, so if this dont work for us this year i can see a new coach next year and MO is free. its like test driving a car. you like it you buy it, you dont you take it back. same thing.
  4. ok maybe i was misunderstood, i ment a coach who has played in the nhl, like gretzgy (sp) i know lavs is a "players coach" but i ment a player who has become a coach. i didnt know if he had played or not. some people play the game and move up, and others just know how to play and coach. sorry if there was a misunderstanding.
  5. wow the most comment replys ever. i win!!! whoo whoo. i konw this thread is for fun. im just trying to get ya'll riled up. ive never seen anyone so quoted in my time here. thanks i feel special. not short bus special, but special. i love this team and yes it has become a "family tradition" im all about it. my 5 yr old daughter wants to play hockey and i ecourage it. i love our team i love our sport, and i want it to continue. thanks ya'll for making me feel important. GO CANES!!!!!
  6. WOW!!!! Ive read alot otf threads and comments, spouted my objections and my oppinions. misspelled words and said some harsh things, but WOW. Now this thread seems to have brought the best out in everyone. Objective comments, well thought out and planned responses, all of you i.....well...can agree with. Change is needed. A new fire needs to be lit, coaching, player, fan wise, but something must be done. Lets start with the players. We have been plauged with injuries for a long time. First is was excuesed away after the cup as "it was a short off season" then it continued. We have a serious injury problem. This i think was due to our aggressive play. it happens. in the prior year, i think it came down to play. we were 1st all season till the end, either due to player injury or not playing up to potential (sp). This year some key players have been out for a while. Other players have had to step up and fill thoes holes, gettting walker bake will be a big boost for our team. This will also mean another adjustment to the lines and the players having to gel all over again. Im hoping, and this right now is a big hope, that things will start to turn around this month and well swing in the right direction. Next the coaching. Lavs brought us a cup, great. He hasnt produced in the following years. Last year the 5 forwards on the pp was an awsome trial. where did that go????? i thought it worked pretty well for us. now its not around. The dump and run.....WOW thats been done and and were getting beat on that every time. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT WERE GONNA DO THAT. STOP IT, BAD LAV. Need to chage the stragey a bit. shake it up find something new. New isnt always better, but in the case it may be. Now im gonna go out on a limb here.....i think we need a "player coach" someone who has spent time on the ice, im not sure if Lav has, but i think that would be a good move. Finally the fans. Go caniacs. i too have been hurt with the recent fall of our great team. i too, have spent alot of money to get thoes season tix. i too, want to see a good game, but im starting to feel a bit ripped off. i didnt pay good money to watch our team lose. I hope every game i go to, to see a good played game and a win, well to be honest, right now i just want to see a good played game. but the upper managment needs to look at the seats and see that WE pay the bills, WE drive the game, and do things to bring more of us to the games. I think this thread has been the most thought out and well spoken group of ideas yet. GOOD JOB. i have only two more words to say then im done GO CANES!!!!!
  7. are you kidding me. Staal yes hes a great player...in the past. this season has really stunk for him. i know players go through ups and downs but ive watched him. hes....well imo lazy. trys to be the superstar every game, going 1 on 3 and getting poked away. taking bad shots, and just at times standing in front of goal waiting for something to happen. i remeber when HE made it happen. now not so much. i dont want to trade him either, but he needs to get it in gear. also this is a TEAM effort, he nor brindy nor the wizard carry the team. they all have to work together. weve got a great team, that needs great leadership, if you want a trade to happen TRADE LAV'S
  8. i am thankful that i live in the south and have such a great time at the game. its a "whole" experience. good ticket prices, expensive parking, long lines, over priced beer, lousy sound, good friends, and good hockey, except the going 4-0 in the second. and being close to a .500 team. and not going to the playoffs two years in a row after wining the cup. that makes my whole day.
  9. really??? this what we really have to talk about???? wow. well ok. dancing granny has become a corperate employee. when the croud is down and out they bring her up to motivate them. losing interest in an 81 yr old woman having a seizure. the storm squad, although fairly hot, does nothing but bounce up and down on the poles they are at. stormy, *edit*. have you seen the commercials with him in them. i swear. the UNC ram mascot has more personality, and ron the ref. well hes just down right dumb. but this is NC a family state, a family place to bring the kids, and watch grown men slam eachother against walls, and pound eachothers faces in just like at the local bar fight. great parenting. im to blame too, i take my kids to the games. but hockey a mans game or a family game. imo, its a mans game. with hits and fights and dives, injuries, missing teeth and the like. bring back the heart of hockey, stop making it a family spectical and get back to basics, hits, fights and goals. o, btw the canes wont make the playoffs as a .500 team. they need to step up and play some damm hockey. GO CANES!!!
  10. HD, SD it doesnt matter to me. sure i love the HD picture, but watchin the Canes play and hearing the announcers is a treat. I work 70hrs in the resteraunt biz and see most of the games at work with no sound, so when i do get the chance to watch a game at home, just watching it is enough for me, but really i love the HD feed. Best picture on the planet, next to being at the game.
  11. OMG this is my fav. i laughed for like 2 whole minutes. great stuff.
  12. well i have read this thread. ITS CALLED GET RID OF JR. there are a lot of people who do not say to fire him, but a good enough of ppl who do. these are the people im talking to. these are the people who are constantly whining about how were playing. these are the fairweather fans, who dont know how to stick by their team no matter what. 2ndly, this isnt school so my speeling and grammer arent the issue, i use lower case cause it doensnt make any difference, its still there name. 3rd chuck k is the man. i love listening to him call games, however im not a huge fan of how hes says sampsonov's name. i just learned today that he actually is pronouncing it right. as every person knows im allowed to have my own oppinion, and your allowed yours. im gonna stop here before i go off on a tangent in the wrong direction. GO CANES!!!!
  13. i stand corrected, just sounds funny to hear him say it differently then everyone else. thanks though
  14. wow well it looks like i called an *edit* meeting. i guess ill just stick with the tried and true falls tap room. or listen to chuck k call the game an say sampsonov's name wrong all night. so thanks for nothing. after this i hope this will be locked.
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