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  1. I saw this article, and found it amusing. Sorry if its posted elsewhere, but I didn't see it. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writ...x.html?bcnn=yes
  2. Right at the 1:00 mark, you can see the first punch...a glancing blow off the helmet. Then Ward stands there and waits for the next. Not a sucker punch IMO...should have been prepared to defend yourself, Ward. ''> ' target="_blank"> [/post]
  3. Nice job suppressing opinions...congrats. Perhaps dj was just responding to posts like this: I don't see any rebuke for that post. Damned if you do, damned if you don't around here it seems. I haven't checked on here in a while because of it...sorry I checked on here today. Oh well. *gone*
  4. Yes...it sounded muted somehow. Terrible sound...like the horn of a tugboat going out to sea from a distance. Certainly isn't broken due to over-use...
  5. Not quite. Energy? Yes...LaRose plays with energy. No one can deny that. I've never tried to. Consistency? No..sorry. LaRose is not consistent. He has good moments...and he has terrible moments. Smarts? No...sorry. LaRose doesn't have this IMO. I don't see Sutter turning the puck over frequently. I don't see Sutter getting knocked all over the ice with a simple shove from the opposition. I don't see Sutter playing without class, and taking cheapshots and late hits. I don't see Sutter wide open 10 feet in front of the net only to send the puck 4 feet wide. (Its unfortunate that Sutter doesn't get enough playing time for such scoring opportunities....I'd like to see if he could finish.) How many times this year and last year have we seen such events from LaRose? MANY times. You guys can all put your LaRose-colored glasses on and keep thinking he's a great player on this team. I'll continue to think you're all crazy...especially those who have voiced that he should be Captain. LaRose is starting to "stand out" to many of you....and only during a time when Staal, Brind'amour, Cullen, Walker, Eaves, Samsonov....all these guys who are supposed to be our offense are severely underperforming. Those guys are playing like *edit* for the most part, but that doesn't make LaRose a good hockey player. It would be nice if all our players had the energy of LaRose...I doubt anyone would say different. But I sure hope no one thinks it would be nice if all our players were of equal skill and talent and professionalism as LaRose. If you are saying that...you might want to just watch AHL games.
  6. I'd rather see them swap Sutter and Brind'amour. I don't understand why Sutter doesn't get more playing time. I'm not hockey expert, but he seems to play with energy, consistency, smarts. Why is he not getting more playing time??
  7. Or do we have one of those athletes that signs a big, long-term deal...and then takes it easy for the remainder of his contract? Seems to happen way too often in all the major sports.....
  8. There have been MANY people on this board who have praised LaRose for being a pest. I'm not saying you are one...I don't recall, and the search function does not appear to be working at present so I can't link the threads. In any case, in many previous threads about LaRose, many people have praised him and loved him because he is annoying and a pest to the opposition. That's how het gets under the skin of other players...and that's how he gets a guy to smack him in the back of the head 4 times. If a player is going to be a pest and annoy the opponent...then don't run and hide when they take exception and want to settle it. That's what LaRose does. No, he doesn't go around headhunting...mostly because he is too small and weak to inflict any physical damage on any one. But he does pester opponents, and quite often its in the form of late hits and excess jawing. Sure, sometimes his pesky ways are done in a competitive fashion by stealing the puck and hustling, and he should be praised for that...but very often its in the form of cheap shots and late hits, followed by his big mouth. Admittedly, I have not seen it as much from him this year as in last year.
  9. You have one. His name is Chad LaRose. I know because I have my fingers crossed every game for the last 2 years that someone will get in a fight with him. I continue to be disappointed because LaRose backs down every time. I recally a game last year in particular where LaRose put a late hit on someone, I forget who it was, then he started jawing with the other guy as the teams were getting in position for the faceoff. The opposing guy smacked the back of LaRose's head 4 times trying to get LaRose to react and fight. LaRose just stood there and took it and acted like nothing was happening. The last smack almost knocked him over, and LaRose doesn't even look at the guy. Now, many of you will say that is "smart hockey" so he doesn't get a penalty. Yeah, ok....whatever. I'd prefer a team full of guys who will stand up for themselves (and one another) and not take that sort of stuff from anyone. Brookbank and Conboy last year came in within a couple weeks of each other and all the teams that were getting rough with us stopped almost immediately because they created the physical presence on the ice. Oh, and then we started to win. That isn't the only reason of course, but it sure was a big part of it IMO.
  10. That is the definition of Frantisek Kaberle.
  11. No offense to anyone in particular here...but this thread loses a lot of credibility with that statement. LaRose...a physical player? Please. It still baffles me that people can say that about LaRose. Does he hit people? Sure. But does it make any impact? No, none. Does it deter an opponent from making a play? No, not at all. His hits are meaningless. More often than not, when he makes a hit on someone, he ends up on the ground...not the opponent. And whenever anyone hits him...he goes flying 10 feet. He seems to get shoved off the pick WITH EASE...other players just seem to give him a light push and he loses his balance and falls down. Just watch. Watch him hit someone...and then watch the reaction of the player he hit. It doesn't even phase the opponent. That, to me, is not physicality...and mentioning him in that sentence with Walker and Gleason...as an attempt to equivalate the three....impossible.
  12. I've never been a professional athelete...but it would tick me off if the worst performing player on my team was getting the most ice-time simply because of who he is. It would make me question the whole organization, the coaching staff, the management...everything. Would that be a factor in why I would not bust my hump 100% of the time? Probably. Not a very professional attitude, I know. But I think that's a typical human response...and you see it in all sports where players are treated differently. If your heart isn't in it...your skills won't show. I personally think this is a bigger problem behind the scenes than we know. Yes, I know...pure guesswork and speculation on my part...and we'll never know the truth of it...but that's my opinion on it.
  13. He may not be "costing us goals" because he is too timid to get into the action. Its like a powerplay for the opposition as soon as he gets out there. I'm so tired of seeing him play out there like a scared little kid. Its hockey for pete's sake...man up, and play the game. I expect soon we'll see him out there skating around with his purse slung over his shoulder.
  14. I was unable to watch the rest of that game, and didn't see the hit. I can find videos on youtube for just about everything else in the world but not that hit. :angry:
  15. http://www.fantasysp.com/player/nhl/Tim_Gleason/198691''>http://www.fantasysp.com/player/nhl/Tim_Gleason/198691' target="_blank">http://www.fantasysp.com/player/nhl/Tim_Gleason/198691[/post] That article says: The Charlotte Observer reports that Tim Gleason practiced Monday after reaggravating an ankle injury last Thursday against Florida.Gleason's status is not yet known for the Hurricanes' game tomorrow night in Ottawa. The defenseman missed Carolina's 5-1 loss to Boston Saturday because of the ankle.
  16. Might have been a big difference between Sunday and Saturday. I went Saturday...was in line from almost exactly 12:30, and was just setting my food down to eat as the Canes broadcast came on the scoreboard/tv. I'm not complaining about it, but there were several people who opted not to eat, which I can understand.
  17. To echo what someone else said...there should have been more than one stand open for food. However, I went at 12:30...and it took me about 30 mins to get food. More than one stand open at 2 or 3pm might have been overkill. From what I gather here, it probably would have been. So, overall, a very good experience. The items are of high quality for all that I saw. Much nicer than I expected. I also thought the amount of food given was very nice. 4 tickets per account...I only have one seat, so it was way more than enough for lunch. And everyone working there was as pleasant as they could be. Nice job to the staff!
  18. Like TSA, I haven't questioned where Brind'amour has been in his career. He has done things that few players ever do...and much of that doesn't show up on a stat sheet. He's an amazing athlete, and an amazing person on multiple levels. I don't see anyone questioning that who knows anything at all about him. But this year...at present...sorry, he's not helping the team by playing on the ice (outside of faceoffs). There comes a point in the career of any athlete where its time to scale back the amount of play, or hang it up altogether. I think it is sad that not enough players are able to recognize this before ending their careers on a down/sour note. I'm not saying Rod needs to retire tomorrow..but I have been saying that his time-on-ice needs to be reduced and see if he can be more productive when he is on the ice. He's so much slower now than just about anyone...he loses battles for the puck all the time...and you can see so many times where things "go wrong" that result in the low +/- rating. I'm sure its difficult for someone to recognize when its time to retire or slow down when that's all you've known and done your whole life...I can't imagine it. But I think those players who go out on top earn a little more respect from the fans when they do. Most recently, Mike Mussina of the Yankees retires after his best season in the majors...I applaud that. Barry Sanders comes to mind...one would think he had so much more to give but he went out on his own terms. Then look at guys like Randy Johnson...his career was over 5 years ago, but he keeps struggling to play. Even Michael Jordan...many would argue his career was somewhat soured with his last stint in the league with the Wizards where his age showed and dimmed that superstar light. No one questions the skill they had at the top of their game...but there comes a point where they need to recognize that they aren't producing due to age or injury, and in a game like hockey, that production from a team value has an even stronger impact.
  19. I don't mind djharley, or anyone else, criticizing Kabs. I don't think dj's comment was off-color at all...it was a joke, with some strong meaning behind it...and I tend to agree with him. I think the main reason no one picked him up is because it is crystal clear (or should be) to anyone watching that Kaberle is terrified to be out there. Just watch him tonight....when he has the puck, and is about to get hit...he flinches and just plays "hot potato" with the puck. Sure, players should avoid hits as often as they can...but its hockey, and you're bound to take a hit. There comes a point in crucial games where you have to protect the puck and take a hit. Kaberle will not do that. He will give the puck up and jump out of the way rather than take a hit. It happens repeatedly every game. When a player takes a big hit or gets an injury...everyone speaks to the mental aspect..."will he be able to return mentally?" I don't know that Kaberle has done so from his injuries. He looks afraid to me. So, someone can say that's me ridiculing Kabs...go ahead. Its my viewpoint and watch a game or two and tell me I'm wrong about how he plays.
  20. Well, at least we all agree that if LaRose DOES shoot...he misses. LaRose blows.
  21. I've always given him the nickname, "Worst Player on the Team"....although Kaberle has given him a run for the money on that one in the last couple years. Been quite a few candidates this season though....
  22. If I'm not mistaken, that whole year LaRose had very limited minutes, and was often a scratch, even during the playoffs. I could be wrong since I don't like to live in the past. I keep seeing so many people referring to the "year we won the Cup". That was three seasons ago people. It was great, awesome, one of the best times of my life....but it was three seasons ago. Time to move on. What worked three years ago isn't going to work every year.
  23. I agree with you here. I hope Brind'amour can turn things around for himself this season. I just don't want to see management, or fans for that matter, excusing Brind'amour's poor play because we won the Cup 3 seasons ago. I'm not saying if a guy has a few bad games, get rid of him. I am just saying that it shouldn't be left up to Brind'amour to dictate when and for how long he plays. Hopefully you are right that IF he has lost his ability to help the team...he will recognize it and do the right thing and step down. There is such a thing as being loyal to a fault. I still hold that the coaching staff should reduce his minutes. Perhaps if he doesn't play as much he will be more productive during the time on the ice.
  24. So, you are saying it is up to him to decide? What if he doesn't want to give it up this year or in the next 2-3 years? Just let him keep playing until he decides he is done?
  25. Ahhh...quite the optimist here... (just poking fun, take no offense...I am the same way...)
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