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  1. Yes, I am sure he knows...more so than any of us. Everyone would like to go out on top, but it seems few do. Had he not gotten hurt, things might be different. But clearly, something isn't right with him. I'm still not saying he should hang it up, but I do think he needs to have less icetime than he's getting.
  2. Yeah, you guys are right. If Brind'amour wants to play until he is 97 years old, then we should let him. It doesn't matter at all if he hurts the team when he is that old because he led the team when we won the Stanley Cup in '06. That forgives him of anything else. Who cares if he is hurting the team for the next 60 years? Just too bad his aging skills couldn't bring us anymore Cups, but once you hit 65 years old in the NHL, you're just not as productive.
  3. Just a hunch.... Perhaps Maurice and Francis decided to reduce LaRose's playing time and eventually scratch LaRose because they were tired of seeing him get knocked around on the ice and repeatedly get pushed off the puck. He seems to have no strength whatsoever. He doesn't seem to mind hitting people, but he doesn't seem to have any impact. I recall laughing at the most recent Washington game when he made a run at Ovechkin and Ovechkin simply stuck his left arm out and knocked him down. LaRose gets knocked off the puck constantly. He just doesn't seem to have any strength.
  4. A quote from Brind'amour which echoes GolfPros viewpoint:
  5. Well, I think after Brind'amour went out last season, from that point on Staal scored more points than anyone. Something along those lines...I don't recall the statistics but I remember hearing that from Tripp or Forslund some time towards the close of the year. Regardless, I think the Staal we saw in the second half last year is what everyone expects from him all year. He hasn't given that for sure this year...at least not points-wise. Until last night, he appears to me to have been playing without any interest. Last night, he looked like he was fired up. Hopefully that will continue. As for how much he is paid...its not his fault Rutherford gave him that contract. Thus far this season, I'd say he's on par with the last two seasons of his play. I guess Rutherford felt it was worth that.....I think he was looking for a new "face of the franchise" to promote the fan-base. If Staal doesn't step up and help the team win, it may backfire on Rutherford.
  6. I am as disappointed and frustrated with last night's win as anyone else....but I still think there is a very marked difference in play tempo and enthusiasm, excluding last night's 3rd period, since Maurice came in. Sure, play tempo and enthusiasm mean nothing if you can't finish a game, but at least it gives you a chance. Those last few games under Laviolette, we had lost the game before it began. Hopefully last night's debacle will be a motivating factor for the rest of the season to never be satisfied with a lead...time will tell.
  7. I would certainly agree it can wait a week or two before anything drastic is done. But I don't think that benching the team leader/captain will necessarily result in a negative impact on team chemistry, as your note seems to imply to me. Its entirely possible that it will have a positive effect. Its possible that the younger guys are ready for an opportunity and believe they can play better and that Brind'amour's play is glaringly bad. I think some would argue that Staal's play last spring turned around when Brind'amour went out because he felt he could shine and not be overshadowed. Its all speculation because we don't know what is in the players' minds. But change doesn't always mean bad results.
  8. That's correct....and based on his +/- rating, I don't think this strategy works too well. Lower his minutes and perhaps he will be more productive when he is out there. IMO, if an AHL player or a high school player or a 85 year old man is able to play better than someone currently on playing on the team....yes, absolutely, I would rather have that person. The AHL guys we have brought up for the most part have looked ok. Sutter, Helminen, Bayda, Dwyer have all showed more energy during their time here. No sense winning a face off, only to turn it over and give up a goal. Brind'amour is excellent at face-offs...so, put him out there during those critical "must win" faceoffs. You can do that and still lower the rest of his ice time.
  9. I personally don't buy this argument. Yes, many goals are scored when the defense is pinching in and he is on the ice. Perhaps they are pinching in b/c Brind'amour lost the battle for the puck, or turned it over, or was simply to slow to get to a loose puck...and the defense pinches to save it. Brind'amour's fault? Indirectly, yes. He didn't make the decision to pinch, but his poor play presented the situation. Further... Brind'amour is a -20. The next closest Cane is Whitney at -8. That is a huge margin. Only 4 of our defensemen have minus ratings...Babchuk (-6), Seidenberg (-4), Pitkanen (-2), and Melichar (-1). If you want to make the argument that the defense is responsible for Brind'amour's minus rating, seems to me there would be more defensemen with lower ratings than that. I don't think the +/- system is always fair and isn't a perfect way to denote a player's performance, but it is certainly an indication and an eye opener when its this extreme at this point in the season.
  10. Are you aware that Brind'amour is dominating the entire league with a -20 +/-? The next closest person is -15. Yeah, I know, I know...+/- isn't meaningful...blah blah. Its not always an exact representation of a player's performance, but when you are a -20...at this stage of the season, something isn't being done right. Couple that with what I see when I watch him play....and see the complete lack of acceleration in his skating, and the fact that he loses every battle against the boards....its a no-brainer to me. He shouldn't be playing as much as he is when we have guys like Sutter and Bayda...and God spare me for saying this...LaRose who are playing better than Brind'amour but playing far less. And yes, I am aware that Brind'amour is always successful in the face-off circle. I don't advocate trading him or getting rid of him...I just think he should get less ice time now. Put him out there for critical face-offs for sure.
  11. With the way Brind'amour has been playing this season, I don't care how much money he is making...he shouldn't be getting as much ice time as he is. Just because he is making a lot of money doesn't justify playing him when he is playing so poorly. I know the owners and management of the team don't want to see their highly paid players sitting on the bench, but sometimes that's what has to happen and they will think twice before giving an older player a long-term contract. A lesson learned. If it made sense to them at the time, then they did what they felt was right. Maybe Brind'amour would be playing better had he not gotten hurt...but it is what it is. He's clearly not playing well. Playing Brind'amour large amounts of time over someone who is playing better just because you are paying him more money...that's not common sense. That is shooting yourself in the foot. The Yankees have been doing this same thing with their overpaid free agents in recent years and its not getting them anywhere.
  12. Not to mention his painfully slow speed. He has no acceleration this year. Watch how long it takes him to change direction when the puck moves the other direction. He cannot keep up. He eventually gets up to the approximate speed of others, but he is so slow to accelerate. Can't play defense or offense when you are lagging behind.
  13. I think that is where many of us are coming from. Tired of hearing, "its the players...Lavi isn't out there on the ice to mess it up." Well, obviously he isn't the one not scoring, making bad passes, making poor decisions, etc. But it is his job to teach his players his system, and ensure they play it. If they don't play it right, then it is his job to find some way to get the job done....either by changing the system, altering lines, harder practices, or knocking head's together. Laviolette is showing that he is not able to do this with this group of guys. Now is the time to make a change...b/c its going to take time to adjust to a new coaching style....yes, its still early, but time is ticking.... My question is...what am I going to do with the money I will save from us missing the playoffs again this year?
  14. If you think the effort is there every night, then we have the slowest, weakest team in the league. Other teams seem to beat us to nearly every loose puck, we seem to lose nearly every puck battle against the boards, other teams seem to effortlessly force us off the puck. I don't think the effort is there...and you can call that a buzz word or genericism or whatever...but it doesn't change the fact that they appear to be lazy and uninspired. Staal most nights looks flat out disinterested. As someone pointed out elsewhere on the forum, he has gone back to reaching for the puck instead of striving to get it. Watch him....my friends and I call it the @#$-reach...because all he does is seem to stick his butt in the air and reach out to the puck. He coasts back to the bench when his shift is over and more than once in the last few games has caused us to be offsides after the other team turned the puck over in neutral ice, denying us an odd man rush b/c he was coasting back to the bench instead of skating hard. Staal certainly isn't the only one playing this way. If anyone thinks this team is playing with effort and determination on a consistent basis, and hopes that level continues as it is...then you will more than likely see the Canes on the golf course than on the ice when playoff time arrives.
  15. Well, I think we all agree with you that the dump and chase isn't working and that's all we ever do. But I think where many of us...I for one...disagree with you is that it is the coaches job to get the players out of this mentality. They keep doing it over and over again despite its inefficiency....and either the coach approves of the style of play, or cannot take control and get his players to do something different. Either way, it doesn't work. Is he 100% to blame? No, of course not...but he needs to find ways to get these players to play harder, or else try a different style/system of play. For 2 years now, we've shown this lack of effort. If he cannot take control, then we need to find someone who can. As for who would we get? There are plenty of coaches out there...there are many at the minor league level yearning for a chance to get at the NHL level. There are plenty of assistant coaches in the league who would love a chance. As for what they would do differently...well, that's up to them. But clearly, the current dump-and-chase system is dysfunctional on this team.
  16. I agree with this completely. Well...almost...the one thing I don't agree with is "if staal wants to give half effort, then give him half his ice time". Isn't this almost a reward??? Its clear Staal doesn't want to play when he is out there...so cutting his time in half is pretty much a reward. I think I'd rather see Laviolette make Staal play the entire game without a break. Either that, or in addition to that, IMMEDIATELY after a loss at home where we gave no effort...put the team out there on the ice to skate laps or drills or whatever is considered punishment for lack of effort....right in front of the crowd. No stars of the game, no going back to the locker room. Get out there on the ice in front of all these people and do some laps. I know it works for many players in other sports to embarass them. Take a look at BJ Upton this season with the Tampa Rays in MLB. He slacked off a couple times and was pulled in the middle of the game in front of the big crowd...it embarassed him...and he shaped up.
  17. The best 7 words I've read in months. Thank you!!
  18. Unfortunately, you are right and I am forced to give him a chance because the bulk of our team stinks. For me...if I were a Hurricanes forward...I would be completely embarassed that Chad LaRose has more goals than me. If nothing else was a motivating factor, that would certainly be. As much as I do not like him, I have to say that Chad LaRose is one of our better players right now. Let's all hope that doesn't continue on or it will be a long season. Our other, more talented players need to STEP UP! In the meantime....props to LaRose. That almost killed me to say that...
  19. Also add Sutter and Walker to the play hard list. As for LaRose...yeah, he's always moving...but you can knock him down by tossing a cotton ball at him. Next game...watch how easily opponents knock him down.
  20. Agree. If all Canes players put forth the effort that Sutter, Bayda, and Walker display every night...imagine where they'd be. The top guys have shown they have the talent..they just don't seem to care.
  21. ----Two words: Line Chemistry. ----Two more words: Forum Chemistry.
  22. Maybe. Maybe not. What difference does it make? Are the opinions of those with less than 1000 posts insignificant?
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