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  1. I agree. Its time. Yesterday's game appeared to me to be completely disorganized from the get go. I couldn't even tell you what the assigned lines were because every time I looked it was different people. At one point after a play stoppage and face-off....3 different lines were pulled on and off the ice before the puck was dropped. It looked like they didn't know who was supposed to be out there. Its no wonder their passing stinks b/c I'm sure its confusing to have to try to recollect who you are lined up with each time you are out on the ice. I'm so sick and tired of watching the dump-and-chase fail over and over and over. Its not working Coach...try something else...and if he doesn't have anything else to try.....well, let's find someone who does has something else to offer...
  2. As stated: Non-alcoholic drinks... And whether other centers allow food or drink in or not....if attendance is suffering, then explore alternatives. As stated: Many MLB stadiums allow for outside food and drink....and attendance is going up. Families can afford to go b/c they can bring in a soda for the kids and a pack of chips for the kids. You don't see people bring coolers and stuff in...they bring in a backpack with a couple drinks in. They don't have to allow outside food in...but if attendance ever becomes an issue for the organization, lowering concession prices or allowing outside food/drink in is one way to make it more affordable for people to come. What's better....money made off a ticket sold to someone who brings in a drink and a chance that person may want a hot dog, or an empty seat with no money made off the ticket or any chance of a concession sale?
  3. I would like to see the organization allow for outside food and non-alcoholic drinks to be brought in. They have started patting people down for crying out loud to see if you are bringing in a drink or candy bar. That's quite ridiculous if you ask me. A soda costs $4. $4!! That's absurd given that it takes about 5 seconds for the concession worker to serve it. That soda didn't cost $.50 and the mark up is that high? Yeah, I know...all stadiums and centers charge a lot for that stuff...but in many MLB ballparks, they allow you to bring in outside food and drink. You don't see people bringing in coolers of 50 drinks or anything like that...someone will bring a backpack with 1, maybe 2, drinks per person in their group. MLB attendance goes up every year, and its thing like allowing outside food in that help make the game cost-effective for families and the like. They can still charge $4 for a soda if they want..and they'll still sell some of them...but it sure would make a family outing to the game a LOT cheaper if they can eliminate the cost of the drinks at the game from their night out.
  4. Well, I wasn't referring to their obnoxiousness (*jab*).....just meant that, depending on who is working there at the time, Buffalo Brothers will often give preference to a Sabres game over a Canes game and put the Sabres on the big screen with the sound. Aggravating when they do that sometimes despite a majority of Canes fans there. But overall....a good place to watch a hockey or ball game. Great food there for a reasonable price...
  5. Provided there isn't a Buffalo game on the same night/time....
  6. I agree with you here. I was a little frustrated with our team last night when Staal got slammed into the wall pretty hard after the whistle by two guys, knocked to the ground...and our team hardly reacted. Seems most other teams would be very up in arms when things like this happen, especially to the offensive star who other teams may target. Our team did pretty much...nothing. Granted, the Caps got a penalty for roughing, but when our PP stinks, what does it matter to them? Conversely...two Caps were all up in arms on Ruutu after the whistle on one play b/c he was near their goalie...they seemed fired up, ready to defend their teammate and protect. Dont' see that from our team in any shape or form. Canes just look dead and defeated nearly the whole game.
  7. When we are 13 years old...what you say is true. When you are a adult professional at your job...put your ego aside and learn from those who clearly know more than you. Brind'amour is the Captain...one of the premier playes in recent years in the league...if you're on his team...and he makes a suggestion, younger players who want to excel should open their ears and be a sponge for all he has to say. Brind'amour shouldn't force it down his throat...but should be more than willing to offer suggestions and/or tips. If he isn't doing that...well, not much of a Captain in my opinion. No sense watching other members of your team flounder around without knowing how to do something when you are in a position to help. Not going to help your team by keeping your knowledge to yourself.
  8. I would think a strong team captain with skills in a particular area would pull a younger upcoming star aside and work with him, offer to help, teach him....not sit around and wait for the younger player to seek the help. And perhaps Brind'amour has done so....hopefully it will pay off. Its a two-way street...both should be seeking to improve the team however possible.
  9. I don't care much for Kaberle....and I've been a big Babchuk fan from two seasons ago....but Babchuk stinks lately. Last night was miserable. He's the biggest guy on our team and he never uses his size and muscle. There were a few times last night were he could have crushed an opponent against the glass and knocked him off the puck...and hardly touches the guy. Did he ever play basketball, because he has been playing hockey like he's afraid to foul another player. As big as he is, he should be a physical player and easily knock opponents off the puck. Very disappointing to see his play this season.
  10. This is also the same thing he did the last two years when we didn't make the playoffs. Just because it worked when we won the Cup does not guarantee it will always work. If you have a successful attack, other teams will learn to defend, so you have to adapt and alter your attack.
  11. Haha....I'm sorry, but that's just gross....haha
  12. Well, at least now we know who to blame. Good job.
  13. Well, you are right...Dancing Granny doesn't dance that well...but well, at least I can avert my eyes when she's on screen haha...oh come on people...lighten up and laugh. As for my posts trying to get a response....no, not at all. I could care less if people respond. Just merely expressing my opinion. I know most people like her singing...I don't, and I know many others who also don't care for her singing so hopefully some of them may read this and post as well. With the way many of you respond to differing opinions on this thread, I can see why others wouldn't want to respond. Is it really an issue? I wasn't trying to make an issue of it...simply stating that I don't like how she sings and that I wish we could hear others. They might be worse, they might be better, who knows. I will say that its nice to see you group LaRose, Ron the Ref, Katherine Fritsch and a dog all on the same level....they all produce equally for a Hurricanes win. I agree with you on that at least. Two seasons back when we were undefeated when she sang....wow, nice. Well, how about last year then when she sang nearly every game and we didn't make the playoffs? I think its safe to say that the anthem singer has nothing to do with a win or a loss.
  14. No need to lock it on my account. I saw what he wrote before it was edited/removed. And that's fine...he can insult me if wants to. I kinda wish you'd left it there. I'm just offering up a different opinion in hopes that others might agree. I'm not knocking the little girl's courage...I certainly couldn't do what she does. But that doesn't mean I have to like the way she sings it. Is it too far-fetched that we could get others to sing now and then? I used to enjoy Holly Wilver singing it...but still, after so many games of her singing it needed something fresh. Let's have some others please.
  15. I agree with you. There are a couple that seem a bit more animated and into the experience but others just seem too distracted or shy.
  16. Now, wait a minute....how is posting that the volume of Ron the Ref's microphone is entirely too loud a firestarter?? Try talking to your neighbor during the next game when he is yelling into the microphone. Compare how loud his voice is to the voice of the PA announcer, or the interviews on the scoreboard. Take my post on that for what it was....a suggestion to improve the Hurricane fan experience by lowerig the volume of his microphone. We'll never be able to stop how annoying he is, but we can at least make it quieter, yes? That shouldn't be a firestarter. As for the other two...yeah, firestarters...but still true. LaRose is terrible, and I wish we had some other anthem singers than Fritsch. Just my opinions...
  17. Yeah, I know...hard to believe that more than one person could have a different opinion on something than you, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you will find many disagree with you on many things in life. And "What Music?" If you were not aware, the Star Spangled Banner is an actual song...it has notes, time, etc. Its the real deal. Whether there is actually any musical instruments behind it or not, there is still time to the song. And for those others....yes, I'm new to the boards. I'm so very sorry to you all that my opinions differ from yours. I will do my best to become a lemming and repeat the same opinions expressed from here on out. I just hope that sooner or later everyone realizes how much it hurts our team to have LaRose playing on the ice. Maybe he'll prove me wrong this year and actually score a few points, who knows.
  18. Wow. I am flabbergasted. Obviously, from my little counter on the side you can see that I am a newbie on this forum...but have followed hockey and the Hurricanes a good long while. I can't believe what I am reading in this thread. Are you all seriously saying that Chad LaRose is one of, if not the, best player on this team? Chad LaRose? Wow. You can talk all you want about huste, but I'm sorry...that isn't going to win a game. I can tell you right now that I would hustle out there...I'd skate as fast as I could, play as hard as I could, take shots, make hits.....but you wouldn't want me out there, would you? Why? I will tell you....because I would be terrible. Same story for LaRose. He's terrible. A pest to the other team? Yeah, probably...but give me a guy who can score points and play solid defense, and not simply bother the other team.
  19. Well, since they do read the thread....how about turning down the volume for Ron The Ref?? That guy is WAY too loud, not too mention off-the-charts annoying. How about turning the volume down on him? Or how about taking his microphone away entirely?
  20. I am with you...I can't stand it when she sings. (Has nothing to do with the anthem itself for those who are sure to accuse me of such.) I just find her voice irritating and most of all...SHE CANNOT KEEP TIME TO MUSIC. Its terrible.
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