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  1. i really like this move. it give a veteran presents on our blue line, something we did not have last year. now all we need is one more consistent scorer, and to stay healthy, and i see us making a serious playoff run.
  2. since I have moved to Seattle I was really hoping the canes would played in vancouver this year. Me an my wife would have showed up wearing canes Jerseys and no doubt getting yelled at. but it was not meant to be since vancouver will be in raleigh this year.
  3. Then i say let Toronto and Ottawa have the next one. if they care enough to have one. I also like the idea of having the all star game one year as the winter classic.
  4. 3 have been played. the states have had 2 and Canada has had 1. so lets send it back to Canada. Calgary vs Vancouver would be great to watch.
  5. if he was a better player he would be in the nhl and not the minors. so if he wants to leave then let him, then we dont have to pay him. also on the story someone posted this over at tsn.ca: "This is all Salary Cap related, these guys who are at the bottom of the salary grid, can make more money over in Russia, don't blame them, We have a salary cap because we have teams like Phoniex, Carolina, Nashville and Florida all losing money. Whose decision was it to put teams there, they are washing down the league" the reason dan is not on the team is because we just do not need him, not a salary move at all.
  6. i too wanted one but could not make it to the game. when i looked on ebay there were 2 up.
  7. ok i am up to 18 times voting for nic today. just trying to do my part. also as talked about before, the lead the montreal players have is total BS. tanguay. komisarek, and price do not deserve to even be on the ballot. sorry have to say his but, lucic owns komisarek any day.
  8. If she does this just on a puck drop imagine how bad she will be if you vote for her and old man McCain. YIKES!!!!!!
  9. So are the storm squad the only cheerleaders in the nhl (lowers my head in shame that there are cheerleaders in hockey) that do not skate?
  10. I say let Brookbank go to pounding on colin campbell if nothing is done about this. sure the hit was legal, but something must be done about these head shots. Anyone see hockey night in canada on the nhl network saturday night? To add insult in yet another injury, Don Cherry commented that the hit was Sutter's fault by reaching out for the puck while Weight was in the same path as Sutter. Cherry said Sutter should know better then to reach out for a puck with a player that close that is going to hit him. Cherry gave another example where i think involved an LA king where the exact samekind of hit happened. I respect Don Cherry and all, but blaming Sutter is a bit much. Sutter was haing a great game and he just wanted to give it his all and play hard for his team and win. So i applauld Brandon and his willingingness to give it his all for his team and wish him a speedy and full recovery.
  11. Yeah. I thought it was funny. Imagine 6 or so girls running around the ice in pig suits flining t-shirts. To me the crowd would get more out that then what the current squad is doing.
  12. I was watching the atlanta/ jersesy game lastnight and there was none at the game. They also had vacant ad space along their boards. To me that is not a good sign. I have also noticed vacant seats in detroit and other top american hockey cities. This economic crunch has to be hurting alot of people across the nhl.
  13. hi long time reader first time poster. i say lets make the storm squad into more of a kids theme. since the kids love stormy (and some of us far older kids) lets turn the squad into a bunch of girls in female pig suits. like stormy but only girls. remember the griswalds in the second vacation movie where they were on the fake gameshow pig in the poke? well let's give the squad costumes just like those. the kids will love them. we could rename them stormy and his piglets.
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