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  1. For those of you who are in the North San Diego County/South Orange County, two of your fellow Caniacs have arranged a viewing party at Rookie's sports bar in Oceanside for Sunday at 4:30. come on, SoCal Caniacs, let's support our team!!! Message me if you have any questions. Yours in the Caniac nation, CaliCaniac
  2. No, I'm actually a voluntary transplant. I moved out here in Nov. of 2007 without the assistance of the military. And at this time of year, I sometimes wonder why I moved.
  3. Welcome to the site! I am a SoCal Caniac and Brindy fan but I love them all! Nice to have more out-of-staters on board! -CaliCaniac
  4. Yay! More left coast people! Welcome aboard, friend!
  5. Welcome to the Caniac Nation! Glad to have you here.
  6. Say what you will about leadership but what a good leader will tell you is that you win as a team and you lose as a team. Period. End of story. And while you may think Roddy, Whit and Staal are not living up to their letters, that's your choice. Personally, I don't agree. Gleason (love him, btw) said what everyone else in the lockerroom is thinking to the public. I've heard similar quotes from Scott Walker too (after the 2nd Caps game). Teams get in slumps - it happens. It's not the time start bailing on them. It's too early in the season to give up or start passing judgement. I'm 2800 miles away and I'm still tuning in faithfully every game and still wearing the shirts. They will turn it around. They have the talent, they just have to get their skate on. Have a little faith. No one else in the league has given us a snowball's chance to keep a team in this market. Let's not give them a reason to believe it. Just my two cents... -Cali PS - Don't forget to vote for the All Star team. Kick the Canadiens out of the lead, please.
  7. I'm late to the game but here's my two cents: I hate the stick/flag logo. I'd like the jersey if the circle logo was on the front. _Cali
  8. Your pics were really good! Makes me wish I could go to practices. Nice shots of Brindy. CaliCaniac
  9. Nice job, JR. Let's just see if Bettman and the boys actually pay attention!
  10. Welcome to the addict's corner! I started young but no matter what age, hockey is a great sport. Glad to have you as a fellow Caniac.
  11. Thanks for the compliment on the pics. I hope to upload a few more. My battery was nearly gone by the 3rd so I didn't get a whole lot then. I have a lot more so I'll probably upload them later.
  12. LoCal - LOL! Yes, we Caniacs are a nutty but a faithful bunch, no matter where we are. Glad to see I'm not alone on the left coast.
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