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  1. Except for the first ten minutes where we seemed to struggle a bit, this was an awesome effort by the Canes. Even though it caused me to oversleep for work The only thing I don't want to see wednesday is the lack of pressure in the third. Fine we got the goal and all, but Cam will not be able to make 16 more spectacular saves. We shouldn't let them control play like that. If they're in the right mood, they're the best at it.
  2. We are unable to use our speed because we can't pass properly in high tempo. That is our problem, our puck-handling is pretty horrible. We cause turnovers, we don't attempt to set up any offense in their zone, just dump and chase, our passes are mostly not precise at all, and our D-men are incredibly sloppy sometimes.
  3. I'm impressed with the guys' effort last night, but the lack of discipline may cost us this series. Pitkanen really needs to control himself, you can't take idiotic penalties like that against teh Dev's in the playoffs. At some time it will cost us, but luckily our PK has been outstanding. We just don't look like the leagues least penalized team anymore and that needs to change. Otherwise, the only thing I'd like to complain about is the dumping and chasing. 90% of the time, Devils get possession and bounces back and sets up play after play after play. That is really annoying, cause it leads to tons of scoring opportunities for them. Trying to set up some play in their zone like we did in OT pays off. There is no way they're able to keep track of our quickness and blazing shots throught he entire game.
  4. What's in it for Tampa? Well, Brookbank and Melichar can be to them as Samsonov became for us. Important players on their new team. And seriosuly, Tampa is having a crappy season, and they'll probably get the chance to prove themselves.. Lets hope all goes well for them, and elets hope this new dude finds his place here.
  5. Am I the only one disappointed here? These games should be all about intensity and hard skating.. This was crappy..
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