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  1. How early does the arena open??
  2. I'm coming in from out of town for Game 4 of this series... Cant wait!!! I was able to get upper deck seats right when tickets went on sale yesterday morning. I've watched the playoff games this year when the 'Canes are at home, and it seems like an unbelievable atmosphere! As a Predators fan that hasn't witnessed hockey this late in the spring, I thought $85 a ticket was a bargain... Y'all who have the plan where the tickets are $40 have it made! This will be my 1st trip to RBC. I know the fans stand for alot of the game in the lower bowl... is that the case for the people in the upper deck? Also, I see there are a lot of railings in the upper deck... are there alot of obstructed views up there? Thanks and Go 'Canes!!
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