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  1. Looks like I'm not the only one feeling horribly guilty. I too contributed in a big way to the demise of the Canes. First, before the playoffs started, I changed my avatar pic from my cat, to a pic I took of the Stanley Cup after we won it in 2006. We were able to overcome my stupidity for 2 rounds before it finally caught up with us. I knew better than to do that. My other big mistake was not being able to watch game 1 against the Pens. My boss was having a cookout for everyone where I work and I felt obligated to attend. This broke my streak of watching every second of every game and having my lucky pj bottoms and black Eric Staal t-shirt on. This clearly sent the Canes on a downward spiral which they had no chance of recovering from. Had I known it would have lead to this, I definitely would have skipped the cookout. I apologize to all my fellow Caniacs who did everything they could to ensure victory for the Canes.
  2. An update was just posted on the Canes Now blog from the News & Observer. Ruutu is likely to miss the game tomorrow and Cole is questionable. The coaching staff is considering using Dwight Helminen and Pat Dwyer if both Ruutu and Cole aren't able to play.
  3. I seriously went to the 13 Stories website and played the "Beep Beep" commercial during the 2nd intermission of game 7. We all know what happened shortly after that. My family and I are only superstitous when it comes to the Canes and doing what it takes to make them successful. Haha! All of you need to listen to "Beep Beep" sometime during the game to ensure that the Canes will be victorious. We ate the same thing and wore the same clothes we had worn for game 6. Despite what it sounds like we are not crazy. Just avid fans who have to do something so we are not so nervous about the game. Makes us feel like we can somehow help the outcome even though we know that is not at all possible. Lets go Canes!!!
  4. Wow, playoff hockey sure is stressful! We played so great for the first couple periods and it was very exciting/fun to watch. Then it all went down hill and I was sure that we were going to lose in OT because NJ had all the momentum. That was an unbelievable end to the game. I woke up this morning wondering if that had actually occured or if it was all a dream, so I had to watch it over and over again on my DVR. Haha! I have the Center Ice package and DirecTV cut the feed before it had been officially ruled a goal. Needless to say, I was not very happy. They received an email from the this morning. My Mom lives in NC so I called her to find out if the game was over. Can't wait til Thursday! Lets go Canes!!!
  5. Welcome back, I suppose. My first reaction when I heard Maurice was the new head coach would have to be bleeped out. However, it is what it is and I want the Canes to win. Hopefully we will turn things around because I think we have the players and talent to do so. Maybe we can luck up and get a win tonight. Best of luck Mo!
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