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  1. What people don't understand, is the complexity involved in moving the Thrashers: 1.) The Philips Arena naming rights deal, is tied to the arena housing both an NBA and NHL franchise. If you aren't in the know, the Atlanta Spirit owns the Thrashers, Hawks AND the lease on Philips Arena. Why would they choose the jeopardize the naming deal, as well as lose 41 days of operation each year? 2.) The Atlanta Spirit is still in a legal battle with Steve Belkin (a member of the ownership group looking to leave, due to a management feud over the Hawks), making any sale of the team impossible until that case has been worked out. There is no sign of that happening any time soon. 3.) The Atlanta Spirit signed a letter of commitment with the NHL upon purchasing the team, committing the team to Atlanta for an unknown number of years. I hate all the rumors surrounding teams that do poorly in the standings. I would never wish such a thing on any other franchise - or it's fans. I especially despise these kinds of rumors when they are void of any specific sources, and pay no attention to the actual facts involved. Don Waddell recently denied the report to the AJC.
  2. We're pretty happy with this deal down here in ATL. Fortunately D-Wad has finally gotten off the veteran bandwagon, and is moving engaging in a real youth movement. Schneider was brought in as a mentor to Bogosian - which has worked out quite well. Apparently those two are really close.
  3. That's kind of the public consensus down here in Atlanta.
  4. That was the plan. I don't see DW shafting JA - but I wouldn't mind Lavi being brought in as a consultant to the team, a la Scotty Bowman.
  5. Damn it, couldn't JR have done this in the offseason? Rumor was due to his relationship with DW, he was the guy DW was planning to hire to take over the Thrash.
  6. Paul Maurice? Unbelievable. I feel for you guys, truly I do. At least when we canned Hartley, we could point to the fact that he had lost the respect of his players. On the bright side, at least you don't have Waddell coaching your team the remainder of the season. Disclosure: the avid Thrasher fan in me applauds JR's incompetence on this matter, and is completely ecstatic.
  7. Good point. They certainly don't look to be a stable franchise at all at this point. What a joke.
  8. LOL I'll come up to Carolina and buy you dinner at your choice of restaurant should that happen. It's not going to happen, so don't get excited.
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