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  1. Moe Must Go........ Or a BIG and I mean a BIG player change needs to happen. One if not both need to happen quick NOT wait until the end of November or in January. Something needs to happen NOW.
  2. Well then, we should add A LOT more names to this list. The entire Canes team?
  3. If JR wanted to bring the fans back this WAS not the way. MOE was not liked by the fans when he left and he did not prove himself after being "FIRED"..... I have a hard time thinking JR has that poor of judgement. Makes you think that KP had A LOT to do with this.
  4. It will be a shame, but if they move it will be only because of the lack of action of PK and JR. NOT the fans..
  5. Well said, I have stayed away from these boards for the past two years however, SOMETHING has got to change NOW.... JR keeps sitting on his hands and waiting for it to change its self.... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....We moved to Colorado earlier this year and have paid for NHL Center Ice to watch out team totaly fall apart.
  6. We set a record for the first team to EVER miss the playoffs two years in a row after taking the CUP...... SO no lets not do a thing and make it a threepeat and lets see what JR does next year. GET REAL.....
  7. :angry: It's time that JR start REALLY thinking about a coaching change. Injuries or not its time to stop making excuses and make a change behind the bench. :angry:
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