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  1. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=309944 Looks like Whit won't be back with us next year IF he does get traded...
  2. Best of luck to Cullen, he was a great player and member of the franchise. I do like this trade, however, and we do have a number of good picks and young players for the future!
  3. Well ... looks like they're trying to get Roddy to retire ... very unfortunate situation for him. As for Staal, ya gotta step it up now, big boy.
  4. http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=302367 Interesting article from TSN ... I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible ... and we have great young talen in the system, but they need their playing time!
  5. and coming...and coming....and coming...and coming....oh wait...and coming.
  6. Should have been more ... 2 goonish moves in 3 games ... I'll take it, but it should have been more.
  7. Game 7 against NJ? Games in the Boston series?? He had 15 points in 18 games ... I'd say that's pretty productive...
  8. As I've said in another thread ... we only have another long break this season (outside of the Olympics, of course) ... if nothing is done now, I really don't see much being done until the next major break (which, I believe, is in January).
  9. Yikes ... yep ... this is a tough one to swallow. I think a lot of us will realize how much of a key asset he is to our D now that he'll be gone for almost 3 months.
  10. Look at the schedule ... we play tomorrow (Monday) and then not again until Saturday ... if no changes happen within those four days, I don't expect to have anything happen until the trade deadline. Four days in between games is a perfect time to make changes. I think JR was looking to that break to make any possible changes, depending on how badly we've stunk up the joint. Personally, you have to start to look towards next year. The playoffs are not going to happen this year with this team and this coaching staff. It's just not. Even if it was, why trade away players to finish anywhere between 7th and 11th in the conference? The risk/reward is just too high...
  11. Just fyi ... the Cool Bars for Wilmington is 1/23 vs. Philly at 1pm ... can't wait to go!!!
  12. As a fellow Wilmingtonian, I am VERY excited that the Ale House is open!!! I unfortunately won't be able to make it out tomorrow night, but I'm sure I'll be down there during the season to watch the games!! GO CANES!!!!
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