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  1. My wife is a die hard fan. She made it to the Canes "unofficial" injured reserve list last weekend supporting her favorite Cane at the end of the Phoenix Coyotes game. Here's the story. We watched the game to the bitter end - watched the Canes give up the lead in the final minutes of regulation - and then Anton Babchuk got the overtime goal for the big win! My wife thinks he is cute and decided to adopt him as her "secret" son. When the game ended she hit the stairs to go to bed and I yelled to her to let her know John and Tripp were going to interview "smiley". (That is the name affectionately used to refer to Anton around our seats in Section 117 - rationale . . . he always looks so serious.) My wife quickly turned on the steps, lost her footing, fell several steps and threw out her right arm to break the fall. Bad choice! She broke her radius bone - BUT - before telling me and showing me her wrist which instantly doubled in size, she sat down to watch the Anton Babchuk interview before announcing that she was in excruciating pain. She has a Hurricane red cast on her right arm. I have vowed to her that I will find a way to get Anton's autograph on the cast sometime soon. Any ideas???
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