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  1. This game turned into a debacle but I'd like to whine about how the third goal was a result of the puck hitting the linesman's skates and bouncing out to Malkin. Malkin buried it, but the period closes 2-1 had the linesman not blocked that dump in.
  2. I agree with you, the Canes have had a tougher playoffs. They played better teams with better goalies and put on a good show. I'll be as loud as I can on Tuesday, win or lose.
  3. I agree, by not making that change he shows he's looking towards next year. But he's also saying to Cam, we trust you can do a good job. Pull him now after a great playoffs is demoralizing. And really I don't think he deserves blame for any of Malkin's goals this series.
  4. I pretty sure Brodeur did not show up for the final handshakes. Did anyone else catch this or an alternate view. Pretty ridiculous if this is so...
  5. I was at the Verizon center for a game earlier this season (the one where the Canes score two shorties) and had no problems. There were some good-natured taunts from people right near us, but overall people were very nice. I went to the Greene Turtle that is attached the the stadium before the game and had some good conversations there as well. Your scoreboard is sweet, but that text messaging thing annoys me, the picture is awesome though.
  6. If you can get there and be near "the healthy alternative" (decent sandwich) around 6:40, I got her autograph and have seen her in the vicinity a bunch of times. She's really nice, she has a sort of playing card type thing she gives out with her sig. If you just hang in that area I guarantee you will see her.
  7. Staal very much has not earned it. A lot of teams chose their best player to be the captain (Sid, Ilya), but I don't necessarily think your best player is the best leader. Washington has Chris Clark as a captain and you never notice the dude on the ice.
  8. I think the new lines are an improvement, i've been skeptical of rod, but he still has a game which may be more suited for this new line. positionally he knows his stuff, and he wins the draws. he's not necessarily being downgraded, but utilized more properly.
  9. Thanks for the correction, I hope *ahem* my friend's membership is still good.
  10. I understand what he is saying in that at the Bell Centre in Montreal or in any other city in which hockey is established, they don't need gimmicks like dancing granny. I personally don't like that stuff and don't pay attention. But, to establish hockey here they need to make it fun for the kids in the audience. I'm not the future of hockey here, the kids who get interested enough to start playing hockey and get their friends interested in hockey are the future. The franchise is making the right decision if these things can appeal to the younger audience.
  11. I agree. He still has value as a faceoff and penalty kill specialist, but his days as a clutch player are over. I don't know about his off ice leadership but he clearly has a bunch of experience that could be beneficial to the younger players.
  12. HD for me. I also kind of like to here the "enemy" broadcast. It gives a different perspective, especially on penalties and dirty play. I usually disagree with the announcers and end up disliking the opponent a lot more. :angry:
  13. One thing I do like is the questions they ask the players about non-hockey things. Ray Whitney and LaRose usually have something funny to say.
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