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  1. Just saw Latvia's roster, and a blast from the past...Ozolinsh is on it. So I had to check the goalies...no Irbe.
  2. No Semin on Russia's roster. olympictalk.nbcsports.com/2014/01/07/Russia-Olympic-hockey-roster-sochi-alex-ovechkin-evgeni-malkin/ (hopefully I typed that out correctly...copy and paste isn't working)
  3. Still looking for this puck. Thanks
  4. Hi, Does anyone have an extra Wesley Banner/jersey retirement puck? I have the other two but never got the Wesley puck and would like to complete the trio. PM here or email at tarcanes92@triad.rr.com Thanks
  5. Puck obtained! Thank you to those who offered pucks!
  6. Hi, yes, great win last night...and over the league leaders...too bad we couldn't play like that all year. Thank you for helping with the puck. I'm sending you a PM about it. Thanks
  7. Hi, Does anyone have an extra PNC Arena puck from the 3/15 game that they want to sell/trade? If so, I'm interested in it. The only puck I have to trade is a 2009 playoffs "Our team, out time" puck thanks tarcanes92@triad.rr.com
  8. been to two for hockey and one for basketball... Mellon Arena (Canes vs Pens)....that place is a dump and after being there, I understood the whole argument for a new arena for the Penguins. Greensboro Coliseum (multiple Canes games; circus; concerts)...good arena but the upper part of the upper level is a bit high (you can tell it was added on after it was built). Air Canada Centre (Raptors vs 76ers)....seemed ok. The nosebleed seats weren't too bad.
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