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  1. Okay, so I saw the end of the Laviolette era coming, and I wasn't surprised that he got fired, but I was stunned...STUNNED, that JR would bring back Maurice. The glimmer of light here is that standing right behind him is Ron Francis. Could it be that Mo is a temp? The only real thing that matters is what the team thinks and how they perform for the next few games. If they start winning, it was a good and smart move. If they remain static, then Rutherford screwed up and he should be the next to go. I'm not throwing in my season tickets yet, but I'm not especially sanguine about the change...until I see some results. For all you folks throwing in your season tickets, changing allegiances, whatever...you may well be justified, but you all need to settle down and see what tomorrow, and the next ten games, brings.
  2. It's always the same thing about injuries, etc... Butts in seats. In the final analysis, any changes that are made, for whatever the reasons given, they all come down to the one thing that is the major concern for the front office...butts in seats. Income. I think it's coaching, another will think it's the players, and another chorus cries 'chemistry!', and always, the injuries. Or the line combinations. Or the strategy. Or the schedule. When we drop below .500 at home and stay there long enough, changes will be made. Any change to this team will be made for the express purpose of putting butts in seats. I'm a big fan, but I'm also a realist....
  3. There is good news and bad news in all of this... The good news is that if you look at the standings, if the playoffs started today, we would be in by the thinnest of margins. The bad news is that if we keep playing the way we are playing, that won't last past the next two games. For the owner and the GM, the bottom line is butts in seats, and the way to keep butts in seats is to play consistent hockey. This business of win three, lose three, win one, lose how many on our next streak??? The seats are going empty. That's the wake up call right there. We have been an inconsistent team for the past 2 1/2 years, and that comes down to one thing...coaching. We have a great team. I love the 'Canes, but the past couple of years are killing me. Every team in the NHL has our team dialed in, we play dump and chase to the cycle...our forwards aren't picking off rebounds, and God only knows when our power play is going to actually show progress. We have to change our offensive strategy to start playing to our forwards' strengths, we have to start carrying the puck, we have to start nailing the rebounds, and please, dear God, we have to start hitting the back of the net. It's all about the coaching...
  4. The issue with the Canes can be summed up as 'consistency'. Yes, it was really nice to see them win yesterday, and in a SO at that. That being said.... Since the '06 run the problem has been that the team is inconsistent in their play. Win two, drop three, get a point on a tie/loss, win one, lose two....you get the picture. The team struggles to stay at .500 and we go through stretches of dismal performances. Anyone watching the Capitols game last Wednesday wouldn't argue that. There is another thread suggesting that JR should be fired. Rutherford isn't responsible for the team's inconsistent play, Coach Laviolette is. From Rutherford's standpoint, the issue is a venue at less than 2/3rds capacity on a Sunday afternoon, and the inconsistency of the teams' play is a big part of that. I know that we can't win them all, and that we aren't going to, but the bottom line for the club and their future here in NC comes down to getting butts in seats and that isn't going to happen until the team starts playing and that means that Rutherford needs to take a long look at the fact that since '06 "the system" has broken down. And "the system" is Laviolette. I brought this up yesterday on the postgame show and pretty much got dressed down by Forslund, and I maybe should have been, but Forslund has drunk the Kool-aid, and will continue to do so until he gets that big contract offer from Versus he's been angling for. Nevertheless, I need to put on my asbestos underwear, and say what many, many fans are saying. I admire and appreciate what Peter Laviolette has accomplished here with the Hurricanes, but it is time for him to move on, now before we get mired too deeply into the season, too far back in the standings. Every NHL team in the League is now familiar with "the system", and has evolved the defense necessary to take what advantages it used to have for our team and turn them against us. We have a power play that is anemic at best, we turn the puck over in the offensive zone with nauseating regularity because we dump and chase, we get hunted down in the neutral zone, and our SOG stat has dropped like the stock market. We don't shoot, we don't hit, we don't skate, and attendance is dropping. I don't know who is out there who can turn the team around, but it needs to be done and that person needs to be found, and soon. It was great that we won yesterday, but I'm not holding my breath.
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