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  1. i just hope that Eric's mindset is not familial!!!
  2. rem, I'm sorry I misstated my thought, because I did not intend it to sound like GOALIE was the single position needed, as I too think a scorer is necessary. Thus what I should have emphasized was not to put our eggs in one basket, that of prioritizing goalie over scorer, but if fail on the one front, redouble the effort on the other, however not giving up on EITHER. Now, I don't know this Dell that is mentioned, but I too hope that MAF is not whom we bring in, as I share with others that he's Cam, 2nd edition and if no one else comes aboard, having either Cam or Eddie with MAF really adds, IMHO, nothing. Now, if we were to add a Darling, Graubauer, Raanta or Dell if he's a possibility, WITH MAF, than that seems like a winner.
  3. And while I think you are right on in your assessment of priorities with your analysis, top, as you are hinting from it, goalies are basically a "crap shoot". Further, seems if it's true during development, I'd say it'd be just as hard at the stage of the game, where we are attempting/are forced to choose from, ergo, NO team is about to let a quality goalie go, as hard as they appear to be to develop. I guess what I'm trying to say is "what if". That is, what if RF's dedicated attempts to secure a quality goalie end up in a failure. To me, close to the admittedly no.1 priority for a goalie, must be equal priority for a scorer! That way, if Plan A fails, Plan B i becomes even more important, as we must have either one or the other, better goalie vs more scoring. Optimum would be both, but one or other has to be successful to play in playoffs.
  4. Think it was around 6mil x 7yrs. Still interested?
  5. Just saw our team linked to TJ Oshie for some incredible $. I could and have liked that player for top 6, but no way at the amt given? Can't locate the site now to reference, but thoughts?
  6. While we are on the goalie subject, wonder if it'd be allowable/possible, or even worthwhile to see if Calgary would consider a trade for their goalie lent to us in Charlotte, McCollum? Reports from there make it sound like he is playing well, and certainly there is a spot up here for him RIGHT NOW, Obviously, we don't know if his play in AHL would translate to the bigs, but just a thought, however I'd guess Calgary would be less than enthusiastic unless he is viewed as expendable? Anyone have thoughts about this? Seeing where Peters was in Charlotte taking in the game last pm, could he be having similar thoughts, or just there to look over his future group?
  7. As I would, and not for just geographical reasons, although Calgary is a beautiful place.
  8. Lake, as always, thanks for the insight, and you are correct in that when I heard the term "head case", I translated it to mean in the locker room, much like our famous Russian from yesteryear, who had that reputation for quirky requests? If only "on ice", than that would lessen my angst, like that matters. Also, looking at your comparisons, I would suppose it depends on a "jaundiced" eye as to how to interpret, but seems as if 8-4 in favor of Fleury, if one only looks at save%. Now whether that's the entire story again rests with the viewer, but such factors as the team playing around the goalie, specifically the D capabilities, etc. must be weighed into this. One other factor that I believe is critical from my observations, is when a goal is let in, specifically how often are they "back breakers". Coupled with this thought would be "how fragile is the team's psyche" and does a young team searching for their game have the ability to rebound? To this point, often I've felt the air go out of the arena, if not the players, when Cam has let in a usually stoppable goal. Saying all these things, and again thanking you for your insight, I'd prefer to bring in a goalie, possibly like Darling, who could grow and "form", with this young team. Further, with a new goalie coach at the helm, I've not totally discounted Lacko Taco!! just my humble thoughts.
  9. One additional factor that's not been mentioned, possibly not even considered in this discussion, is the new goalie coach, or even What role Marcoux played in the subpar performance of our present goalies for his tenure here? With respect to some of the goalies above, those with lesser experience(Darling for example), might it be that under proper tutelage, Some of the "dart throwing" element might be reduced? I don't know, just raising that possibility? Oh and by the way Lake, thanks for giving us that handy reference to start out this discussion. It was most helpful, particularly to help bolster my feelings on MAF, who obviously is aging.
  10. Debating MAF, obviously there are defenders and detractors on here for him, I am one of the latter. As a disclaimer, I've never played hockey and don't know if I can even skate, but I'm an avid fan and homer extraordinaire. Saying that, most here seem to agree on 2 things, maybe 3, about MAF. In no particular order, he's athletic, he's a 'head case", and he's likely better than what we have at present. So, I'll discuss these 3 attributes in order. 1st, on athleticism, not sure of his age and too lazy to look it up, but I do know he's been around awhile. IMHO, the 1st thing that fades in an "athlete" is athleticism(duh). I'd argue that a goalie with "technique" is more likely to have more longevity than his counterpart, and further, I'd bet that MAF is approaching that time, if not already there. The other issue attached with that is the length of his contract. Seems I recall that his is realtively lengthy,so if we are getting involved in something like that, I'd say "No Thanks". Next, and to me the real deal breaker when it comes to this player, "head case". Right now, with a young and growing team, it seems that comradery is paramount, and the worst influence one could get in that situation would be a constant distraction that a "head case" would bring. Again, No Thanks. Finally, and I think this is where much of the support for this player comes from, likely he does bring slightly better statistics than our 2 present goalies, but I don't think that the angst this situation brings should result in a "panic move". There are others available, all be them possibly more difficult to attain, but RF is just going to have to work harder, and not settle for "low lying fruit". ALL, of course, IMHO
  11. Ok PK17, now I get it. As to McDonald, I think he's well respected, and besides, I'm not sure that our scouts were all that bad, it's just at 1 time, we had so very few, that the just could not provide adequate coverage. That really confused me, as I pointed out, because it seems like a budget team, like ours, is in much more critical need for scouting expertise than teams who can buy all the free agents they have room for?
  12. I may be only Nay voice on here, but keep seeing reference to MAF, and I shudder. NO way, no how do I want MAF, no matter if we keep the 2 goalies we have. Guys, I've seen him be as shaky as either of our 2 goalies, and I surely hope RF looks elsewhere. Darling is my dream and I would love for Ron to pull that off.
  13. PK17, not sure I understand your point about the scouting team, but hope you're not suggesting that this is an area that should be downsized? In my opinion, a team like the Hurricanes, with our well recognized low budget team, are the ones most in need of a large scouting staff to maximize our draft picks, thereby infusing our team with players at the lower end of their salary,
  14. I'll add my $0.02 to yours , Lake and yours too AWACS. AWACS, your #1 I hope and have said so forever, never happens. A goalie, like Darling I want, MAF, not so much. As to Rod's ability to coach the PP and 3-on-3, I've often wondered if his skills there were to "lead by example", rather than thru communication. Just a thought
  15. raleighcaniac, don't believe so, as I believe he believes his best care and geographical location for his disease, as I've mentioned elsewhere, comes in Research Triangle Park. Also, the Flyers, despite how I've maligned them thru the years, showed equal class celebrating Bryan's shootout goal.