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  1. This game is the ultimate SHOW ME scenario. The punks that call themselves hockey fans and their goonish players are deep into the gorey elements of that fight, even stating that Brindamour instigated it by telling his players to ramp up the ugliness? Typical, totally don't know a thing about this team, Svech or Brindamour? The team is at a huge turning point which can truly solidify it, or else "go quietly into the night". And I further agree with many before on here, IF we can persevere in this game tonight, I have to believe the series is ours. And make no mistake, that bond between us fans and the players, forged by the Bunch of Punks celebrations of The Surge CAN become even more significant tonight thru the energy our players feed off of us when we are united in spirit and our patented noise level. That energy was palpable Monday night and although I cannot be there tonight, I'm sending 2 in our place to bring it. Please, please extend this so I can once again be amongst you all this coming Monday.
  2. I'd forgotten realm that you have more insight to the Checkers than most on here, so thanks for that, but I still believe that Vellucci has his finger DIRECTLY on his team's pulse closer than anyone. I'd hope he is the one steering this call up, so I trust that given the situation, this is his call. Knowing how Brindy defers to his Asst. Coaches and for sure Bales on these matters, I just have to think thats what's happening here?

    2019 Playoffs

    Every thing is bigger in Texas, isn't that how the saying goes?
  4. Could be that the decision of whom to bring up was a collaborative one made jointly by Brindy and Vellucci? Who really knows what was in the decision, but possibly it was made because the atmosphere is electric in the arena, and Brown is the more experienced and heady of the 2? After this next one, that decision might be reviewed and another player be brought up better fit to what faces them back in Washington? We'll see what enfolds shortly? I just hope that we can sustain the momentum from game #3, and literally stomp on Great 8's neck like our boy could not. To the latter I say, give Svech a few more years of weight training and seasoning under Brandy, bring in Evander for some advanced training in fisticuffs (I have thought for some time that someone like him or a marshal arts guru should be on retainer for some off season instructions if fighting is going to continue to be allowed) and see where that fat piece of dung goes in a rematch? Sorry,I needed to ventilate.
  5. rem, liked your explanation on this concussion issue, and not wanting to be nit picky, but wanted to add a little clarification from something I'd read about recently in medical literature on concussion diagnosis. In our pathology literature last August, it was announced that the FDA was authorizing the "marketing of the first blood test to evaluate 'mild brain trauma', commonly known as a concussion". I found this extremely interesting as our sport seems to meet these often and is in need of concrete evidence over clinical testing it would seem, so there is that?
  6. Mike Vellucci, please make it mandatory for your charges to watch the Tampa/Columbus series to see what is possible in post season play? Show them how different regular and post seasons are and Go Checkers.

    2019 Playoffs

    Another thought just popped into my mind. I know we've been discussing the NHL and Tampa on this thread, and their apparent monumental collapse, but I'm hoping on another front that Mike Vellucci is taking note and pointing this fact out to the Checkers? Don't do as Tampa has done.

    2019 Playoffs

    Have to admit, I was in the camp that thought Tampa was an Unstoppable Force to be reckoned with, but once again, this proves for the 223rd time how magical winning the Stanley Cup is? As I admit that though, I also have to say that as much as I love hockey, my energies are focused on the Canes, and I really do not care about any other series to this point, than ours, except for brief overviews?
  9. I'd also add OBXer to your observation to "home ice advantage", having 12 instead of 11 forwards and reinforced sticks could be the tipping point tonight?
  10. Rather than "stun the champs", lets Surge them!!!
  11. coastal, I think that's a great plan, but the only thing is that it presumes that Washington remains static. If I'm Reirdon, I also will make changes to throw off Brindy's scheming? The other thing I sensed was that Washington seemed tired in the 3rd. Did anyone else notice, or was it just wishful thinking on my part? Also, wonder if our guys can keep laying the wood, or will that take it's toll?
  12. Mrazek does not lack for confidence, rem, but we might have to scrape him off the ceiling with his enthusiasm?
  13. Bravo coastal, just Bravo. Nothing I can add to your outstanding synopsis and thank you for it. Should be framed and hung in Canes locker room to further connect us with them. Our Fan version of the Surge.

    2019 Playoffs

    Although I have "no dog in the fight" so to speak, thus could care less who wins out in the Tampa/Columbus series (saying that, I do despise Tortorello), the one regret I have about that game, and 2ndsacker sort of alludes to it above, is that it puts on notice higher seeds (i.e. Washington) that they best be careful. I was hopeful we could sneek up on them this 1st game? Oh well, have to do it the old fashion way. Sorry cc, great minds think alike, eh caniac1-1? You posted while I was typing?

    2019 Playoffs

    dinz, I was worried about Slavin also. Anyone with news?
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