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  1. 2018 NHL Draft

    Good, as might happen depending on GM hire of course.
  2. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    top, I like the way you framed this present quagmire, and do so for several reasons. 1st and foremost, I'm sick and tired of being what appears from our (Canes' fans) rather sheltered corner, the butt of all the jokes throughout the league whenever any other fanbase wants to shrug off their own woes. This started with the inception of the team in 1997, and all the condescending talk then was of Mayberry and NASCAR. I just wonder if any other fanbase has suffered similarly and can't think of any? My point is that I WANT our new leader, Tom Dundon to be miles ahead of these other smug billionaires in his innovative thoughts. 2nd, as young as this owner is comparatively, I cannot accept that he has entered into this possibly shark filled tank we call the NHL, lacking similar experiences in his other business dealings. Thus, in agreement I think with your thoughts, I prefer to believe that rather than a massive blunder, I think his initial GM volley was a calculated, back handed genius zugzwang move, simply because I PREFER NOT TO CONSIDER OTHERWISE. Finally, as so many of you have previously said in so many words, it is completely inconceivable to me, that a newly minted hockey organization owner who's had the where with all to purchase an NHL team, and well known in other dealings to accommodate fan experience to grow that enterprise, would instantly cheapen his purchase by attempting to "low ball" a position that could be the true linchpin of the success in moving his organization forward. Now I know that the media has sullied these waters by underhandedly suggesting that Dundon is equivalent to a Czar overseeing his fiefdom, thru his puppet GM who "reports directly to him", and further that the organization will "be run by committee", but I refuse to buy into that theorem simply because the Old Vanguard has had its feathers ruffled by his somewhat swift, unprecedented actions. And one final thing I'd like to address. I keep seeing comments from several during these admittedly confusing times, doubting the quality not only of this team, but also that of our AHLers. Its funny, but similar to the high and low swings we experience thru this looming 9th year of playoff absence as our team wins or loses games, our moods vacillate between proclaiming this to be a playoff team vs a pathetic shell of a team? My question here is, before we wring our hands over what we've been led to believe is just a bunch of 3rd or 4th liners in Charlotte, whose judgement of that are we accepting? It would appear to me, at this point in the year, that a good percentage of this board has discounted both RF's and BP's abilities in several dealings, and further it is I believe their pronouncement of our Checkers players that suggest they are lacking? I guess what I'm saying here, as with much of the previous above, I think as we distance ourselves from another disappointing year, the ominous black clouds that are swirling now will dissipate, and we'll recognize that our position is better than we thought. One MAJOR COUP, like a Tavares or some unforeseen fortune in the draft could be an instant game changer?
  3. 2018 NHL Draft

    Well, it looks like to me, we have a new ringer in the mix!! With the latest on Hanifin, that is the reported concussion, we may have lost, if it was ever considered, one of our more valuable trading chips to dangle? If that be the case and another team not want to take on what may now be considered "damaged goods" albeit one single concussion, our course of action may be simplified? On another front, with so much focus, good or bad, on Bill Peters, I'm beginning wonder if Chicago might cut Joel Quenneville loose. Would any on here consider him for our next HC(we'd be really taking on the mantra of Chicago2 with that move)?
  4. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Now where is that info, bd58?
  5. wxray1, I"ll admit to being very upset that we didn't make a play for Mrazek when he was traded!!! Shows how little I know, and further underscores the saying that its better to stick with the devil you know than the one you don't(or something like that). Funny but when he 1st landed at Philly, he played well, but now he seems to be a train wreck? Over on Canes Country, there's an interview that Chip I think recently did with Darling. Strangely, I still hold out faith that he'll settle in, even so far as bidding and winning that military warmup jersey he recently wore. Unfortunately whenever I've purchased a player's jersey in the past, that's a kiss of death to him so we'll see?
  6. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Reporting directly to Tom Dundon, I'd say that's a good bet that who ever it is will be unafraid and aggressive?
  7. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Ergo, my comment, Maybe a preemptive strike? Feeling them out so to speak?
  8. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Where do those stats come from, top, just curious? These validate my "eye test", as I see at least 1/2 dozen by Faulk every game I go to, which is all home games. I guess we tend to minimize it as in away games, you cannot always focus on him like you can when you are at the arena? I mean, he seems to be holding his own, then some boneheaded play results in either a Grade A scoring chance, or a goal. Postgame, with his disarming smile, he then effectively shrugs it off?
  9. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Yes, Lake, I did not think it would matter, but that may be the exact factor in all this? If so, I wonder if this may be in the works, with TD getting some type of feel for these candidates, and an under the table/behind the scenes agreement for a deal to be made public, AFTER PLAYOFFS?
  10. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    As I sort of suggested in my recent post, Dundon already is off script with this pre-emptive move, maybe his GM choice will be equally so? Someone nobody is expecting?
  11. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Yeah OBXer, saw that. As I wrote a friend on this, looks like that leaves Canucks' Gilman, Sabres' Greely and our own Mike Vellucci OF THOSE BEING CIRCULATED IN MEDIA. The latter gives me pause to ask, Does Dundon have some candidates that are under the radar? In other words, what kind of poker player is he?
  12. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    top and super_dave, I see both of your points and I think both of you are correct. From my vantage, I just have to wonder how Faulk appears to have convinced BP/RF that he was not only the heir apparent to Hainsey's leadership role, but that he deserved the C? Surely they have had to recognize the All Star designation was more "smoke and mirrors" than truly deserving, except when the bar is low I suppose , you've got to have at least one player off the team elected? I wonder if the miscalculation was 2 fold, overestimating Faulk's defensive growth, which obviously sagged if anything, and thinking Pesce/Slavin were further along than they've shown this year? But I agree with both of you that a gritty grey beard could make all the difference,
  13. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Wonder how TD feels about getting APPARENTLY turned down by so many? I'll bet he's not use to that? Does anyone think he's suffering from bucking this nepotistic sport, particularly the Francophile branch?
  14. Florida Everblades 2017/18

    Interesting, but is there a reason? And what about Smallman that someone was inquiring about? Never mind, found gocanes0506 posted something on Smallman under Junior Hockey players, thanks gc0506. What was his injury anyway, and why so long to heal? Sorry, haven't kept up with him too closely.