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  1. OBXer, I'm unclear on this Mrazek injury? It was 1st announced as "concussion", but I later understood it not to be that, but "neck injury"? Have we had that clarified?
  2. That's not what I was hoping to hear on either account OBXer. Vatanen in particular needs to get on the ice?
  3. Maybe he's the guy the Canes ought bring up? Can he play hockey?
  4. I am confused Cff? Your previous comments suggested he was hyped for last night's game, attested to apparently by his unswerving I'm assuming focus on what, playing some video game on Twitch thru which you've apparently made some type of contact? And although our 1st game post-trade deadline exposed a shaky D, Ned certainly did not reassure me that he's ready for the NHL by making anything other than routine stops? Certainly nothing close to an OMG stop. Now, you're listing 4 critical areas he needs work on, leaving what, 1 other, namely blocker side? He's played in the AHL for roughly 150 games and still needs to work out these flaws? You also mention one of his strong points, and I did see that last night, being his puck handling. Well that's good, but if he's unable to keep the puck out of the net, what good does the puck handling do? Finally, I know you feel like I'm "picking on you", but I'm merely trying to understand the frequently conflicting characterization you give of this player. I'm personally concerned that his game is more AHL than NHL sound. Unfortunately at this critical juncture in the season, this team cannot afford to give him "2, 5 or 8 games" to figure it out.
  5. Yeah, Off With His Head. Lets scrap Brind'Amour, and bring back Bill Peters, or better yet Paul Maurice.
  6. Although I totally agree and was being tongue in cheek, alternately, that game could be the critical turning point in this season.
  7. I'd add that David Ayres' name should also be included
  8. OBXer, both of those seem to be repeats? FIXED
  9. I love this caniac-1-1. Is this your rendition, or for sale somewhere?
  10. One additional thing I'll add and this is just heresay, but I've read somewhere that he and the coach were not getting along? Be interesting to learn why, but that could be another motive for the trade.
  11. Uhhh, possibly AHL vs NHL level of play, I don't know? I just hope it translates for our sake, but in less than 8 hours we will see. Go Canes and Cff
  12. go, according to Cff, we have a direct line to Ned as he communicates with him thru "streaming on twitch playing fortnite", whatever that is? So, we can possibly get an answer that can reassure you? At any rate, as I posted, we'll know soon enough if AHL goalie experience translates to this level?
  13. And, a barbecue sandwich in on hand?
  14. Well, no one can accuse Vinny of being Martinook-like in his enthusiasm from that recording, unless he's just gotten out of bed? Also a little disconcerting that he doesn't seem to know anyone on our team except an injured Hamilton? That's got to change fast because the brutal part of our schedule is on the horizon.
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