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  1. Hope that's not the standard to which we aspire?
  2. Not to nitpick here Sf-1-2, but all that says is "2nd core injury", so we don't know which one specifically, either the 1st or 2nd injured?
  3. I know, right. Just told wife who read the report to me, that I don't feel so bad now with my little abdominal pain related to shingles. May miss game tomorrow night due to it?
  4. Just reported on NHL, Marty to have "surgery on core abdominal muscle and out 6-8 weeks". That explains Gautier call up.
  5. Yep, Marty to have surgery on "core abdominal muscle" and out 6-8weeks, per NHL report.
  6. I also have a special place in my heart for El Nino in this grouping rem.
  7. I know rem that what I'm going to say is a common complaint by opposing fans on enemy ice, but seeing how at one point, the refs spent an extended period of time repairing some type of ice problem, I'm just wonder if Ice condition may have played a part in the obvious "fall off" of the team's prowess in the 2nd and 3rd periods? I can envision, rightly or wrongly, that ice condition at first was reasonable, but deteriorated as the game wore on? And before the response is Both teams had to skate on it, I'd suggest that the home team deals with it routinely, thus not quite as affected as the visitors? Just a thought, and an ironic one at that coming from here where we also seem to have that constant complaint from visiting fans?
  8. As elated as I am with this start, flying on cloud 9 with all you fellow Caniacs, I think a touch of humility is in order before we crown ourselves the winner of the 2019-2020 Stanley Cup? I don't mean to rain on this parade, and God knows I'm as giddy as anyone on this board, but I think that we've got to remember that this 4-0-0 start could just as easily be 1-3 or any other combination of those 1st 3 OT games? Comparatively, this team seems to have hit another level and the OTs as well as Shootout games are falling our way IN CONVINCING FASHION, but I for one still urge a bit of reserve thru these 1st couple of months to see how other teams adapt to our new found success.
  9. Just curious rem, are you his agent, haha just joking. I will give it to you though, I've not seen you this stubbornly positive since you clung to your island along with several of us equally stubborn fans back in the day? Bravo
  10. Better eat a Snickers Bar Cff, you're not yourself?
  11. Just now going thru this thread, so hope I'm not copying someone later in it, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad!! Great insight.
  12. I commented on Dougie in the post-game Bolts thread rem, something like this, but mine was on the postgame interview that Maniscalco did and the look on Dougie's face says it all. This guy, and all his rumored quirks, HAS found a home with us Jerks, and what better one than this. He was very close to tears I believe as the fans were yelling his name. I am so happy for this as I've had his jersey since day 1.
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