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  1. You know Cff, all you guys who constantly scan the news it would appear for these tidbits which we ALL appreciate hearing, speak in shorthand and acronyms, but for a few of us (speaking personally for myself), could I ask that more than a 1st name be referred to so that I might know of whom you speak? In my own profession, it drives me crazy when physicians use acronyms for instance that they use every day, but often other specialties use similar letters to refer to much different conditions. I know its nitpicking, but I think it's respectful. Here, I did figure out you were speaking of Hendrix Lapierre but it took a bit. And go, thanks for that extra bit of clarification.
  2. He's young, presumably in good health. Doubt he's at very high risk?
  3. Haven't watched much AWACS. Has Khudobin collapsed?
  4. I was confused as I knew you were misquoted?
  5. Have I ever said on here how much I despise The Hockey Writers website? Somehow I get their blogs and NEVER have I seen anything on the Canes?
  6. I've thought for quite sometime on this rem, and quite frankly have no answer, BUT that's not to say you just throw your hands up and retreat into that safe place. The answer is a little of all? As you've mentioned, Ruutu years ago won over our collective Canes' hearts after stepping off that plane, coming to the arena and throwing that massive hit on his 1st shift. Ferland too was a jewel early on, then the culmination of years of doing so prior to our acquisition caught up with his body. Judging from our attempts to acquire said "tough guys" with some skill rather than Neanderthal types, a team cannot trade from them in their later years, they apparently have to be groomed in one's own system? Not everyone is fortunate enough to happen upon a Wilson type. But I also believe those teams that play with "toughness" do so when EVERYONE buys in on the concept. Ans as top emphasizes in his prior post just ahead of mine, it appears (and you all know by now that the only ice I've skated on, unlike top it seems, has been by mistake) that a player has got to have the fortitude to give as well as take the hits. Collectively, thru the years of my involvement with the game as a couch (nee rink) spectator, the effort I've seen along the lines of what we refer to as "team toughness" has been at best lie a roller coaster? On some occasions, magnificent, while others, completely inept and embarrassing? Truly, IDK why as a team there's this pervasive laissez faire attitude, and I'd love to link it back to the ES yesteryear where the seed was planted, but obviously that should have long since faded? In terms of grooming someone to lead the way in being a Wilson type, a few years back, I recall my excitement when we picked up both Roy and Gauthier, but for some reason, both fizzled. Could it be that our scouts have similar tendencies along the lines of toughness that is pervasive on the team? But again back to Wilson, true, he is the leader there, but like Boston, Dallas, St Louis and several others, Washington has several players who play that tough game, so It's not just a single player. That one guy though can set the example that others join.
  7. This is true and I believe it's $850K, due to the fact that his up front bonus has been paid. You are going to base a decision on 4 games?? Why not just stay with Pyotr and show him a little confidence?
  8. Thank you top, that is exactly what I was attempting to say regarding "physicality". Further, when this confounding subject is brought up, for about the 1000th time, it seems to me that toughness suddenly equates in some minds as the goonery of yesteryear? I certainly don't think of it as that, but I will again restate that for instance, in this recent Boston game, I do not believe one can say it was simply a matter of their "tenacious defense", but more so an INTIMIDATING tenacious defense. Now, I recognize that my homeristic eyesight tends to ignore our transgressions, and focuses on the goonery of our opponents, but every game, liberties taken were much more lopsided by the Bruins? This has been our teams Achilles tendon for as long as I can remember, we seem to shrink away when physical teams push those limits. And to my mind, simply wishing physicality away by stating that the league is transitioning to "speed", isn't reality? This may be the case during the regular season, but playoffs revert back it would appear to physicality of yesteryear.
  9. Top 6 or goalie, the latter as a bridge prior to Kotch or maybe Askarov if we could be so fortunate to draft him? As to bottom 6, I just do not see how that is necessary, or what do we have prospects currently ranked in the 5-6 best range for? Surely 1 or a couple of this high ranking group should be ready, possibly even for a top 6 role?
  10. Loved this guy when he was here, and even got his jersey at a game where it was auctioned in a jersey off the players back, and then signed by him. Saw where Toronto hired him to coach the offense, and I sure wish we'd have brought him here. Oh well, Jeff Daniels is okay, right?
  11. It continues to astound me how we always seem to get into a debate when this subject is brought up, one side saying the league is transitioning to more speed, thus "goonery" is passe, while the other points as you have here raleighcaniac to instances where liberties and absence of retaliation open up the perceived door to key player injury? Then we go thru a litany of sub qualifiers to further define the situation like "staged fighting is gone", "knuckle draggers are archaic", "team toughness is what is necessary", or several other shades of gray that are all understandable, BUT have not stopped the heaviness typically wielded but a select few teams against us that seems to cause our guys to go into a shell.Now granted "team toughness" is a way to put a stop to this, but how long does it take to develop that culture? Maybe my eyesight has become jaded through years of seeing our players abused and no-one it seems coming to stand up to this 💩but I'd sure like to have a Stu Grissom or even a Tim Gleason on this team?
  12. However, the more he shows of this, the more those few teams drafting ahead of us and sitting on the fence of taking a goalie in the 1st round, will be likewise encouraged to pull the trigger? I realize BPA is the mantra but boy we could use a goalie phenom in the pipelines.
  13. Interesting isn't it, we've come from being referred to as the "Southleast" Division, to the premiere one? Things do come full circle, don't they?
  14. Congrats to them. I also could not pull for Vegas.
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