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  1. But are we sure that Priskie is in line to replace McKeown? Would it be conceivable that we keep both, and replace Fleury/TvR, Fleury/Faulk (riskier I know) or maybe TvR/Faulk (very doubtful that we'd give up both)? Training camp likely very critical to sort this out?
  2. But, and I'm just guessing here, I can see why he's looking so goofy? I mean, look at what he's holding in that cup?
  3. I look at it like this, while we can all nitpick the kid who's apparently 23, so not without merits during the period when facial hair is being promoted, he was being sought after by several other teams so must have some potential? He has scored in whatever the strength of the hockey expertise that has surrounded him (again I've seen several criticizing the league he's in), for whatever that's worth, but as I stated, that hasn't stopped it would appear several teams from pursuing him including the likes of Montreal, Nashville and at least a half dozen others, so there's that. More importantly, HE CHOSE US with whom to sign over these several other choices, giving us a degree of relevance we've been losing with the Fox's, Johnson's and others blessed with this loophole to use. Whether he can make it or not in our system is truly immaterial at this point due to the backlog it would appear that exits in our defensive strength, BUT even knowing those odds, he seems to find value in throwing in with us and I think he is giving us a glimpse of his self confidence in signing here. I LIKE IT One last thing, I've seen several comments from Montreal fans grousing over the audacity of his signing with The Bunch of Jerks team related to the "cheapness of the owner", how he will be a bust, and several others, and just had to smile as it brought me great joy.
  4. Stop showing off your wife slap, I know thats not Sara?
  5. This would appear to be the key schtick possibly to this particular player wouldn't it rem? If true, and despite being 23, this could not only answer why we pursued him, but also why he considered signing with us over the others? Since a QB for the power play was such a glaring need for at least the past 2 years, if this guy can bring it, he might instantly find a place in the NHL? Also, if indeed 23, than he likely has matured past the growing pains that slow these Dmen at 1st? And the flip side of that is with that niche, a little bird in his ear could very well have pointed out that his place in the defensemen line likely is shorter?
  6. Must be losing it, who is Priskie? I don't follow Sara Civ either. Never mind, just googled and found out that he's a Hobey Baker award winning Dman that Caps can't sign, sooo Why are Caps unable to sign, and how could we be taking him on with our over supply of defensemen? This brings up another question, I got the feeling that Caps cannot sign as they are at their contract limit of 50, is that correct? If so, how do we stand on that? I have never known how or where to check to see how close we stand to that number, but at one time thought we were pretty close? I'm guessing that's changed?
  7. Related to this, I was viewing the promotional on PNC arena, I think being shown on WRAL, and 1 comment caught my ear. Along with gushing about renovations to the facility and the multimillions the commissioners are considering spending, they added that plans are to make it a "food destination"? Yeah, yeah, it's a food destination alright, much like McDonalds, Burger King and the like? Does have good barbeque though, just never any different foods.
  8. On this Saarela issue, I know little about him, but rem, if you say he has a "sick shot", I'll buy that. I do admit that I would have loved to have been able to have fit him in, but where? And not to be reactionary, but wasn't there some scuttlebutt that he's done this type of grousing before in the Rangers system? Of course not this blatantly, but here again, the report comes from a Canadian reporter for Yahoo sports, itching to jump on a small market US venue usurping his country's national sport? The single point I'd make is that this trade could be beneficial to him, as the kid might have a clearer path to the NHL with Chicago than was available hereabout? Then he might be too immature to realize that?
  9. Maybe so, but I'd rather the more subdued show that is the product of the NHL, than the freak show that has become the NBA? Talk about the tail wagging the dog there, no thanks.
  10. I'm trying to work my way into it?
  11. beboplar, as you might surmise from my avatar, I am from Deep South and further, I DO CARE about our history being an advocate of the philosophy that "those that don't care about history are doomed to repeat it". I personally think its a privilege to carry on for the Whaler franchise and see no reason to deny it. That they won multiple Stanley Cups, or none is not important in my book as they did play and were the nucleus of the team we all love here. Further should you ever find your way here, I'd love to share a beer or whatever your imbibition is, with you. Further I'd even wager that some of the curmudgeons hereabouts might even invite you to their tailgating?
  12. rem, "coaching" is somewhat vague when I read thru this resume? Now obviously, goaltending at MSU is the adjective which is specific, but at Michigan State? Then you've got "coached 2 seasons in the IHL, assistant coach and then HC for the Flint Generals, earning Coach of the Year" but are those as goalie coach or just coach? Now we assume all stints are goalie related, and very well they may, but those venues, as well as "Just Goalies" camp surely appear to be with the younger crowd? These thoughts may just be nitpicking unnecessarily, but as crucial as goalie proved to be and the dearth of competent goal tending we've suffered thru for an eon, I'm a bit ansy about this hire?
  13. Well there you go, WAS TEAMMATES with Rod at MSU during 88-89 season? He's certainly been around the block in various leagues, but it surely would be nice to know how successful his 'goalie coaching" was at each of those stops? Anyone have any clues?
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