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  1. Maybe he helped keep the score down? He surely didn't skol though?
  2. You are correct. Billy Cannon went to Istrouma HS in Baton Rouge while I was at Baton Rouge High a few years later, Thus I'd competed against him in HS football and watched his entire career. Burrow is an amazing story for the college and state. And what a great person. Thanks for remembering Rick. And sorry to change the focus of this game being played.
  3. Wish if we take this, that Martinook or Svech would break that out, but then that's lowering ourselves to that tool? PS: yeah, right, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  4. Come on guys, start posting. One hour to game time. And I was wrong, Heisman is on at 7pm?
  5. On this player, rem or anyone, at one time recently, he reputedly sustained a serious eye injury. Has that resolved, and if so, how is he doing?
  6. Saw that and it's truly sad. Usually that disease is in younger kids, but they've developed newer treatments recently, and there's hope for long term remission.
  7. Thank you wxray for reminding us about our collective mindset "what have you done for me lately". And I am front and center among you because at the draft party I probably cheered the loudest when that trade was announced in 2012. Retrospective analysis is certainly inerrant, isn't it? bluedevilcane's point above is certainly on point, as are the concerns voiced by spyglass et al, but in the past, Jordan like several others (looking at you Aho) come out of the gates slowly. I'm hoping he like the others warms up during the 2nd half of the season?
  8. May be a little late tuning in to this one, darn it, as have to watch my quarterback (Burrow) get his Heisman trophy. But then I'm in. Stay out of the penalty box.
  9. Taylor Hall a late scratch in Colorado tonight!! Hmmmm
  10. spyglass88, I can't agree with this statement. I mean, is a "team captain" necessarily a scorer? Now trust me, I get just as frustrated as the next guy that Jordan is scoring inept, and slow, and cannot it seems plant himself in front of the goalie, but to me, the single attribute that the "C" letter should possess is not any one particular "stat", but rather, like Brind'Amour has, an inspiring presence such that a player would run thru a wall for the guy. Now, does Jordan have that, I can't say, however I do recall just last year I believe (or was it the year prior) when he was out, something was missing?
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