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  1. Owen Tippet for me.
  2. So, sum total of trades so far is a whopping 3. Not exactly what I'd thought, but I suppose things may get going tomorrow or day after?
  3. So, if we lose 1 or the other of them, we're even further away. Still lots of work to be done! Karmanos must be salivating at these figures?
  4. Love it, welcome aboard TVR!!
  5. Thanks gocanes, I thought the floor was around 55 something? Thus we'll need someone like Oshie to get us there, and even more so if Faulk is traded?
  6. Y'll know, 1 thing that I think has been overlooked in all this hoopla is a consideration of Cap Floor. As my head is currently swimming from the fact that we've finally been active is this period, how are we standing there? TVR certainly added only pittance, and without that one big contract yet, that might be something to keep in mind. Anyone know how we stand in this regard?
  7. OK, have it your own way but "all trades are known" is exactly the point. I simply choose to reserve my final judgement until Oct. 7 to see how far this is going. I mean, RF has repeatedly shown that he is a masterful Poker/Chess player, and I for one don't think we've seen his entire hand. I certainly didn't mean to get you so worked up, but have a nice day.
  8. gocanes, Don't you think it a little strange that probably the oddest occurrence in yesterday's ex-draft was LVGM settling for Brinkley of those he could get from us? Taking that into consideration, I just think that there must be other "considerations" at play, not what we immediately see. I mean LVGM McPhee certainly displayed tremendous acumen in all moves he made, that for the life of me I just can't envision him overlooking this detail and letting us off the hook, so to speak, as lightly as he did. Thus my rejoiner to not get too confident of our position as being overwhelmingly owning anyone until all is said and done?
  9. Not implying that RF is not doing a Great job, just unwilling to use the phrase " is owning LV" until the full details are known.
  10. Agree, please don't weaken our strength?
  11. But, is TVR all that?
  12. Until details come out on the entire thing, not sure I'd be that smug about dealings so far?
  13. Well, here we go!! TVR becomes a reality, and holding my breath as to our side of this trade? Could it be to flip for offensive firepower?
  14. Yes, pk, but if they are able to do that, they could have a young core in place, so I could definitely see the purpose in making that move.
  15. Okay, so after I showed my ignorance, and I should have realized and knew that the "mythical" trade freeze was lifted at the witching hour of 8, I suppose I'd be on board with that rumored move? After all, there has been much discussion on here that our 3 needs were goalie(checked off), a 3rd pairing D(he would be that and spare us having to use Murphy) and a 1C. I suppose that my sounding cynical stems from the fact that repeatedly thru the years, I build myself up for the "big" off season trade and NADA. I trust this year has to be, and will be different, so we will see. But it is 9am and nothing yet?