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  1. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    top, you called it for sure. haven't seen comments between this entry and last page, but "puck luck" for sure on that 1st! Almost as incredible as Darls "pop fly bloop".
  2. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Finally rewarded for a game past midnight EST. What a win, rewarded with luck on that 1st goal apropos the city they are in. Sooooo happy for Cam Ward, a true warrior. And the best part for me was the GWG in shootout be a player I've really liked for some time, PDG. I know he seems to be in and out of someone's dog house, and not a big goal scorer, but I've always been drawn to his apparent ethnicity and his gritty facade. Just happy for this win and hope it's sustainable. Onward and upward.
  3. Thought I'd read that Getzlaf was back in tonight?
  4. Brind'Amour should replace Peters

    This is where I place my vote. Unfortunately, after years of this recycled scenario, including poor start of season, then torrid finishes, frequently punctuated by glimmers of hope only to be dashed by reality, leading to early off seasons, a draft of usually later 1st round players, then prayers for some type of sensational "big" off season move, it's easy for us all to go on witch hunts. We need to face reality, given the cast of players any coach would inherit(and don't get me wrong, there are many jewels here) on this team, I'm afraid even a "Scotty Bowman" type would have a hard time getting us into playoffs? There's just some "umph" factor missing, which if one objectively watched last night's game, and could mentally switch uniforms, one could see? And I don't know if it's my increasing cynicism with this team, or what, but I just had this sinking feeling from tip-off, that this game was going to be a "L". Nope, I don't think that the mediocre 1-1-1 record falls on any 1 element, from GM to Coach or players, and truthfully don't know how we can ascribe the failure to Karmanos' purse strings. We've OBSERVED BP make demands at end of last season, apparently from his boss, for some upgrades, namely a goalie upgrade, a D upgrade, another top 6 experienced winger and a !C. We've SEEN RF make good on 3 of the 4, WE THOUGHT. Again on a "hope and a prayer", and a lot of IF'S, we entered this 17-18 season, I dare say for the 8th time believing we'd see an end to this playoff drought. Now, IT SEEMS, for the 7th time, our IF'S are not panning out. This is undoubtedly a good team, not going to question that, but is yet to get over that proverbial hump. the elusive it seems "net front presence" is there at best rarely. D has taken a step back from it's excellence last year. Grittiness appears similar to net front presence, and only is on display at times or for certain foes. And our hoped for #1 goalie is just not shaping up and standing on his head. No, I think this is a team sport, and this mediocre state of affairs is a collective failure. I may be, and probably am wrong, but I just don't think replacing Bill Peters is the answer to this team's woes.
  5. Brind'Amour should replace Peters

    He's responsible for the top notch PP so I guess he's qualified for the head coaching position? NOT
  6. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    While I agree with this sentiment OBXer, and by extension, yours too MisterDobz, we've been clinging to this hope since the 09-10 haven't we? There have been no sustained runs, at least not wins, in that time until we are completely out of it. I thought briefly last pm, that the line juggling Peters worked out was a glimmer of hope, but no, collapse in the 3rd period. I suppose bringing up 1 or 2 Checkers might infuse some magic, but I just have very little confidence that would last?
  7. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Lake, I like both of those suggestions, but I'm just curious of your thoughts in conjunction with your last paragraph, namely "sell at the deadline and make major moves". With the announcement that the Cap will go up this next year, I fear we've lost some of our advantage vs several teams up against the Cap at present. Thus I wonder is RF's "patience"maybe too sluggish?
  8. Carolina Hurricanes Sold (or not)

    What you quoted there OBXer, "I believe we have an opportunity to take the franchise to the next level" specifically is what caught my eye. While it may just be fluff, for now I'd like to consider it sincere, and a suggestion that this owner may be a bit more aggressive, or urge a bit more aggression, than his now co-owner? It would be exciting if he jumps in with both feet and supports a coup immediately?
  9. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Thank you rem, I think this brief summation is where I am in my comparative neophyte stage of understanding of this game of hockey. To extrapolate a bit further, WINNING TEAMS can smugly point to some nebulous attribute, and state "this is our identity". LOSING TEAMS can't, simply from that very fact, namely they are losing and who wants any losing team attribute to what they are known for? Thinking along those same lines, we, as dedicated supporters of our team exhibit similar tendencies, do we not? I mean, when this team is winning, discussions on these boards go swimmingly. When losing streaks or failure to make the playoffs for the umteenth time surfaces, this board(and I'll say understandably) turns into a true "cat fight", where tempers flare. Ergo, Identity and/or single mindedness during good times, but when there is adversity, watch out. Now, I know, several on here whom I respect will read this and think "What is he talking about, there is no comparison of the 2 things he is discussing?', but I'd counter winning makes everything easier, even assigning somewhat nebulous ideas of "identity" to the way a team plays? Now, whether or not long time fans or purists of this great sport want to criticize this team as being "identitiless"(my made up word), that may be true/correct, but only because there are a few outliers who are not buying into what Peters is trying to instill. When they do, and they have, as rem pointed out above, we see a different team.
  10. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Thanks coastal, that was exactly what I was referring to in the exchange with raleighcaniac. And rc, you bested me in your knowledge going back in the 70's, so my hats off to you. Still don't buy your narrow identity categories, and by the way, my referral to "all hands on deck" simply means ALL of team, including the puck playing goalies, are intent on transition. I'll put 1 more question to you, and that is, it is inconceivable to me that BP has not attempted to instill an identity in this team, as impressed as we are told that RF was in his initial presentation to be selected as this team's coach. Thus, is the lack of identity you're so focused on his fault, or the players? Now, projected further, I suppose that argument could suggest that he "has lost the team" but then again, that presumably is on the players, not Bill Peters? Also, on another front, we could be catching a break in the game tomorrow night, as just read over on hockeybuzz that San Jose's already depleted defense just had Dillon, a defenseman, suspended 1 game? We can only hope?
  11. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Aha, thanks for that pearl of wisdom raleigh. I guess that's why announcers I've heard keep focusing on "the team speed", but on the other hand, if in fact all teams have it, why is this a constant comment about this team? So I suppose that if they or we cannot come up with a team motto, ie Whatever It Takes, than they have no identity? Or is it because they do not fit into those 3 pigeon holes you've selected? I've got a catchy identity for you, why not say it's If Pigs Fly team?
  12. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    So, then the next question becomes, if the Board of Governor's meeting results in the rumored miraculous sale of Canes, and if the new owner is truly enamored with his new acquisition, and if he infact wants to spend even more of his money(certainly this would be all our "if" dreams come true, who could be targeted to take us to the promised playoff land?
  13. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Define "short period". And with respect to getting "a new owner in quickly", could we take heart that an Owner's Meeting is coming up shortly, and could we be so fortunate as to hope that a certain sale is announced? BTW, I don't mean to imply that I am against a short period to suffer thru, just unsure of that "period
  14. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    raleighcaniac, just because you mirror all of our frustrations, does not detract that the team is not evolving an identity, that of a fast moving, all hands on deck team quickly getting the puck out of the defensive zone into attack. That they have not had the ability to score is not a fault of their identity, but of the GM for not being able to obtain that final piece to put the entire puzzle together, be it a 1C or someone rugged enough to occupy the front of the net setting screens or capitalizing on rebounds. As pretty much agreed upon on here, that one fantasy 1C is virtually that, a fantasy. Thus we are left now in a Ground Hog Day scenario!!
  15. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Yep. The one question I pose for all who are calling for BP's head, and not sure that's beyond question at this point, but should he be replaced, are you willing to undergo another "make over" for as long as it would take to instill a different "identity"? I'm just not sure that I can go thru 2-3 more years of wishful thinking up to Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays, then waiting for some miraculous fateful pick in the draft that has never happened.