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  1. Better, more healthy food, and some vegan/vegetarian choices. Black and Tan good also to complement/neutralize the former( Ms. Kajun) request?
  2. Jagr's value "putting butts in the seats" interests me none. I'd much prefer "winning" to accomplish the result, and as pointed out, he's trending downward, so not sure why we'd make the play for him? An other element I previously suggested which I've not seen anyone comment upon, but to me, if he were acquired, seems that BP would almost have to alter his basic play philosophy to integrate Jagr into any line, thus IMHO neutralize anything positive this player brings? As to Tavares, seems that we're arguing contradictory concerns? On the one hand, comments have been made by several, and this really does appear to be the case, that he is extremely loyal and a "company man", ergo it would be hard to lure him away from his team. What seems contradictory to me then, if we've agreed on that character trait, is the argument that were we to get him to come here, that it could be for only 1 year? I would suggest, that if Tavares is seeking a hockey player's ultimate goal, the Cup, and were convinced that: 1. The NYI can not give him that chance in the foreseeable future, and 2. He likes the way RF is building this team, and 3. He believes the Canes have a real chance to compete soon, than I would believe that he'd be more than a "gun for hire to the highest bidder". In other words, He'll transfer that loyalty trait to any team with which he signs?
  3. For the life of me AWACSooner, I don't know why you keep trying to trade away Jordan, and to Pittsburgh? He may not be a super stud scorer, but his role on this team is just as critical? OK, if your suggestion is tongue in cheek, than I'm falling for it, But, if it's just dislike for the Staal name, which I get to some degree, than just move on. Besides, who do you think we could possibly trade for on that team, besides the obvious? Just saying.
  4. top, to paraphrase you to some degree on those thoughts, We now are operating with sanity rather with desperation on line placement. with sanity, a player can be better fit to a line in which they "fit", while in desperation times, coach has to make them fit? And Franchise, I commented on another site, that this latest contract the Oilers handed out will be "costly" in years to come with support cast. That's the price they'll pay for gluttony related to several #1 picks. Some may say that they'll take those types of problems, but, is it good management control for the long term?
  5. Lake, I was around during that time, but quite naive to anything "hockey", but I'll give you my take as I saw and was told by a friend quite knowledgeable in things then. Brindy appeared to me to be broken also, and i was told that the team started to divide along "age lines", with Eric leading the younger and Brindy the more veteran guys. Further, my friend speculated something similar happened when Brindy was crowned C following Francis' reign. Now whether any of that was true, who knows, but I thought that an injury impacted Brindy's game as much as anything, and further I could also see how JR's interference in team structure could also have eroded things.
  6. So, maybe this is a dumb question, and I know super dave will be the 1st to let me know, but in regards to Roddy, is a team limited to just 3 coaches behind the bench, the HC, OC and DC? Now I know that there's limited space back there and the trainer must fit in also, as well as equipment manager, but could a PP specialist co-exist with the offensive coach on the bench? Just asking?
  7. What's happening to the drop down? I can't seem yo get into it from main page, and had to come in thru back door.
  8. OBXer, my fondest hope is that when he makes those statements, that he has long ago faded into the sunset. Then he can be as curmudgeonly as he wants.
  9. top, that is exactly what I was stating back a few days ago, when I wrote, If Greenberg and group don't consummate this deal, we could be in for some real trouble with anyone else seeing the quirkiness of this owner(or a paraphrase of that).
  10. Thanks for thoughts and wanted to correct an error, I of course meant PK not JK!! Thanks for not correcting my brain fart.
  11. I've held out weighing in on this subject as I'm certainly no business man or have the knowledge to debate this issue, but I've had thoughts on one facet that I want to throw out. And I know top has weighed in with the thought that the slow emergence of Karmanos' "gentle" rebuke is likely just good business dealing(do I have that correct top), but their is an additional concern I have here. I suspect that very few on here, and certainly I count myself among you, are experienced in dealing in the rarified atmosphere in which these multimillionaires and billionaires live, thus do not know their quirks(ok, I have no clue who communicates on this board so there might be 1 or 2 of you lurking, so please forgive). My comment though continues with that disclaimer, that hopefully what is transpiring doesn't sully the deal for 1 or several investors we are led to believe are involved, by Karmanos' pestilence, thus putting in jeopardy the entire deal? I mean, sometimes these shall we say "privileged" individuals think they are humorous with remarks, and as we've experienced on more than one occasion, he's not comical worth a darn!! Next, lets play this scenario out a little further. If the ballyhooed deal falls thru, where does that leave this team? More precisely, what other investor{s) would be interested in being jerked around by JK? Just a little food for thought in this slow period. Come on October.
  12. What a beautiful inspiration legend? Thanks for putting it up for us.
  13. Show off!! Wish I could be there with you.
  14. Good, as didn't want to get my hopes up too high!!
  15. Is Gravely plugged in to sensitive details, or is this just filler fluff? Would love to believe, but seems as if our local media leaves a great deal to be desired when comes to hockey news? Just asking and maybe he's more dependable that Chip or those bozos on 99.9, save for DG?