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  1. rem, 1st read the Hodkinson thing and let me know your take. Most of his statements/facts are true, but to connect the dots IMHO is the classic true-true but not related? For one, he seems to conclude that COVID-19 is no worse than Influenza? On the use of RNA for vaccine, I have not digested it enough to answer how its presence if I understand it, is self limiting, but I'm going to research? Nanoparticle delivery is also foreign to me, but so is is hockey in many aspects, haha.
  2. On another POSITIVE note all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and stay safe.
  3. wxray1, how did you know Ms Kjun is one, that's creepy?
  4. Had to think long and hard on this rem, and you've really put me on he spot?? Some deep reading I've managed to do on pathophysiologic effects on this "novel" RNA vaccine are just as challenging as understanding the "novel" coronavirus disease itself, and as you know, despite tremendous worldwide focus by both it seems preeminent scientists as well as AI, I firmly believe WE still do not understand the complexity and scope of the virus or its disease. Also rem, throw in opinions like the Canadian scientist, Roger Hodkinson, whom my wife read about to me, a world renown virologist who is apparently debunking the majority scientific opinion about COVID-19, calling it all a "hoax", and this insane debate continues. delivers vs non-believers. As an aside on the Hodkinson stance, and please read it to form your own opinion, MANY statements he makes are correct based on what little I know, but IMHO, where he loses credibility is when he strays outside his renown and certainly laudable expertise, into areas in which he has no knowledge, namely patient care where I defer certainly to you. But, back to your thoughts on vaccine, if I understand the premise of this new RNA based vaccine, I think I've read that there's a sequencing code in the RNA strand being introduced in the composition that eventually "turns off" its production AFTER it has initiated its antigenic effect to elicit the desired antibody in the recipient? Now , mind you, this is my extremely ignorant way of trying to understand what I've read, so might be completely misleading, but if I'm even close to correct, the short term nature of this vaccine stimulus would seem to argue against any carcinogenic propensity? And, as you state, on short term basis, I intend to take the vaccine as quickly as its available to me to take but then at my age, I doubt that any deleterious effects will occur? Besides, while in the military, and in an immediate combat ready deployment category, I had to be current on all worldwide potential infectious disease vaccines, so I'm no stranger to them? Hope that helps?
  5. Yes, 100 million doses with option to purchase an additional 500 million. Happened in July I believe?
  6. Don't think so, we're the guinea pigs. I believe they are 2nd phase, but don't quote that. I will find out soon.
  7. Actually rem, and I've volunteered to be in the planning group for this county(Sampson), the vaccine is anticipated to be administered at present in 4 phases. 1st phase will be Medical and Long Term Care workers. 2nd phase are those "at greatest risk" being defined as having 2 or more serious diseases. 3rd phase will be teachers, students, etc with propensity to need closeness to conduct business. Then final phase is all others. AND, to complicate that I'd have to think, is that is the present plan, BUT with governmental leadership transition and its divisiveness, as so many things COVID related, WHO KNOWS?
  8. I thought the same thing bdc. Personally I would not want to pick up a goalie based on the hope that he'll perform exceptionally in playoffs, as even if that is a possibility, we'd have to get in 1st. Thus, if Quick could not hold up his part during the regular season, he'd not get an opportunity at the end. Another factor against him is the fact that more than likely, if things play out as being projected, the schedule will be compressed meaning "backups" will likely be pressed into more action this year than is customary. So no to Papa Quick?
  9. All right, I'll play along. Who are you referring to here Cff and I hope its not another The Russians Are Coming???
  10. Aw shucks, why? Lets just settle this right now?
  11. top, I find this reasoning insightful and agree with it all. I wonder if I might offer one thought to yours though which through the years backed me off being overly critical of JR. If I recall, you were a Flyer's fan before coming over to the "good side" but truly that is not germane to this thought. The thought I've had about JR's conduct during the establishment of this team (1st 10 or so years) was that it was an uphill battle in an extremely unconventional Southern market. I mean, after all, BASKETBALL was king and NASCAR was not far behind whether we like it or not. And I add affectionately that Mayberry was the image most outside, as well as many inside, imagined about the market. In that less than fertile market, I can't fault JR for trying to generate fan enthusiasm with some "sizzle". Staal and Ward provided that and moreover, once established, JR's hands were tied to attempting to keep them at the expense of exercising decisive culling of those with with "tells", a luxury I'd submit is easier in an "established market" like Toronto, New York, Montreal, Boston or even Philadelphia? Now surely that doesn't carry over to Faulk, Hanifin or Skinner. So there's that.
  12. bebopar, certainly your observations are all valid, with the exception of the one gocanes has just referred to, but surely you realize that the part of the sentence I point out shows that the situation today has drastically changed from when those moves to which you have angst seemed optimal? Retrospective thoughts are often more optimal? Certainly reversing them appears extremely complicated and will involve substantial ingenuity, and I would suppose keeping Vatanen in mind could be a godsend should things go way south with Dougie although I really don't think so. As far as other solutions remkin proposed, all I'll comment is, Strange times can result in off the wall solutions.
  13. You wouldn't of course, but nevertheless, thats the way it is? Here's hoping "The Russians are coming" does not include Kovalchuk?
  14. We're about to finally get rid of one Russian anchor, why do we want to add another?
  15. Gotta love, thanks rem😁
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