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    In my opinion, the key to retention of and rejuvenation of Jeff Skinner's career with the Canes is his relationship with Brind'Amour. Surely Mr Skinner appeared to lose all drive toward the end of this past season, as well as it might be with his deployment under Peters but I've got to believe that if ANY coach can find a key to his psyche, it will be Brindy. Add to that, the excitement of bringing in a Svechnikov and likely Necas plus pairing Skins with better talent, and I hope that spurs him to excel in his contract year. Not only that, but what I'm hoping and preying will be a playoff unit.

    Kaiton on the chopping block?

    Rather than put Chuck out to pasture, or whatever the powers to be want to do, I wish they'd do 2 things. the 1st has been a constant complaint of mine, for oh, just about forever. Not sure how many this affects, but surely it has to be broad, for many east of I 95. Please someone increase the signal strength of 99.9 The Fan. It is so frustrating to move east of that divide, only to have some station in Wilmington bleeding it and lose the latter part of that program as I travel home from games. Or to the contrary, try to pickup away games on radio. The powers to be seemed to solve the problem several years ago, but don't know what happened just recently? Maybe the Wilmington station up and increased their signal strength, IDK, but just wished the problem would resolve. The other wish, is I'd like someone to replace that Patrick whoever with a presence not quite so defensive and utterly offensive in his condescension. I realize that seasons like we've had for several years make it hard to tie a bow around a pig's tail, but come on, Mike Maniscalco always found a way to glean a little positive from the oft dismal performances. Come to think of it, put Mike back at that spot if he would take it. As for Chuck, meh.


    Thanks realm


    Someone elsewhere mentioned a goalie for Switzerland as looking good in the IIHC World Championship? Anyone see this and would he be worth exploring, or does he belong to someone?


    I don't like this trade simply from the fact that I fear we might be tinkering with delicate chemistry between Pesce and Slavin. Granted Pesce is not as valuble as Manson APPEARS to be, but might he be the secret to Slavin's skill. To me that's a very hard question to answer, and Slavin may do well with anyone, but if my fear comes true, than not only have you lost the one, but you have altered the other? Now I realize that both players were tried with multiple, and also that their play did not live up to 16-17, but it always appeared to me that Slavin played more comfortably with Pesce.


    YES, and was rookie of the year at that.


    Jared Coreau, just going to put that goalie out there. Detroit prospect and "lost his way this season", sound familiar? Could be we could take a flyer on him and score big, or another flop?

    Off-Season 2018

    top, this is the way I have always thought about the issue of "toughness". There's absolutely no reason, in my mind to have "goons", head hunters or the like, if everyone, and that means everyone will take issue when a teammate is run. Larose, bless his sole and not to get into that controversy again, but he was that kind of player(vividly recall him doing that with Chara). Should Skinner choose to leave, or if he's in fact mentally reached that point, I'll always believe that so many of the dirty hits he's taken, AND NOT HAVE ANYONE WATCH HIS BACK, are the primary reason for that? And when Justin as well as several others mention something like "there"s something wrong in the room" as much as anything, I believe it's this issue of not standing up for one another. Just one other reason I believe Brindy can reformulate this team into a winning culture, because I believe he reeks that attitude.


    What is this blurb over on Canes Country I'm seeing about a Finish player, Saku Maenalanen joining the Hurricanes? Wishful thinking or what? Any validity to the report?


    Good points, Lake. And if I had to guess, I'd bet that Brind'Amour has his finger on the pulse of this as well as any other front office resident?


    I'm with top on this issue, despite the "3 sided comparison". Obviously NONE of us can know the entire story, nor can we know the exact issues that caused him to fire/dismiss his agent, or even the context of the characterization "disillusionment", but there was also the reputed demand that 1st season after he was drafted that he play in the NHL? As I seem to constantly pontificate in these situations, and sorry if I keep beating this dead horse, but we fans are exposed to bits and pieces of all these players, similarly their coaches, etc. I believe we formulate things about them based on whether we "like or dislike" each for whatever reason we judge, some more informed than others based on play, toughness or an infinite number of things. For instance, I've not had a positive view of Faulk because of something I HEARD that he sharply berated one of the equipment guys who handed him the wrong stick!! Then, as his less than adequate defense unfolds and I begin to notice more and more blatant mistakes, all add to my dislike of him and my insistence he be traded(in truth, I wouldn't be upset if he is traded). A friend who rides to every game I attend with us loves this player, thus isn't impressed with as many breakdowns as I see. So, my conclusion, the mind sees what it is prepared to see. Thus, is Hanifin one who suffers from a sense of entitlement, therefore to be considered for trade, or does he continue to develop and will become a valuable team player? IDK


    This is indeed distressful news, top. I have really held out hope for Scott and thought he could begin a turnaround at Worlds, particularly seeing who he was up against? Now, IDK.

    2018 NHL Draft

    Yes, you are all correct, and my faux pas. Writing up too many church minutes at the time, I was both cross eyed, as well as not thinking straight. I just don't see the KHL phobia with Svech as he has played in Canadian league, unlike some who come straight to NHL from their homeland. And, haven't I seen that he's following the Canes on some type of media? I believe he's a solid stay here.

    2018 NHL Draft

    top has posted a concern which I think should be considered. That concern being Svechnikov's apparent size. Do we believe that, as well as his acclimation to a longer NHL schedule, will not hinder him? Is his speed a deterrent to having to go against the muscle mass he'll undoubtedly be facing every game? How to avoid the predictable "head down " intro that someone will welcome him to at this level, vicious or not? Some time spent in the AHL may help to acclimate him to smaller rink, but as I understand, the AHL players are just a bit more dangerous? Skinner did great at start until our friend Doug Weight leveled him. Hope I'm not being overly concerned on these matters also? Necas also in this same consideration?