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  1. Very much doubt this, and quite frankly I wouldn't want him.
  2. Golden Knights for 1 apparently who are said to be at $83.1 mil presently. Lets see, do they have an extra goalie we could take off their hands?
  3. Okay cc and thanks for that clarification. Let the Good Times Roll?
  4. That's exactly what I'd read, gocanes. And rem, I think I'd read somewhere that the Cap will be set in the next few days? Seems they should do it prior to draft, no, and that way allow for some moves being made around draft? That would seem most humane, but perhaps they aren't interested in "humane"?
  5. Or goalie and a prayer as the case may be, realm.
  6. I concede these very good points gocanes, but after a taste of a year in which the goalie question took a back seat, I pray there's a plan B as rem calls it as I surely don't think Ned is ready for a full NHL season, and God help us if Darling comes back? Let me add that if M & M leave, I hope DW is formulating a plan to move up in the draft and pick up Spencer Knight?
  7. I hope you're right top, but who pray tell will we replace them with, Bob (no way)? What concerns me is that both seemed to fit, now we'd have to get guys in, if they go, with whom the team has not meshed. And on top of that, we've got no goalie coach who might attract some goalie on the market. Any way you cut it, I don't see this as a positive development, unless their agents are just posturing or media is over blowing the situation?
  8. In other good news, Flyers sign Hayes, so there's that?
  9. May not make sense, but if both are gone in my opinion, that will be devastating no matter who replaces them. As to your comment, legend, it was my understanding that the reason we presently have not bought out or made some type of move in Darling's case is some type of stipulation that a team must have 3 goals on their payroll? Don't understand that but that's what I'd read.

    2019 Draft

    just saw this gocanes, thanks. One question I have is, if team B offers that And we match, does that obligate the player to his matching team, or could he go ahead and take team B's offer? I guess in that case, the compensatory picks remain even though we matched? Also, a team such as the Canes with a lot of Cap space doesn't appear to be as vulnerable as some, but I guess that an offer sheet, although it does set terms, so in that sense could be good, however they might not be the ideal terms right. For instance, in Aho's case where team B might offer $10.5 mil X 5 years, Waddell might have been ready to offer $9.5 X 8 years? As you say "negotiations aren't had". Am I looking at that right?
  11. I read that article top and "serious problems with reading comprehension" is, to me, a little overstated? While I followed and agreed with your reasoning above, and the immediate jump to pay a blossoming player how do you phrase it, "fat stacks", somewhat reminds me of the axiom "what have you done for me lately", that article left me thinking that a bridge deal vs a long term, multi year early deal is a crap shoot, that is, some work out and others backfire? I do like the reasoning that a bridge deal somewhat is a "show me" type of carrot, but what I took away from that article you cite is that depending on the atmosphere, the player could begin to resent being maybe taken for granted and/or taken advantage of, and would like to make up if you will in the next contract? And I say, "depending on the atmosphere" because I would think if the player/his agent does have a good relationship with the GM, than that might offset some of that building animosity? Certainly the other route, a long term maximum year deal, is to gamble a great deal on the initial glimpses of the player banking that his early trend will continue. The risk here is that the early play will not continue to escalate and subsequent play will be overpay, but if the great play continues, then there is great bargain in later years? So, in summary, the article left me with the impression that either salary tract can be a risk. I very much agree though that ever mounting salaries are laid at the feet of the owners, who then scratch their collective heads and have to go thru work stoppages at that point to rein in their ill advised spending. We the fans then pay the price for reckless extravagance? For those on here who've never been through a lost season, believe me, if you think Apr-Sept or June-Sept are "dog days", you've not lived until you go crazy during a lockout. You just do not want to know. So, these darn billionaire owners need to consider some plan of restraint in order not to have to resort to collective bargaining, and maybe if more would use the "bridge deals" in approach to salaries, than the NHL will not get into the range of these idiotic baseball/basketball salaries?
  12. rem, I have no problem with those thoughts, and feel that Aho should be paid appropriately for multi years. I do however wonder and am concerned for Sebastian's slight frame, despite as you've pointed out, "doesn't get hit much". Refamiliarizing myself with playoffs, after our 10 year hiatus, it was indeed sobering to witness the violence on display that I'd forgotten about. Many small frame players do weather the storm, but $8.5 mil or whatever is the eventual figure, is at risk. That fact is sobering?
  13. top, Your analysis is spot on and thank you for it's objectivity and thoroughness. At least to me, it underscored the durability factor required of a 1C, particularly if he is the major scorer on your team. I'll be sure to read the article you've cited too.

    2019 Draft

    However, if offer sheeted, and he accepted, at least doesn't that then set where negotiations would start for Waddell? And as a corollary, aren't we the only team who can give an extra year, so would lock up the player for one additional year at that rate? Or how exactly does that work?

    2019 Draft

    Thank you for clarifying that Bonivan. Although disappointing, potentially drafting that far down (I say potentially as they might trade up, hint hint), it would make for a very long night. And as Ms Kjun just noted, last year's was a fiasco and probably need to take a year off to regroup? Oh well, can't wait for this coming Friday. On another note, am I the only one who's disappointed that Aho is not resigned? Seems that if so, Waddell would have a much clearer idea of what he could do in trade scenarios, a "lynchpin" of sorts. That and Williams' decision seem to me to hold the key to any and all moves?
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