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  1. Re Fleury, I believe what we witness with RBA's criticism of him is a back handed complement if you will, that Rod knows he can be better, and wants to push him to those heights. To my eyes as everyone seems to agree, he never looked out of place at this level, just had awful bad puck luck, but once he starts having pucks going in, we'll see an upsurge in them from this player.
  2. I'm late to the Honka party, and have/had not read anything, so with that preface of ignorance on it, could it possibly be that it could involve Honka for Faulk, then Honka for Kase? I mean, Dallas might not be in the 15 NTC for Faulk?
  3. Yeah, right, stop acting like a town clown and start making throws. Concentrate on football rather than style, which ain't making it.
  4. I'm certainly thankful that Charlotte is as far away from Raleigh as it is because the stench of the current Panthers team is overwhelming. Not sure what ails Cam, but he's neither accurate with his passes, nor is he mobile. A long season for them seems to be in store.
  5. Yep, If it's good enough for my Captain, it's good enough for me.
  6. I, like you AWACS, would like to believe the altruistic nature of this impasse by the Canes org, but I just don't know?
  7. Just saw that OBXer and its a little sad, as I always liked Saku. But those are the hard choices we thankfully have to make now?
  8. Don't you just wonder what the trigger point in Faulk's decision is, and what elements there are in it? I mean, are there advisors in it (agent or more), is it $$$ or term, waiting in case more teams join in, attachments here, family considerations although I've never heard he's married or just what? The ideal for all concerned would appear to be to consummate the trade and get everyone settled in PRIOR to season start, but then WHO knows? If true that other teams have joined the fray, then it would seem that strengthens our position and/or at least give the player other teams to choose from that might not be on his restricted list? Just pondering and waiting for the next shoe to fall.
  9. That is interesting Lake, as top researched and says he found 2, mentioning one in the AHL (like you show), but only 1 additional. The 2nd, from his account sounded blatant, I believe he stated that some player stomped on his head (see top's comment 10 hours ago above).
  10. From what I've read AWACS, and the Ducks hope for his progression, that would be a non-starter for them?
  11. Thanks for that insight cc, telehockey if I can call it that, often times misses the finer points of the On Ice product and thus outrageous conclusions? But then, we all are aware of the nuances of "statistics"?
  12. Cff, so far we are getting nothing UNTIL Faulk waives his NTC? Lets not count our chickens just yet.
  13. Of course he would be, why would he not? His agent is handling any and all discussions, meanwhile Justin is putting in his time to be in his best shape, no matter if on the East or West coast.
  14. Agreed upon between the 2 teams perhaps ironman87, but long way from done until the player accepts?
  15. Check. I'm wondering what might be going through Justin Faulk's mind right now? If the chatter is true, the salary proposed this July by Waddell for him is vastly different than what he/his agent expects? And while he did clean up his deficiencies last season, the bigger question is whether or not that is permanent? Then there's the question of his decreasing effectiveness on the PP, and in my eyes, perhaps only mine, but his oft repeated inability to hold the blue line during a PP such that the entirety of it (PP) has to be reset? So to me, the curiosity I have is WHY does he choose Anaheim as a team to which he doesn't want to be traded, and would he rethink that if offered closer to what he/his agent thinks is his worth? Balance that thought against the long simmering fact that the team he's grown up with has apparently been trying to overtly trade him, and as a person, how does that leave you feeling?
  16. Amen to that top!! On another note, Rutherford must be hitting the CBD too often again, as he is said to have commented that with the team makeovers to date, that this team currently RESEMBLES the one that won the Cup in 2016. I'd answer that by saying "resembles"is a stretch, and only because Crosby and Malkin remain does it resemble?
  17. It has, but Ive not seen one trade materialize that I THOUGHT or was heavily rumored to happen? They almost always come out of left field?
  18. Likely had enough of Canadian media roasting, and we offer a friendly harbor. I 2nd that AWACS, GOOD.
  19. Yeah, and Jets may be putting in a bid for Faulk as well?
  20. Anyone else seeing Elliot Freidman reporting Faulk possibly being traded to Anaheim? Not sure if that's confirmed?
  21. Maybe so, Cff, but still a non-cohesive group? Thus hard to form a team that quickly?
  22. I recall that situation also hag, and how Pens fans were incensed. And I too don't know the penalty or fines or whatever that occurs if a team exceeds the Cap?
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