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  1. Classic Brindy "We have guys that have the COURAGE TO MAKE PLAYS". that's the postscript to saying, Goodbye Hanafin, goodbye Lindholm, and MOST especially, GOODBYE JEFF. Retrospect is the B word.
  2. Maybe the ice cream was a way to see if there's lingering concussion symptoms, you all know, 'ice cream headaches"?
  3. You know, the thought occurred to me today that what we've witnessed for several games now, that is to come out slow for 1st period, then gradually build to a crescendo could be Rod's subtlety brilliant way of preparing his minions for this game 7? I mean, undoubtedly Ovechkin and his followers, on their home ice, will be on fire to start. If we can withstand that initial adrenaline surge by the caps, reminiscent of my favorite movie's best line (Braveheart), which was "Hold, Hold, Hold, Hold", then up with the spears, we could do this? I Believe

    2019 Playoffs

    For me rem, that changes the picture substantially, particularly since everyone I have read prior to this "fight" has indicated that Svech is a "fine young man". Now I know that statement does not necessarily equate to a "saint", but it is what he seems from our granted biased view. I've tried to give Ovi, whom admittedly I despise, the benefit of the doubt, acceding to the possibility that Svech could be impulsive and easily baited into a fight in the heat of the moment. And Ovechkin has been in the limelight amidst several admirable humanitarian stories, but his flagrant "just to the edge of dirty" play has always bothered me. So between what appears to be a completely opposite accounting of the fight, and now his flat out stating that he "saw the puck" last pm, when no one, including myopic Torontonians, did, kind of sways me further to the feeling that he relishes and expects special treatment?
  5. Well Guys, surreal that we now have a Game 7 against The Stanley Cup Champs (or Chumps if you are a Caniac). Let that sink in. Went to the game last pm, and just now getting back to these boards (had to savor for awhile). Just a few thoughts. On our way home listened to John Forslund, as I'm sure many of you did on Aftermath, who made a point that TYPICALLY antics from other games leading up to Gm 7s, stop, and teams play much more under control? Should that be the case, my thought or question is, Can The Great 8 reign in his warped mind? I have always, hear me, ALWAYS despised this player despite his scoring expertise, and this series just underscores for me the feeling that I've been right on with those thoughts. How many of you are sick and tired of The Media fawning over the Caps? And these Reirden comments over how injuries have hurt his team? Guess it's his attempt to play out a mindset of "underdog" for his team to rally around? Hopefully he isn't so ignorant as to believe that Oshie's lone injury in any way compares to 3 of our top 6 players being injured, on a team no where near as offensively gifted as his?? And of course with respect to our top 6, there's always the suspected injury limiting Aho to some degree? So onto Game 7, and what a triumph that is, icing on the cake of a year which has witnessed cataclysmic changes in the Carolina Hurricanes. One game at a time, one period at a time, one shift at a time. Make it happen GUYS
  6. Here's my present conundrum, and apologies if it's been mentioned previously but our internet went down last pm, and I am not going back to wade thru 15 pages. According to Svechnikov, "he feels great". This kid is characterized by all as a great kid. Certainly he learned a lesson and likely feels badly for "letting his teammates down" in a critical period, or I would think some form of guilt? That, youthful enthusiasm and any of many emotions may be driving ANOTHER poor decision? His livelihood, his brain and his remaining life could be in jeopardy if that turns out to be as bad as the decision to fight that gorilla wearing #8? Undoubtedly, there would be a tremendous boost to the arena energy should he come back Monday, BUT would it be wise? IDK? While it could swing huge momentum to the team's side, is it fair to put this 19 year old emotion filled KID in this position?
  7. Thought the same slap, then again I have problems with ambiguity and flow of thoughts. Seems like a huge deck of cards though? Best we just do like we're hoping the team will do with this last game? Must be something in the water?
  8. C'mon guys, we've got to do than just hold serve. gotta get a win in their barn and no better time than tonight.
  9. These damn homers keep talking about Oshie? I'm just so very sorry about him, but what about our 3 players, including Svech? Guess they don't count?
  10. These guys need to get their heads screwed on, very tentative?
  11. So there you go for all who thought the opposite. Now we seem to have 2 different versions of this fight, who are we to believe? A player who's demonstrated time and time again that he's borderline dirty, often leaves his feet on hits and has his reputation at stake, or a neophyte player who's just learning the ropes, has had very few if any fights and has been frequently said to be a class act? I know who I believe and he certainly doesn't have GREAT attached to his name.
  12. Guess that's a good sign, and wondering where his recovery is on the scale rem just posted?

    2019 Playoffs

    Thanks for all that rem, very enlightening. As an aside, I'll bet the NHL makes "vague rules" as much to protect their own rear rather than each concussion is individual? A thought I've pondered, I'll bet that Svech's presence in a game with Ovie goon could get him off his game quickly? And further, I know we've discussed ad infinitum "the fight", and I suggested there possibly could be cultural issues at play, but as an admitted neophyte to this beloved game, I've ALWAYS understood that there are many embedded "codes" in hockey, and specifically I'm pointing to those understandings concerning hockey fights. Thus, other than those that just instantly unfold and therefore are more the heat of passion, the more cerebral fights had a certain Code of Ethics shall we say, to them wherein a more experienced obvious heavyweight would just brush aside a rebuke like Ovi experienced? That fight would be the equivalent of pitting a heavyweight against a middleweight? I believe part of the dynamics was resentment of the "master" for his eventual "successor", and that was the fuel that caused Ovechkin to lose his cool? But then, what does a Cajun know about anything but crawfish and Abita beer?
  14. I wonder after Game 6 if the fans could celebrate our players with a skol clap? Seems like it would be "full circle" then?

    2019 Playoffs

    Hockey gods don't take kindly to mockery?
  16. Why? Now, I don't harbor any ill will toward him, however I contrast his reaction to the overturned goal, and that of Brind'Amour's extremely animated reaction and I'll just say that I'm glad that John Forslund now seems the water purifier system?
  17. You misinterpret my meaning, or perhaps I was not clear? I didn't mean that causes of the 2 injuries were similar, more so that the effects were potentially season ending, and although Svech has not returned, if he does so, it would be just short of miraculous and a tremendous boost to team spirit. And top, I'm not so sure that most everyone's assumption that "Svech did ask for it" is accurate? For one thing, few of us know, much less understand the cultural innuendos that could be operative here. We view the events thru our cultural bias, ignoring the possibility that how we perceive the interaction could be very different in their culture? There's no doubt that Ovie is greatly revered in his country, but we for instance know that in the old Soviet Union, there were many pockets of huge hatred for the ruling power. Do not for one second believe that those submerged feelings have disappeared. Now I don't pretend to be any kind of expert on Russian affairs, but I'm just suggesting that we saw the hostility between these 2 many, many times but I'm just not sure how exactly to frame it. Also, we've heard Ovie's side of the fight. Have we yet heard Svech's account?
  18. A couple of things. 1st, anyone else having deja vu to the parallel between 05-06 with Cole and this year with Svechnikov? Possibly not quite as dramatic, but it has crossed my mind and boy would that be something? 2nd, I hope that if Fogs is targeted that our players would pick out one of their better players, like Backstrom and return the favor, tit for tat. Finally, what has been apparent to my eyes, which many of you have touched on, is the fact that we seem to be the much better conditioned team, which certainly should come as no surprise with our HC.Now I'm unsure if it is strictly our team's conditioning or the Caps are wearing down due to their extended 17-18 season but while the 2nd is being touted as the Caps forte, I've really seen a sag in their energy in the 3rd. Maybe that's why they bear down in the 2nd? I know I indicated "finally" but one more thing. While my heart is definitely with all on here BELIEVING that we can win this thing, I am more than a little worried about our attrition? Full strength I really love our chances what are we down now, 3 or 4? Svech, Ferland and Martinook with DeHaan only part way back? Of course, Brown, Saarela and any other AHLer could bring new found energy, but I just am concerned that this intense physicality could take it's toll?
  19. This game is the ultimate SHOW ME scenario. The punks that call themselves hockey fans and their goonish players are deep into the gorey elements of that fight, even stating that Brindamour instigated it by telling his players to ramp up the ugliness? Typical, totally don't know a thing about this team, Svech or Brindamour? The team is at a huge turning point which can truly solidify it, or else "go quietly into the night". And I further agree with many before on here, IF we can persevere in this game tonight, I have to believe the series is ours. And make no mistake, that bond between us fans and the players, forged by the Bunch of Punks celebrations of The Surge CAN become even more significant tonight thru the energy our players feed off of us when we are united in spirit and our patented noise level. That energy was palpable Monday night and although I cannot be there tonight, I'm sending 2 in our place to bring it. Please, please extend this so I can once again be amongst you all this coming Monday.
  20. I'd forgotten realm that you have more insight to the Checkers than most on here, so thanks for that, but I still believe that Vellucci has his finger DIRECTLY on his team's pulse closer than anyone. I'd hope he is the one steering this call up, so I trust that given the situation, this is his call. Knowing how Brindy defers to his Asst. Coaches and for sure Bales on these matters, I just have to think thats what's happening here?

    2019 Playoffs

    Every thing is bigger in Texas, isn't that how the saying goes?
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