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  1. McGuinn coming up for arbitration tomorrow, hope they don't have to go to this.
  2. Well there is that Lake, but as you say, WHY?
  3. The point you seem to miss here,Cff, is HE HAS TO BE PROTECTED, thus he could not be selected? Doesn't matter whether or not he would waive as he would never get the chance.
  4. Then cover them with Slavin/Pesce?
  5. Excellent analysis rem, and I guess the team, particularly the D is at a major crossroad of what I'd call, the plight of our wealth on defense. The D pipeline is about to burst with decent to good defensemen who have been percolating in the AHL long enough to be a benefit to some NHL team/teams, and some decision needs to be made on them and soon. Pesce, Slavin and likely Hamilton > Faulk are the backbone of our defense, and I agree that 1 or 2 of the youngsters need to be integrated for cost containment. I also agree with your's and coastal's analysis of Faulk, but my eyes are jaded I suppose enough to make me cringe every time he loses the puck on the PP. His defense has improved and he is a tremendous puck mover, which is absolutely necessary if we are as focused on SPEED like our recent acquisitions suggest. Not to derail this great discussion, but could someone please give me the factual cost of our buyout of Marleau? I've read in multiple sources, figures anywhere from the $3 to 6 million, but thought some of this was prorated? Also, clarify for me how long we carry this burden, again please. My understanding on the matter is that a team can only engage in 3 buyouts, correct? Presently we have HWCNBN, Marleau and ? for I thought about $10 mil? Marleau is for just this year, MWCNBN is for this and next year and then there's the 1 other I cannot think of?
  6. With the way Brind'Amour raves about Jordan top, I don't see this at all.
  7. Seems like that's what he's renowned for anyway, haha. No way, no how on him.
  8. Okay gocanes, like OBXer was asking I guess, does this include JWilly's present salary or not? And if it doesn't, and we anticipate that he will require what, $4mil to sign, would that then exceed the Cap? Course, in the short term, I believe I'm correct to say that we can operate over cap until the season start, correct? And if that's correct than there's still space to maneuver, right? In other words, a trade could then put us back into compliance? One additional question, how many contracts are we carrying now and are we close there?
  9. Bingo, CFF, just wondering where the "singing" was and the tune associated with it? Just a jest.
  10. rem, I like that because by my reckoning, that would be 100 points?
  11. A thought on Ryan Dzingle. If ever there was an area and culture that matched a player, it is Raleigh and Ryan Dzingle. Think on it, a player who confirms that the feeling about him was that he could not compete in the NHL, and the town and area of Raleigh which is perpetually derided as a "hick town" not appreciative of hockey. A match made in heaven. Welcome Ryan Dzingle. Shortly when we know your #, I intend to order a new jersey.
  12. Not following your thoughts here rem? Are you thinking Haula and Dzingle do not equal DeHaan, because if so, as much as I loved DeHaan, I just do not agree. DeHaan was great team guy, and really brought a steading influence, but the potential scoring by these 2 new additions, to me, more than offsets CDH. Sorry
  13. Little while ago, on HockeyBuzz (yeah, yeah I know), but was reading on reshuffling of the scout deck in Detroit. Man, I hope we've got more scouts than what is talked about there OBXer, because if we don't, Detroit's is about 3X as many? For years I was aware we were "light weights" in the scouting department, which never made sense to me if our Cap budget is on the light side (which I know presently it isn't), but wouldn't it seem reasonable if an organization wants to cut down on total salary expense, that you'd want scouts out there to find the diamonds in the rough, and thus have more of your players on ELCs? How else are you to do this except thru a cadre of scouts?
  14. That would be a good bet, that's why I'm reserving my opinion. While it is possible that toward the end of the season he was angling toward a large salary to bring him into retirement, if that was the reason he backed off, it backfired on him. Vancouver may regret a 4 year contract?
  15. As with so many things, we shall see? May be excellent BUT he was having mounting fragility issues and his playoff period was forgettable.
  16. So rem, if I may summerize, unless we bring in some gritty player or Gautier can make the transition (and hit), our season of becoming more physical was short-lived?
  17. Oops, just saw you've posted this OBXer. Did so on Off Season thread but would not have if I'd checked this out?
  18. Ryan Warsofsky, new Head Coach for Checkers. Apparently youngest HC since 2000. Glad to have that piece in place, now on to a goalie coach.
  19. top, I was going to answer wxray that I didn't recall JWilly hurting his shoulder, but he'd suffered substantial injury to his knee. Honestly did not as vividly recall all the rest of his myriad injuries, just that at the point of his eventual trade, some thought his playing days could be over? Thanks for re impressing me with his amazing resiliency thru his career. No wonder guys look up to him in that locker room.
  20. Few discussions on Nikita Gusev from Golden Knights, some suggesting we should look at? Thoughts?
  21. Thank you wxray, very comprehensive coverage of a complicated topic. It was why I felt that, despite what appears to be fans of Winnipeg grousing about Laine's back problem, possibly even labeling him as a malingerer, this man deserves their complete support rather than snide criticism. It's also why I believe a team such as the Canes could possibly get a steal, presuming his is amenable to therapy and not the much more destructive issue.
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