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  1. But top, didn't the puck hit the Bruin in the back and then the ice?
  2. I begrudgingly agree, but the hand pass issue should have trumped all and play stopped?
  3. As Doc Holliday said in my favorite Tombstone movie, and I will paraphrase, NO BY ALL MEANS DO IT.
  4. Got to stay away from the dang penalty box and not let Boston get that going.
  5. As JF use to say(sigh) Steady Eddy!!! Keep it up as we need the 2ndary scoring for sure.
  6. Dzingel with hit on Chara, thats the way to get out of the dog house? Well here we go with a penalty?
  7. Wonder what happened in the space of what 12 hours? Could they be the victim of a dreaded "false positive test"? Or is it a physical ailment?
  8. Just read over at CanesCountry that Sami and Justin "unfit to play"? What crap is this?
  9. Its called "gamesmanship", get in their coach's head early.
  10. Could be Flip of the coin, OR who of the 2 can get going the quickest?
  11. Thanks go, I don't think I was getting FS Carolinas last night and had to go to the NBC affiliate. Also it seems that my DirecTV plan that I paid for and didn't receive full benefits due to COVID, was not broadcasting which angers me?
  12. Two ways ti look at this unfortunate delay. The positive way is that it gives Dougie one more day of rest and the ice should be better this am than last pm. The negative is that this delay could cause some mental stress, but that in itself could work both ways? Hope the team got plenty of rest.
  13. To what/whom are you referring to here rem? I did not catch the draft drawing so this might be self explanatory?
  14. So, someone remind me please, what channels are Mike and Tripp broadcasting on? And wonder if Forslund gets to do ours?
  15. Not sure but wasn't there already one scheduled later in this series? Thought I saw that?
  16. Question, not pertaining to our game, but what are thoughts on the exhaustion of these 2 goalies, and does this cause a goalie change? If so, which of them has a better backup?
  17. I was afraid of that my friend. Not sure when I have to go in?
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