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  1. I missed where we stopped talking about two-way contracts and started talking about two-way names. Nobody has mentioned Cam Ward (unless you count caniac23's sig). Do I have to put up his picture? Anyway, I object (like anyone cares) to using a person with two last names (Jordan Staal, Anderson Cooper) as an example to justify a person with two first names (Michal Jordan, Craig Anderson).
  2. I think the same rule that would make Michael Ryan have to clear waivers before being reassigned to Albany also would make Sutter NOT have to clear waivers because he hasn't played in enough NHL games. Calling Sutter's reassignment a "conditioning stint" might have been intended as a face-saving move for Sutter. If the Canes want Sutter to stay in Albany longer than two weeks, they might not have to do anything other than shuffle some paper. That's assuming his junior team doesn't have a claim on him. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is a completely different set of rules for conditioning stints.
  3. Lavi's solution for a leaky defense was more offense. That works if you don't have a leaky defense. Otherwise it can get scary. With a veteran defense (Mara, Redden, Rozsival, and Kalinin are not exactly young) that knows what to do without a lot of coaching, Lavi can work wonders.
  4. I don't think JR will bring in a player from outside the organization and pay $6M. His pattern in the off-season has been to spread money around to lower-tier players and hope one of them will overachieve. So, out of Babchuk, Melichar, and LaCouture, only Babchuk is still with the big club, and JR probably considers that $2.5M well-spent. I do think, if the team has a great January and creates some separation in the standings with Pittsburgh, Florida and Buffalo, JR will look to rent a second-line player for a playoff run. I'm not sure whether it will be a center or winger. For this team to make a run in January, either Brind'Amour or Williams will need to break out. The one that doesn't break out could use some help. The nice thing about staying below the league's cap is that you can rent a player without moving one of your own.
  5. "I happen to think this team is better than where we sit." Why make an excuse for an individual game when you can make an excuse for your entire season.
  6. I wonder to what extent the schedule is contributing to the inconsistent play. We have 16 games in the month of November with 3 back-to-backs and only two stretches with 2 nights off. I think it is really hard to play with great effort every night when it seems like you are literally playing every night. For the rest of the season, we don't have more than 13 games in any one month. I am optimistic that we will see another late season surge, but I hope it won't be too late. Last season, the hell month was December when we had 15 games. We only won 6 of them. That result obviously put us in too deep of a hole. So far, we've only won 6 games this November, and we have 3 games left. If we win all three or even two of the three, I'd say it was a good month. If we lose all three, I think some heads will start to roll. Win one of the three? Let the grumbling continue.
  7. I agree about HD broadcasts on NHL Center Ice. They don't look any different than the SD broadcasts. The only chances I have to watch the Hurricanes in HD are when they play on Versus (once this season) or when they play the Capitals and I can watch it on CSN. My cable TV provider doesn't offer FS Carolinas. If they did, I would get it. I'll take HD every time no matter who the announcers are. I even watched the the broadcast of the game in Montreal in French because it was my only choice.
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