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  1. I know it's only the preseason, but so far Kaberle and Pitkanen are doing an excellent job of watching the puck whiz by them and into the net! The O is also doing a great job of not shooting the puck, just like last year. The boys from Charlotte must really like playing in Charlotte, because they did a great job of not trying to be in Raleigh. No wonder they played so well against the Jets in Charlotte. Of course, I could be blowing this out of proportion, because Nashville, Columbus, and Winnipeg are going to be atop of the standings and we it's just the luck of the draw that the Canes are playing such superstars. I'm really not naive enough to believe this option, so it must mean the Canes have A LOT of work to do between now and Friday. Thank God for Cam and Boucher.
  2. Can't wait to see what happens with this when the B's come to town on 10/12. I guess he was too drunk to know what he was doing. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Brad-Marchand-confirms-his-Stanley-Cup-tattoo-wa?urn=nhl-wp13420
  3. Section 322, Row B, Seats 5&6 Face value is $42 each, but I will sell for my STH price of $27.50 each, or $55 for the pair. Games only sold in pairs. Tampa Bay - 11/1 (Tue) Florida - 11/29 (Tue) NY Rangers - 12/1 (Thu) NY Islanders - 1/3 (Tue) Anaheim - 2/23 (Thu) Florida - 2/25 (Sat) St. Louis - 3/15 (Thu) Winnipeg - 3/30 (Fri) Email me at vance203@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  4. I didn't see this coming, either. Maybe that sweet goal vs the Leafs on Monday night helped tip the scale. It was a beauty. Maybe this is will elevate his game. I hope he can change my mind about him. The folks around my seats have heard me yell "send him to Charlotte" more than once. I personally would have thought there would be plenty of other rookies before Jamie. Then again, I'm not all that familiar with rookie defensemen stats, so he really could have been next in line. Either way, I'm excited to see another Cane in the mix and wish him the best of luck during the skills competition and for the rest of the season. I wouldn't mind limiting my "send him to Charlotte" remarks to just Joni.
  5. I would have thought that JR would go after a good defenseman, since it's no big secret the D needs some help. Of course, this could always be part one of something much bigger. We'll know in time. However, looks like Patty O will have play his A++ game tomorrow night. I bet this is why he got the nod to play...to see what he can do in relation to the new guy. I checked out the Ducks message boards, and the concensus is they're a little shocked over there. Regardless, whether he's going to be another Ruu or Jussi, or a dud, the others will definitely be stepping up tomorrow. We'll know in about 30 hours what this change is going to do. Welcome...T-Bone (as he was referred on a Ducks post). Good luck!
  6. Wasn't one of the issues with Babchuk that he wanted a couple million to play? That was the same problem with Dennis Seidenberg. The only difference is that we should have signed Seids at 2 mill. He's put up similar numbers as Pitkanen (D-man with the most points, currently), with a much better and Pitkanen gets what, 4 mill? 3.5? Babchuk doesn't need to come back. It would make about as much sense as bringing back Aaron Ward a third time. He sucked to no end before we traded him away. Neither would have anything good to contribute. Babchuk shows improved defensive "skills" (based on the stats), but against what kind of offense? He's not going to play for a million bucks, so I think we should avoid the headache.
  7. I've never had a problem, not that I talk to them much. But the times I have needed ticket rep assistance, they are very prompt and friendly.
  8. Problems is Leighton is on a one-way contract. So if nobody takes him, Manny goes to Albany. This doesn't do much for Leighton's morale (knowing that he was put up for sale), even though he'll have more to prove, so I wouldn't expect all that much ice time for him in the near future.
  9. What a joke! This kid is trying harder than anyone else on the team to score. Sure, the defense stinks. Sure, there are now serious goalie issues. But we have no offense! And the one person trying the hardest is going back to Albany. Granted, with a little more experience under his belt, he could have had 6 or 7 goals the past 2 games, but at least he had the determination that seems to be lagging this season. Can we send Aaron Ward to Albany instead and keep Zach a few more games?! Yes, I know A Ward is defense, but refer to the first line of this post. Something's better than nothing. He could go back to Boston for all I care.
  10. That was an awesome hit...and against his former team, which made it even better. Alberts seems to be a really good addition to the team.
  11. I'll be there on Friday. I don't know anybody with extras. The last I checked, upper level is sold out.
  12. Mine were waiting for me at the front door. I can't wait, though I'm not a big fan of this season's slogan. I can only speculate it was either "It's A Caniac Thing" or "It Was NOT A Sucker Punch." Since Aaron Ward is back in town, that left only one option. Let's go Canes!
  13. Saw Tuomo and Joni at Gold's Gym at North Hills this AM. Glad to see them back in town, because that means it's almost hockey time!
  14. Today, I'm thinking of ways to welcome Patrick Kane and the rest of the Blackhawks when they come to the RBC on 1/30. I guess it would be a little overboard if people threw dimes on the ice. Regardless, this is getting me through my withdrawals today.
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