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  1. He is having problems right now because Carbo is playing with the lines almost daily. That is why I suggested Whitney, Williams or Samsonov. The guy can still play. You have to understand what it is like being up here. You can't do anything without it ending up in the paper. Especially the French press. Front page. "Kovolev goes to bathroom" pgs 22,23,24 etc... It is unbelievable sometimes. They stakeout in front of these guys homes 24/7. There is a reason players do not want to play here or get fed up quickly. I really think that he would thrive in a "Small Town" in the hockey sense.
  2. I like LaRose. He leads by example. He's a fighter and never gives up or slows down. As a big bonus. He'll smack someone in the mouth if needed. This may be Staals team, but LaRose isn't very far behind.
  3. Opps, just a typo. That will teach me not to read before posting. Guess my typing needs work?
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