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  1. We havent won 4 in a row since the beginning of the season. Lets change that on Thursday!
  2. This road trip may have been a blessing for this team. With the injuries that happened in Toronto, and the changes made at the deadline our chemistry was messy. It was obvious in the Dallas game and while we were better against the Avs, there were still issues. Montreal was a mess at the start but we clawed back a point we probably didnt deserve. I would like to think practice time and team building between Montreal and Flyers helped us. But we hit a hot team and could not pull out anything in Philly. The point is the time away from home seems to have gelled us. We also have been infused with some energy from Geekie and the leadership of Williams. Amazing Williams has 8 goals, tying Staal and Dzingel. The guy is something else and I am so glad hes found his game.
  3. nice to see the stars lay an egg so far against the rag dolls
  4. Would anyone agree that Williams is back and fired up for the stretch run? I think his leadership is showing now.
  5. I was at this game! From my live vantage point, could tell the Canes were much more in sync defensively overall than previous games. Forsberg also was solid. I got there early enough to head down where the Canes come out for warm ups. Ive always loved Martinook but I have so much more respect for him. As he came off the ice, he stick tapped the glass to all the fans standing there in a gesture of thanks and lets get em today. There was also a family with signs asking Skjei for pucks as it was their first game and he stopped by and gave them 3! We can get frustrated with our team but they are really a good bunch of guys and it made the win on Saturday that much more enjoyable! Lets hope this was the start of a run as we saw amazing things on Sundays game.
  6. yeah but stuff like that gets exposed all over
  7. how did edmunson win a cup playing like that
  8. i feel like he would be better suited on the 4th line
  9. he would have gotten a penalty if he did
  10. Mrazek joined the team according to Pierre so maybe he gets back out for practice soon
  11. why cant we skate the puck up ice.
  12. He eviscerated Ned but fails to mention he has 96 minutes of nhl time. Oh wait where did Hart come from last year? The AHL too bozzo brain
  13. I love Millberry writing us off so quickly.
  14. Rod sounds like he did in November 2018 and December 2018 when they were good but not winning.
  15. watch the somehow luck of the irish islanders beat the Bruins tomorrow. Otherwise Iwould say we have chance of moving within 2 pts of them tomorrow if they can actually beat Montreal tomorrow. They need to make hay on this road trip or the season may be lost. we have won on the road recently so maybe thats good?
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