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  1. wasnt he not the main person while with the Trash?
  2. cbj in the playoffs. Montreal eliminated. We need 2 pts tomorrow to guarantee 7th. Doubt Ottawa can beat CBJ. I know we want more, but the Rangers beating Penguins? Eeek
  3. oh well. just win tomorrow so at least we know we wont face Tampa. Although, I kinda want too just to upset them in the first round and really go in with no one thinking we have a chance
  4. Rangers holding the fort, SO FAR, against CBJ. We are 20 min of Rangers holding a lead from guaranteeing 1st Wild Card.
  5. toronto won. i assume they wont go back to Anderson tomorrow. Their playoff position is set. However, we need to take care of business and hope Montreal loses. We do not want it to come down to the final game.
  6. there were several plays last night where he just stood around at the blue line and didnt not help his team defense. I fully believe this is one big reason Canes did not want to keep him around.
  7. I think its important Montreal lost.
  8. montreal now only has 11 games left. They are 2 pts out but if we can rack up some points this weekend, it will really make it tougher on them and also seperate them from the below cut line pack.
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