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  1. I would see what's available through ticketmaster directly first before using a broker/exchange or use the swap meet on this message board...that would be best. 130 is a great section, would definitely recommend. There are no restaurants close to the arena, so nothing I can really recommend. For parking, use I40 and take the Wade ave exit. Follow to Edwards Mill, it's easy to follow. Parking is not difficult and no area is really that much better than another. You will want to watch your route as you exit. I find that more tricky than entry. Good luck with your plans and GO CANES!
  2. So, Canes look hot lately, but then today Pens, Rangers, & Canadiens all win...ugh. The Canes can get in the playoffs, but need to take care of their own business and scoreboard/schedule watch once April gets here...if necessary. For the Canes to take care of business, they first need to take out the Rangers at home tomorrow and then get 3 points (or more) on their road trip this week. This puts them at 80 pts with 11 games to go and 8 of those are at home. This means going 7 and 4 over the final 11 to then reach 94 pts. If the Canes get it done in games they should and in those against other 5-10 teams, they will get those 7 wins. These games to win are: 3/20 NYI 3/23 FL 3/25 OTT 4/2 NYR 4/4 PIT 4/7 NYI 4/9 BUF Accomplish all of this and the team finishes with 94 pts which should get to the playoffs. Not impossible, not easy either.
  3. Hey njdevs, I am a transplant to NC from NJ and highly recommend that you make the transition here if you get the chance. My family really enjoys it here, some definite adjustments, but nothing bad. The Canes organIzation is good to the local fans and you will find it difficult not to be a Caniac once settled here. On Durham to Raleigh, it's probably somewhat like Newark is to NYC, but on a much, much smaller scale...and my best friend lives Newark. If I were you visiting, I would probably stay in downtown Raleigh and rent a car to get around. Don't worry about driving here...with what you're used to there is no traffic here...just try to relax the NJ driving . For seats at the RBC, if you can make the 3/18 game against the Devils and want to sit in the lower level, I strongly recommend section 102 for you. This puts you in the section that runs alongside the devils bench. For $20 more face value you can go for section 103 and be directly behind their bench. As stated before, there is not a bad seat in the house and it has a really good atmosphere. I sat through numerous games in the dreary box in East Rutherford that the devils used to call home, the RBC was a welcome change for me. Prices here may shock you in a good way. Looking at season ticket packages, you could get a full season package in our lower level north for the cost of the same seats for a half-season package with the Devils. Hope this helps!
  4. Leighton will likely get a start against either Chicago or Dallas. Might be nice to start him against the Hawks since he was in their system and may play with a bit of a revenge factor.
  5. Right on dj! The symbol on the front is a helluva lot more important than the name on the back! Go Canes!
  6. caps L flames L lightening W rangers L blackhawks L Stars W caps L devils L isles W caps W panthers L sens W devils L 5-8 overall for the month. Just not good enough to get to the post season. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Others have to falter for the Canes to get in as they sit in 10th, so they don't control their own playoff destiny at this point. At this point on trades, it's a guessing game. Not much movement around the league, so maybe it's an economics issue. If the season for the Canes continues with not much change in personnel, then this offseason will bring a refurbishing in the Canes house.
  8. LOL sounds about right. Problem for the Canes is schedule. They have the most difficult schedule of the teams fighting for the last 4 playoff spots. Even if they bring in a big acquisition I just don't see it happening this year.
  9. Quite possible. Guerin was pulled out on Saturday and to be moved on Sunday, but something fell through. With the Canes performance Saturday, backing out would make sense and Guerin will be headed elsewhere. If Guerin is headed to the Canes, it's a terrible move, seriously we'd be pushing a SNHL team (senior). Do they want Ronnie to suit up again as well? And on the blockbuster or sell options, I say SELL, SELL, SELL like a used car salesman, JR!
  10. Ownership and mgmt need to recognize that the playoffs are not going to happen for the Canes this year. Most likely, the Canes will finish 10th. If they somehow get in, it will be due to others' problems such as injuries and not that they earn their way in. This team will not make noise in the playoffs. Other teams are going to load up for the playoffs...have you heard the rumor that the Caps may pick up Backstrom from the Wild...can you imagine!?! 5 games that got away and define this season for the Canes: 11/1 Edmonton; 11/6 Caps; 12/11 Flyers; 2/3 Vancouver; 2/28 Atlanta. Could add the 1/15 Toronto when the Canes came all the way back and did not manage to salvage at least a point at home. Take these 6 games that we gave away late and get the 9 pts (at least) that were ours (3 reg wins and 3 reg ties) and think how we'd be talking about the playoffs! We'd be in 4th in the conference. Faltering late in games supposedly led to a coaching change, but that change did little to change results. It is time to make major changes in personnel. It could actually be a blessing that the team choked against Atlanta because the decision makers have 4 days to get deals done. With the asking prices for quality players this year, we could get great returns for our parts and put together a team for the future. Whitney, Cullen, Corvo, Ruutu, Gleason all have great value this year. LaRose, Seids, Brindy all have some value. No one should be "untouchable." I just made a 30% downpayment on my future with the Canes, I'd like to see them return the favor and build to have a competitive team during at least one of those 3 seasons!
  11. Ironman, I think you are onto something. Staal and Cole were inseparable and Staal has not been himself this season. IMO, JR needs to go a different direction. I'd rather see a trade for Wolski from the Avs than bring back Cole. I'm sure that Staal can get going with wingers other than Cole...and if not, that's an entirely different problem! Plus, Ruutu for Cole does not fill any holes, it just swaps players and any holes in the team remain.
  12. With all of the Sutter family experience in the NHL, Brandon has seen how it works and has a great support system. He had a good attitude with the Canes, his role, and learning the NHL and should have a good approach to continuing his development.
  13. I'd like Wolski and Hannan from the Avs. Don't want any of their mid-30s guys. Watching the Avs play on Sunday, I had thought it would be interesting to trade with them since they have size and grit that the Canes lack. The Avs are looking for a PP-QB, that would mean sending them Corvo. The Avs may also be interested in Bowman because he's from Littleton, nice to have a hometown star. They are apparently looking to reduce payroll a bit. I doubt that JR would add close to $5 mil in salary, so someone else would have to be included as well.
  14. Admittedly an imperfect analysis, but it gives a decent picture and as a season wears on it balances out across goalies. It's what I've used because the information is accessible and I've yet to find anything better. What you are getting at is what I identify earlier in the thread and what I try to watch during the game. Does the goalie stop and control the shots that he is expected to be able to stop? Those are shots from outside of high quality scoring areas that are consider the responsibility of the goalie to stop and control. I would guess that Barasso breaks this down for Cam. I am not proficient enough to have this broken out or to believe I could do it to a professional level, but it would be great information. A lot of this is like asking who was better, Roy or Brodeur. Those who go to stats will say Brodeur and those who look at the team will say Roy because Brodeur benefits from the Devils system. Since I don't trust my subjective view enough on this one, I go with stats.
  15. Did a quick schedule check for teams in the EC currently 5-10 for the rest of the season. I counted games with current 1-4 seeds (either conference) as dififcult; games against 11-15 teams as likely wins; and games with 5-10 teams as toss ups. Here's what I got for the rest of the season: Team LW Dif TU Montreal 9 5 8 Rangers 6 7 8 Panthers 7 7 9 Sabres 8 6 8 Canes 6 8 7 Pens 7 6 8 I'm estimating that we will battle the Rainjas for 8th and the April 2nd game at the RBC will be big. Unfortunately, the Canes have the most number of games with current 1-4 seeds out of these teams fighting for the playoffs. The wild cards are how the Sabres play with Lalime in net and if the Canadiens will continue to freefall.
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