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  1. You can look at almost every postgame quote video from January and February and see the players saying that every game is a playoff game. With that said, why aren't they playing like its the playoffs? Why isn't Mo ripping new *EDIT* in the locker room? All we hear from the Coach and GM is how close the games are and that Carolina is playing well - are they delusional? Is Mo standing behind the bench talking to the voices in his head or actually coaching the team? Getting outscored 15-2 in your last three home games sounds like he doesn't coach *EDIT*! Its time someone within the organization starts being realistic with everyone - players, media, fans... I would love to hear someone say that the team isn't playing without heart and consistency and challenge their teammates to raise their game. On a side note, when the hell is Mo going to play Leighton? Last time I checked Cam wasn't superhuman, all these starts have to be wearing him down somewhat. We've got a great backup, lets give him some starts and see how the defense responds.
  2. After last night's horrible performance by #17 I figured I would check out the message board and see if others had the same feeling I did concerning Rod. After these first couple of games with Mo behind the bench its clear that we have made some improvement from where we were at the start of the season. What is still lacking is the normal perfoamce we used to expect from Rod. Someone earlier said it would be rediculous to bench the captain - I completely disagree. Benching the captain would be sending a clear message to Rod and the team: perform up to expectations or dont expect to see the ice. Look what happened to the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago after McNabb was benched - huge improvement from McNabb and the whole team. Different sport but still the same message. Its a shame that Rod would not retire for the sake of the team - he has always prided himself on his work ethic and I think that will keep him from ever retiring on his own terms. The coaching staff needs to lookout for the team and start playing Rod on the third line with a lot less ice time. He can still be used for his faceoff talent, his leadership will still be present, and his offensive/defensive problems during regular play won't be costing the team wins. On a related subject (because Rod is on one of the power play lines), what the hell is Francis doing during practices? He's supposed to be improving our pathetic power play and all its done is get worse. Maybe this is because Rod is on one of the lines or maybe its because Francis has never coached before and he doesnt have a clue how to do it. We've had too many games where a good power play would have given us the goals we needed to win. I hope that the team can make some changes and the little problems that seem to cost us games will start going away. Are you listening to your fans Mo???
  3. I've got to echo the sentiment of "caniac247" in that a lot of the responsibility of the team's bad performance lies with the players. That being said, it is the job of the coach to bring out the best that each player has to offer. Judging by the team's recent games we are no where close to seeing the best performances by our players. There really hasn't been a game this past month that we really deserved to win. Our players, with the exception of LaRose, look sluggish compared to other teams. We're content to just dump the puck in and let someone else chase after it instead of using a little skill and carrying in the puck. The team isn't creative when it comes to passing and creating scoring chances - its like they all forgot how they used to screw around during a pickup game. As far as the defense goes, nothing is working at all. The team made some big moves to bolster the defense and it looks just as bad as it did last year. I think this is an area that Lavi inst so good in and maybe a coaching change could help bolster the D. With the team already looking pretty bad and on track to miss the playoffs I think its time Lavi start motivating his players a little more. He can start by benching some very non-productive individuals including Rod. Maybe after a couple periods sitting on the bench they will be more inclined to put out and start playing like we expect them to.
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