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  1. have they left yet? or is that time still "estimated"
  2. i just got back from the cools bar & so i havent been able to keep up with the message boards, but... when do the canes come home & where can i get information about their flight? so i can go cheer them on!!!! thank youuu
  3. saw our boy rhino at nordstrom yesterday he was in front of me in lineee treatin the lady very nice then he came into my moms bank the next day.
  4. There are always going to be disappointing games in the playoffs, especially from the canes.. we all know. But -- we also know how to bounce back. I know we're a different team, but okay.. Doug Weights penalty in Game 6 & then coming out HUGE in Game 7 of the '06 run.. Eric Staals last few seconds goal in the 3rd period against the DEVILS in '06 & then us winning in overtime.. being down against Montreal in '06.. you all get the point. We can do it & the guys in our locker room know they can too. I'm not worried. We can take Game 2 & hey, even if we don't... they're coming home to US in the RBC Center where the crowd will be absolutely CRAZY & where the devils don't get much luck, at all. BELIEVE!!
  5. A friend & I saw Rod Brind Amour on the highway after a canes practice, & tried to keep up with him.. too bad we were going 90 mph & he was still getting furth away from us. Tim Gleason shops at my dads Harris Teeter all of the time. My dad always tries to talk to him & they're on a first name basis, but i think it's because my dad always has a name tag on
  6. soo i like erik... dont get me wrong BUTTTT WHYY TRADEEEEEEE WE OBVIOUSLY GET RID OF PLAYERS(COACHES) FOR A REASONNNN WHY DO WE ALWAYS MANAGE TO GET THEM BACKKKK!?!?! SEEERRRIOOUUSLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!?????? it is completley beyond me whyyy we cant shake things up, but our necks out there and make a bigg freakkingggg trade.... i mean common lets trade and get someone big down here... whats it gonna hurt?! but noooo why do that when we can trade for the same players... over... and over... AND OVER again!!!! all i gotta say is wow JR... woooowwwwww
  7. capitals w flames l lightening l Rangers w blackhawks w stars l capitals l devils w islanders w capitals w panthers l senators l devils w sooooooo going on the fact that we seem to manage wins out of good teams but uhh cant seem to win againt those teams who are garbage.... we'll see how it goes... realistically in order to make the playoffs hahah.. we can afford like four l's in march.... yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  8. HUDGEEEEE MISTAKE!!! the kid works his tail off at practice evey time hes by far the last one on the ice pratically killing himself to prove he wants to be here and what does he get... sent back to the minors REALLY??? BS BRO!
  9. ammmennnnn!!!!! we defeniltey need to make a big trade '06 we made a trade for reechi and weight defeeennittlleyyy a bonus for us in the playoffs we desperatley need that move again!!!
  10. well 9 away games... 11 home games left... 4 points away from 5th 6 points away from 4th idk its pretty up in the air at this point the canes are very, very inconsistent we can beat good team some days... and then loose against teams we should beat... *cough *cough ottawa we're better on the road than at home... each coming up game is crutial if we can just get on a few game winning streak and catch montreal or the rangers i would feel alot more comfortable going into the stretch...
  11. yeah hes defenitley been working alot in practices... infact every practice ive been to latley he's been one if not the last man on the ice...
  12. i agree, he has been working with tom barrasso a lot at practices lately.. & definitely has a lot of potential. they need to play him more often.
  13. i'm most likely going to be at the game friday night! unfortunately, the canes are 0 for 10 in the last ten games in a row my dad has been too.... ugh......
  14. alright well lets see we got florida historys good... W colombus W buffalo... good game hmmm L boston L islanders W lightning W avalanche W ottawa W buffalo... lets get a W atlanta W idk hopefully something like that im kinda iffy on the last three but hey im gonna be optamistic because WE SHOULDDDDDDD be coming out with at least 7-2-0 coming out of febuary but hey lets just get it done 9-0 YEAHHH LETS GO!
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