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  1. First, let me say that I'm not exactly defending JR's decision, I'm as shocked as your all are, but come down off the ledge. We need to remember that the boring Paul Maurice hockey we remember was BEFORE the lockout and rule changes, and that he got us to the playoffs and the Stanley cup finals with teams which were substantially less talented than the roster we have right now. We also had fewer man games lost due to injuries during those years. Yes, Paul Maurice didn't set the world on fire in Toronto, but he did have a few prima donna's to deal with, and the general circus that that organization is. With the exception of a few players that play like mary's, I don't think we have any real prima donna personalities on our team, and no media circus. So, when we beat the Penguin's by 3-2 tomorrow night, I'll just remember that under Lavi's system it would have been a 3-5 loss, and I'll feel better.
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