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  1. I'll be there tonight and Sunday, sect. 123 - love the possitive vibes. GO CANES!!
  2. Good afternoon, all. I have been a silent observer on the message boards for some time now and figured this was as good a time as any to make my first official post as this is huge news for the team. I love this team and want only what's best for it. And while questioning the decisions that were made by JR with respect to firing Lavi and re-hiring Mo, I for one, will NOT be taking my furstrations on our old/new (what other organization can you have this situation??) coach by booing him this Thurday vs. Pitt. Even though he is not the first choice most of us would have made, with all our infinite wisdom (ha-ha), we still need to get behind him and support him and the team so maybe we can start winning some games - especially at home :-D ! On another note, I am HUGE Willy fan and can't wait to see him back on the ice with the team.
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