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  1. It is time to look at Management, this was never PL team. Time for the GM to step up. Maybe he could visit Congress and get a bail out!
  2. Let me make sure i have this right! We fire Maurice, we hire Peter L, the Leafs Hire and Fire Maurice, and we hire him again after we fire Peter L? It is time for Canes Management to step up and take responsibility! This is Rutherfords team that he has put together. When is somebody going to knock on his door? When the seats are empty? Maybe he will go to congress and ask for help. I know it is cheaper to fire the coach than it is to fire the players who don't really understand that they have a contract and an obligation to give their all when they hit the ice. They don't even bother to stop and sign autographs for the fans anymore except for a couple of them. So much for community involvement and fan appreciation Maurice is a loser and is not what we need here! Where is Daniels,Put Francis out there, put Barrasco out there.Rutherford couldn't do better than this? Put him out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of the CONTRACT WITH THE FANS bull they pulled a few years back. If they keep this loser my 4 season tickets are done after this year and I will go to see my other team when they come to town. GO Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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