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  1. Same here. I'm locked at attention and facing the flag. I can't stand to hear folks yelling out during the National Anthem...I have a near Slapshot moment every time: "I'm listening to the *edit* Is it too much to ask to take your damn hat off, put down the beer, and give your flag a couple minutes of your undivided respect?
  2. Thanks. I'll try not to let the 'rabids' run me off the board. Three would be tough...especially if they raise ticket prices again after missing the playoffs.
  3. I'll throw my vote in with the NOT SNEAKY camp. Let's plan ahead to go crashing headlong into the playoffs. Now if somebody will please let the team know that we've discussed it and we're not willing to negotiate.
  4. Babchuk reminds me so much of Malik in the season before we let him go...big, slow, always just a stride outside/behind the play. No, I don't think he has to hit to be effective, but he needs to use his size and at the very least stretch out, put that big stick in the mix and dig some pucks out. He's always just standing there, flat-footed, lurking outside the action. And just like Malik, he'll wake up after the trade and kick *edit* for somebody else.
  5. Have we covered shooting at least once with a man advantage? We may also need to address a lack of shots with a TWO man advantage. Looking much better even strength the last couple of games, though. And Staal finally looks wide awake...must have seen one of those 5 hour energy commercials.
  6. Same here...Mo would not have been my first pick, but then again nobody asked me and I'm pretty sure I won't be looking at a consulting fee for the next round of talks. BUT. You have to admit, we are looking much better. We are carrying the puck and shooting a lot more (even strength, anyway) and the D is...they are...well, it's pretty much literally a different line up game to game. They'll just have to figure it out as they go!
  7. A class act. And a damn good coach that will probably be getting offers long before he gets bored being a stay-at-home dad. I wouldn't be moving soon if I were him...I can think of plenty of worse cities than Raleigh to spend the winter months!
  8. Braden is good people and a great artist...all you caniacs should see him for any ink. Glad you dig the CD. I'm not responsible for any speeding tickets caused by listening while driving!
  9. Sorry about that...I thought everyone would be able to get it from myspace, but they have changed their player and the rules along with it. Now you have to be logged in to download. Anyone that wants an mp3 of the song can PM me with their email address and I'll send it out. I'm really hoping to do a better version soon with a live drummer...I just need to figure out a way to squeeze in an 8th day one of these weeks.
  10. Skate hard. Carry the puck. Shoot the puck. Finish checks. No? Have a seat, somebody else may be willing to make a consistent effort. Oh, and defense, you guys are supposed to be between the attackers and the goal. If somebody is parked in the slot, you may want to anticipate that they are waiting for a pass or rebound. Where do I pick up my stick of gum and clipboard? Nevermind, I'll settle for a consulting fee. Are they at least watching video and saying, "Ugh, that was terrible. Let's not do that...that is bad. You see that thing that the other team just did? Yeah. We should do more of that." Move up the line with all the heart, let the 'superstar nonproducers' sit a few shifts.
  11. I can't argue with that... ...mostly because it confused me!
  12. Thanks. And just to clarify...I mean in case you have any doubt at all...I would like for all of you to, 'Stand Up'.
  13. If Lavi had been driving the bus in the right direction, he would have never ended up under it.
  14. He can't stay healthy because he literally kills himself for this team. I'll take that grit over ineffective (and basically invisible) leaders any day of the week.
  15. I can't make it tonight, but my wife one of her coworkers will be making plenty of noise in section 113. I'll be there Sat for sure!
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