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  1. The problem is Karamoneys is worried only about the bottom line, couldn't find his +*+ with both hands when it comes to hockey. JR is sacless and does what ever he is told, thats why he scrapes the bottom of the barrel, they come cheap. Letting Lavy go, needed a fall guy and a scapegoat, those two don't have enough nads between them to accept responsibility. The only thing Lavy did was bring a winning attitude, a family atmosphere and ....what was that thing, oh yeah the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, Canes fans will have to deal with an inferior product for a while until things change at the top and downward. Remember the old adage, a fish rots from the Head down, and this organization stinks now!
  2. Karmanos is a classles jerk. As the Canes continue to slide, and they look closer and closer to not making the playoffs, PK needs another excuse. He can't throw RF or his "boy" Mo under the bus, JR firmly attached to his rearend, so lets throw the guy responsible for the SC under the bus. What a piece of *edit*!! Public and personal persona different, no *edit*, don't we all do that to some extent in our jobs?? WHat PK fails to realize that it was Lavi that brought that family atmoshpere to the Canes, increased the buzz with the fans and gave back to the community, because thats who he is. Maybe he was different with PK, becuase he realized early that the guy is a clueless, classles jerk who does not really care about winning only about the bottmline. The guys ridiculous, the fact is do we blame Lavi for keeping people on lines too long or did he get let go due to the fact that PK thought he knew better and demanded Lavi do some of the completely inept moves last year into this year. Summarily, PK is a over-controlling *edit* who needs someone to blame for the crappy product he has put out the ice. The buck passes here!!!
  3. He's an idiot! What happens behind the scenes? I've seem too many ?? on moves that Lavi made and Mo has made to think he is not trying to futz around with the on ice performance. When the Canes had continuity and played with passion, we had somehting. Now it is all about CYA and playing for a contract. Unfortunately the worst has yet to come. CaniacsHubby, you missed the point entirely, the dump and chase got us the cup 2 years ago, should we change it up a bit? absolutely, but MO dont know how, why not truly support the guy that got you the cup and let him figure it out, not pull a Millbury (idiot squared)!
  4. We did and we fired him!! As far as Toronto goes, whose fault is that?? Lavi's a class act that will have a job within a month, JR needed a scapegoat and someone he could kick around until Francis is ready to coach. End of story!
  5. Legend - I am glad someone else can see exactly why Lavi was fired. JR does like to be talked back to even when his plans are not working (see last years debacle and this years line mixes - so transparent - definitely not Lavi). Trying to hold a lead was never Lavi's thing, and the Canes aren't made to that anyway. If they keep pushing then they can play with anyone, but JR is so control oriented he wanted it his way or he was going to hold his breath until he turned blue. Thats why he needed MO back, no back talk, no new ideas, same old dump and cover and hope we can hold the third. I am going to start watching basketball again!
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