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  1. It should have been obvious by now that we have a block of swiss cheese in goal. After a third consecutive year out of the playoffs, you'd think there would be sufficient blood at the ticket sale window. At what point does it change? Ward is clearly not performing, and should be with the River Rats. Now, it looks like the franchise will become unsustainable before the necessary changes happen. I'd hate to see the loss of a franchise simply for the sake of continuing a bad decision.
  2. This is in fact a business, and as a business, maybe they need to start getting paid by us, their fans/employers, based on a plan of "PAY FOR PERFORMANCE". I think the free tickets we'd all be getting right now are long deserved. PS...if it sounds like I'm dissatisfied with their (as Mike Myers put it) tippy tappy kind of hockey, you're obviously observant. If you don't go to the net with a big stick and a big bag of knuckles, you don't got dinky doo...
  3. There's a problem with scoring, true enough. But when a team can be ahead 5-1 (granted it was Leighton in goal that night), and still lose the game, it is time for a goal tending reality check. Ward is a pretty spotty goaltender with flashes of excellence. In goal, flashes aren't good enough, you have to have consistency. Fact of the matter is the Hurricanes lack heart, and it goes top to bottom. You can see it in the way they fail to attack the net, the way they fail to finish checks, the way they miss passes and pass too much... and in the way the goaltenders let in bloopers. They simply are sloppy and accept that style of play, at all positions. There is no fire in their belly, and it shows. They have the talent, but it's presently going to waste. Ask yourself, what would Babcock do? And then remember that Hasek, (easily a better goalie than Ward) retired because he said he lacked the required motivation for the RedWings...and that's how you win games.
  4. Bottom line, teams that are not capable of making the playoffs for multiple consecutive seasons are subject to termination and transfer to someone who cares. You don't have to win the cup, and you don't have to even make the payoffs every year to be an entertaining team with fan support, but when your team becomes a joke, the eventual end of the franchise begins to take shape. Just like the Whalers from which they came, there comes a point when season ticket holders get harder and harder to find, and there are plenty of places with managements that would love to have an NHL franchise if this one doesn't care enough to play at the NHL level, and who would put their hearts into it.
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