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  1. yes, you should be very grateful. they earned it. i've got no playa-hatred for the canes' cup, just for the ducks'. i've been following the sharks since they came into existence when i was a kid. 18 seasons when this one's over. here's hoping one team gets crossed off that list this season.
  2. i sort of dig the canes alternate logo better than the main. except it's actually a tropical storm flag, and not hurricane flags, right?
  3. have you ever seen the "gumbusters" epsisode of "dirty jobs"?
  4. 1. bad grammar 2. slamming doors or letting them slam 3. the entire city of anaheim and every sports organization therein (the mighty ducks of anaheim, the los angeles angels of anaheim...)
  5. right on. i'm tired of the retirement/unretirement saga, and i do think he's embarassing himself. by the way, cane fans.. the carolina panthers are my favorite nfc team (raiders are my afc/nfl fave), and i'm excited about j-stew.
  6. hey canes fans! first post on your boards. i have no hatred for the hurricanes, and i enjoy talking hockey with anyone, so i hope you'll welcome me. right on. except they won't move ehrhoff. most likely they'll try to dump mclaren and his salary on someone desparate enough... atlanta maybe? i think he/she meant doug wilson, not ron wilson. doug is sj's gm. i bet you're happy to have boyle out of the division. i'm happy to have him in sj, especially since campbell clearly didn't want to be there.
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