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  1. Jordan staal is one of the best penalty killers in the league. He can also play On the power play. His defensive talent is as good as his offensive talents. He has played his whole career with third liners putting up some good numbers. Hopefully those numbers will improve playing with first and second line caliber players.
  2. I had really hoped that the canes would of found a way to keep him. he is a good steady dman. i feel the canes could still use a solid defenseman, and seidenberg would of filled in that role nicely.
  3. curious to see what everyone's thoughts are on if they should remove interim from coach mo and offer him a contract. i personally feel as if they should at least give him a one year contract to give him all of next season to see what he can do. i for one like the direction the team took since he took over. it took a little time for his system to kick in, but by the last few weeks of the season you can tell the team was really starting to adjust to his system. the players seem to be much more comfortable and relaxed with him behind the bench. i know some people want francis to take over next year, but i really think they should give mo the shot w/ francis where he is a now so he can keep learning.
  4. i know i have said this before, but it sure is nice to see just how classy and respectful edmonton oiler fans are. it is nice to get a different perspective on things from around the league, it just seems that oiler fans have a lot of good insight on the game and they do not go around bashing people, at least the canes. reading some of there post on this site and theres they really seemed to like cole, and just wish he would have fit in better with their system. it really seems like they didn't want him to leave.
  5. i have been reading a lot of posts about cap space and clearing up cap space. correct me if i am wrong, but aren't the canes well under the cap. they have the self imposed cap, which they need to stop to be more competitive. but in regards to the nhl salary cap they are way under and do not have to worry about that.
  6. i will give it to oiler fans they have a great appreciation for the game, and seem for the most part to be very respectful. i remember after game 7 oiler fans coming up to people and shaking hand and congratulating cane fans. total opposite of saber fan.
  7. i don't know if anybody posted this or not yet. i didn't feel like going through all of them. anyway i was checking out the oilers message boards, and it seems the fans there really liked cole, and had nothing but a lot of respect for him. it is worth checking out. http://forums.edmontonoilers.com/index.php?showtopic=46811 seems like they are really going to miss him even though his stats weren't great, but then again stats don't necassarily make a player what he is. there are alot of things that do not show up on the stat sheets that can help make a player good.
  8. never thought about it like that, but i do find it interesting and probably true that we need to look another way. that being said i am not blaming ward for not making it to the playoffs the past few seasons, but he hasn't helped either. i good goal tender will help you get to the playoffs.
  9. bayda may not be a bad idea. he has potential he just doesn't seem to be doing much with this team. much like cole isn't working out w/ the oilers. cole seems to thrive with the hurricanes. he may not be what he use to be, but i could see him returning to much better form if he returns back to the canes. there seems to be a lot of teams that want cole right now. one of those rumors is the pens want him to play on crosby's line. i think that is what he needs to. a good center for him. much like when he played with staal he seems to excel the oilers have him playing on the third line with no great center. get him back here in carolina with a good center again. just he is not worth giving away ruutu. we have plenty of young talent we can afford to lose. i also think that if we do get him back by trade deadline he would most certainly resign, maybe even at a discount.
  10. if i recall didn't mo do the same thing with irbe that he is doing to ward playing him in almost all the games and not using the backup that much. playing leighton would be wise right now. especially if they manage to make the playoffs. you do not have to look far for proof of that. look at both of the canes stanely cup runs. the number one went down and the backup had to come in (weeks and ward) if the canes do make it to the playoffs and ward either goes down or is not playing well leighton is no where near playoff ready, i understand playing ward might be there best shot at making the playoff, but then what. i still think the canes need to go out and bring in a goalie to battle ward for that number one. it might pick up his game or it might just prove what many think, and that is that ward really is a number 2 goalie.
  11. i hope this is not true. this is the second time i have seen this rumor pop up somewhere. cole for ruutu. still think that is a really bad idea, and do not see any logic behind it. if the canes want cole back they just have to wait till the offseason, and try to sign him then as a free agent. no sense in getting rid of one of best players. maybe even the heart and soul of this team. ruutu is only going to get better, and he seems to like playing here. i have no problem with bringing back cole, but not at this price. i really hope there is no truth to this http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Frol...Ersberg/1/19627
  12. i don't know if this has been brought up or not, but i didn't feel like reading through all of the post. anyway, i just read this on tiops.com http://insidepittsburghsports.com/story/nh...eric-cole/7018/ ruutu for eric cole. as much as i like eric cole, and would love to see him back in carolina i do not think it is worth losing ruutu. he has been one of the few good consistent players on the canes this year. just thought i would put this out there, and see what others think.
  13. got to agree with you Forslund is one of the best in the business. You definately notice when you listen to other announcers. Not only does he do a great job at calling games he is not a total homer compared to many others.
  14. Tripp just needs to man up and ask out Ward, that is if Staal doesn't get too jealous. I don't know who he has *edit* for more Ward or Staal. He stands up for Ward and makes so many excuses for him I don't know if he wants to date him or be his mother.
  15. doesn't really hurt the canes, doesn't really help them either. hope j.r. isn't expecting this to be what the team needs, and he is out there looking at other ideas and possibilities. does anyone know if this clears any cap space or not?
  16. briefly met chad larose today at the jersey mike's on duraleigh. in the very brief time i spoke with him he seemed very nice and down to earth.
  17. i think j.r. and the canes really had a lot of hope in staal, and really had hoped that he would have turned into that player that the other teams have to worry about. sure, he is a nice player, but he is not a real threat most of the time, and teams do not really have to worry or make a game plan around like they have to with other stars and top players in the league. i don't think they need to get rid of staal he is a great player for this team. he just isn't what they think he is or what they had hoped he would of become. that being said it would be nice to have that player on this team that makes other teams worry and to have to plan around. sometimes it seems as if the canes broadcasters really over hype staal and what he does on the ice. (much like some of the saves that ward makes.) which makes everyone here locally think that he is that super star, so when he is not scoring every night something must be wrong. truth is he is not that player that is going to score everynight. just the cane's organization and broadcasters want you to beleive he is so you think you have a super star, and are not upset over the fact that we do not have a top player on this team.
  18. to me it seems his con smyth/stanley cup playoff run was the only consistent good play i remember him playing, even then he had a couple of bad games and got pulled or didn't start. i do not remember being impressed with him at all that season in his back up role. Since, the , playoffs he really has not done much either. sure, he makes some good saves, but he is a professional goalie he is suppose to. every goalie in the league makes good saves every night. the problem is all the soft goals he lets up. how many times during a game do you hear tripp say "he wishes he could have that one back" "that was a bad goal" "he should of had that one" etc... i know there is a lot of emotional attachment to him because of the stanley cup, but it is time to move on. ward is a good back up goalie. he is not a number one, not yet anyway. i am sure most people will disagree with me, but this is just my opinion. an average goal tender will at least keep you in a game. maybe there not always going to win you the game, but at least keep them in it. ward isn't even doing that lately. the canes need to get a goalie that will help keep them in the game even if the team in front of him is not playing there best.
  19. i believe he is out right now for two weeks maybe more i am not sure
  20. interesting thought...if you go to the rangers message board it seems a lot of the fans there want him back for those reasons. wonder if he would wise up and show some respect to the team that gives him a second chance. especially since it would probably be his last chance in the nhl. hell, if a team was willing to give bertuzzi a second chance why not avery. the canes do need to add some sort of grit player. i am just not 100% sold on avery, but like you said it might be worth looking into. sit down and talk to him to see if he has learned anything or if he is just going to be a cancer again.
  21. you are right about that. i think they put all there eggs in one basket on staal becoming that star. as great as a player that staal he is not that star player that will put a team on that next level. The next problem is the self imposed salary cap. it is hard to bring in a star player if you are not willing to spend the money. they have a nice foundation of players, but like you said it is just not enough pieces to the puzzle.
  22. I am not an Avery fan, and I am not saying that this would be even a smart trade. That being said if you actually look at the points production, I think but am not sure, Avery is actually averaging more points per game then Samsonov this season. Avery is one of those players that you hate, but he can bring energy to a team and get under the skin of every opposing player to help get them off his game. Samsonov has way more skill and talent though. If he can get back on his game he can put up some positive points. However, when he is off his game, like he is now, he can be a waste of space. Look what happened to him in Boston, Edmonton, Montreal, and chicago. he starts off hot then gets really cold and never seams to get it back. If he doesn't get it back would it be such a bad thing to get rid of him. Not neccasarily for Avery, but somebody. Might help to dump some salary if he can not get his game back.
  23. the cane's basically have two back up goal tenders. it is time to bring in a solid #1 starter.
  24. This may make a lot of people very upset, but I think it is time to bring in a new goalie. Besides the playoff run what has ward done. Sure he has some good games, and he has some good saves ( usually overly hyped by forsland and tracy), but he is not consistent. How many times in a game do you hear Tripp say he wishes he could have that one back. Ward lets up too many week goals. That would be ok sometimes, but it seems like every game he has a few go by him that should be stopped. As a goalie you are not going to stop every shot, but you need to keep your team in the game to help them win. Too many times he has lost the Canes games. I haven't seen Leighton enough to make a decision on him yet. he seems to be an ok backup with some promise. I know the Stanley Cup run wasn't too long ago so there is some emotional attachment to Ward, but it is time to look at options for bringing in a new goal tender. Maybe that would help wake Ward up.
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