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  1. I feel Sean Avery would be a great addition...why? Well the canes are preforming not so great you can say for the least. Every single game we start off slow and the players seem not to be quite "pumped" up..(which is why its been a pattern to go down 0-2 recently) Sean Avery can get the team fired up and puts a lot of fire into the game. Yeah he has made mistakes off the ice but this past incident will have taught him his lesson but he still would be a great asset on the ice. If Maurice and Rutherford could do one thing right <_< ... they should at least look into it. Don't just bash the idea because you don't like Avery he has been known to be a leader at times...(last year for instance) and can serve the Canes a much needed "tune-up"..just my 2 cents!
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