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  1. Thank god Carson is back! There is the young stay at home guy we needed. Harrison will make the team as the 6th/7th guy but I believe it will be between Rodney, Carson and Sanguinetti for the actual 6th spot and I believe Carson will get it. Gleason-Corvo Pits-Babchuk Mcbain-Carson Harrison I believe that will be our d-corps going into the year, and im very content with that.
  2. Although im on the get a defensive defencemen bandwagon I do like this signing because it gives us another solid top 4 defender and Corvo has developed a nice two-way game bringing the offence and solid defence as well. However, I still want Carson back!! Gleason-Corvo Pitkanen-Babchuk Carson-Mcbain With those pairings I would be confident if they were juggled in any way as I can see most of the d-men working with eachother except maybe Corvo and Babchuk. These pairings would also mean Sanguinetti is playing in the AHL which im totally fine with and Harrison being our depth d-man which im also totally fine with. PLEASE JR, bring back Carson!
  3. Well I am for one a Pitkanen fan and am not in favor of Staal for Pits. I would enjoy to see Marc Staal on this team but I dont think it is realistic and I dont believe using Joni as the bait to get him is a step in the right direction. You can call Joni a lazy skater or as I look at it, a very smooth skater. Hes an absolute workhorse and his logging of 30 minutes cannot be replaced, along with his ability to bring the puck end to end. I agree this team needs that shutdown guy, but I think we all know JR wont be making any big splashes for a while and the most we can hope for is a guy that has potential to be a top 4 shutdown guy but at very least plays solid defence. Similar to a better Jay Harrison, he's gotta be cheap, has to have possibly played in the top 4 before...Hmm Brett Carson anyone?! I guess JR missed out on him, and I agree that an Andy Sutton type player is what we need, but just not Andy Sutton. Too old. I wish we could have grabbed Meszaros from Tampa, it only cost Philly a second rounder but I guess JR wont be moving draft picks. I haven't checked but is there any young and relatively cheap defensive minded guys out there? Similar to Carson?
  4. Picard in my opinion was awful so im not dissapointed to see him go, but I was a big fan of Carson he was very solid in the role he played, he was sound defensively and is young and big. 6 ft 4 doesn't lay people out but he does play a decent phsyical game and he can only improve. At his age he had the potential to be a decent defensive defencemen that could step into the top 4 and at worse he was the perfect replacement for Wallin on the bottom pairing. Either JR has really really high expectations for Sanguinetti or he has something up his sleeve. Pray that he is bringing in a defencemen, and as much as I think Sanguinetti was a good pick up I don't particularly want to slot him in as a regular next year. Give him a year in Charlotte with the chance of being called up. All I can think is Dan Hamhuis would be nice in a Canes jersey. Fat chance though...
  5. Why in the world would we even consider bringing Picard back? He's absolutly awful. Im more than okay with filling out our bottom 6 forwards with the Rats because you can get away with having a young inexperienced offensive team and make the playoffs but still with that we are going to need almost all of them to have great years. Look at Phoenix and Colorado. However at very least we need to fill out our defence without just filling it out with players from the organization. I really want a scoring line winger for Staal, but rebuilding the defence should come first priority. I can accept Pitkanen, Gleason, Mcbain being in the top 4. I DO NOT want Babchuk back in our top 4, neither do I want Pothier. The team needs to get Dan Hamhuis to play with Pitkanen. If Pothier re-signs cheap then put him on the 3rd pairing with Carson. Pitkanen - Hamhuis Gleason - Mcbain Pothier - Carson. Thats a solid d-corps and it CAN be accomplished and JR needs to go out and do something big rather than just settling every year and using 'what we've got' to put together a borderline defence corps that ends up falling apart and then has us fans complaining. It seems like our expectations drop everytime for our offseason. We dont need to go into the year with expectations to win the Stanley Cup but I think we should go into the offseason with higher expectations to do more than just 'fill out' the roster with some Rats and borderline top 4 defencemen. Our offence will be shaky if we dont get that first line winger, but as long as we fill out the top 6 with other decent parts we may struggle to score but with good goaltending and if we can, a good defence we will make the playoffs. If we go into next year with a team like that, you cant say that Colorado who made it this year was even close to that calibre, and in a weaker conference there is no reason we shouldnt make the playoffs.
  6. I dont care how difficult it is going to be, but this team needs Dan Hamhuis and Alex Frolov. If we can get both those players we are basically set for next year. When everyone is posting their thoughts of our defence corps for next year it includes a lot of Rats. And nothing against the Rats they are solid but honestly if we want to be competitive we need a stable top 4 thats not going to change. And PLEASE dont bring back Babchuk. I know im probably the only one who doesnt want him back, but god the kid clearly has attitude problems and yeah we could use his shot from the point but as shown in last years playoffs without his shot he was exposed as a relatively ineffective d-man. We need to acquire Frolov one way or another if we want a good 1st line. Resign Whitney to a good deal if possible, and it would be nice to bring back Cullen. Attempt to trade two of Samsonov, Larose and Cole. Preferably Larose and Cole. Yes its alot to ask but our offence is set with : Frolov-Staal-Jokinen Whitney-Sutter-Ruutu Samsonov-? (Cullen) - Tlusty K-Stop - ? - Dwyer On defence if we can get Hamhuis or any other decent top 4 guy we should be set as well with : Pitkanen - Hamhuis Gleason - Pothier Rodney/McBain-Carson These lines are all assuming we do re-sign Pothier and we can trade Cole and Larose. And of course Brindy retires. Yes this is a lot to ask but it would be a legit team in the league and people may call it impossible but we need to set higher standards for where we want the team to be if we are going to win.
  7. I've been totally off the forums since they changed the, however have still loyal been following the team all year. But now with trade deadling approaching im gonna jump in. After seeing everyone's opinion on whether Corvo should go or not, im for one a believer that if the right deal comes, we need to take it, however Corvo will indeed be difficult to replace. I was looking at the list of free agent defenceman avaliable in the summer and really the only players to replace Corvo that MAY be on the market are Paul Martin and Marek Zidlicky. And they may resign with their respective teams. But otherwise Corvo is the best offensive dman on the market.
  8. Im not really sure Cole's 60 points will happen. If it does i'll be more than pleased. Hes quite capable, even though he isnt in the same form he was in 05-06. If he stays on the 1st line all year, and plays decent-good he will put up 60 or more. If not, you never know.
  9. Goaltending is always difficult to judge from a fans point of view. Its easy to say "lets just play Cam 10 games then play Leighton 1, then Cam again" but theres alot of intangibles that im sure we cannot be 100% sure on. The main one is how the goalie feels. So basically we are going to have to trust Coach Mo on how to judge when to play Cam. Im sure he knows better than we do. I have full confidence in Ward-o when hes playing often and hes healthy. I dont have much confidence in Leighton, but if he can win half his games, and if he starts 15 games, we will be okay.
  10. They will be okay as long as they can handle the rush. In zone they should be menacing. Ive always liked Wallin as he is a sound defensive player. He doesnt lay out players but hes a solid board banger, will take his man outta the play with the body or stick, and is disciplined. I like defencemen of Alberts style and he will bring some crushing hits. As long as they can handle the rush they should be okay, and worst case sceneario we see them split up. This is the pairing where D-Berg would have really helped. Start the season with em, who knows if they finish together.
  11. Too much money tied up for too many years. They're handcuffed and will be relying too much on 3 players to win.
  12. ACC multiple times. (Leafs v.s. Canes) (Raptors v.s. Alot of teams) Ive seen many games at the ACC, mostly Toronto Raptors, and I have to say the Raptors crowds are LOUD! Absolutly insane environment, especially when they made the playoffs. I was dissapointed by the Leafs fans, as I was decked out in my Canes gear, hat, and jersey, and was being really obnoxious. I know im not that old, but I was old enough to get yelled at or booed. But all I got were some dirty looks. In the subway however I got yelled at numerous times and even had a gang of Leafs fans surround me, albeit in a friendly way and teased me "Who in their right mind likes the Canes?" But about the arena, its garbage. Okay views from the top deck, but the security and prices and overall feel are terrible. Their in game entertainment is a C+. And a world class city like Toronto deserves better.
  13. Oh EA ratings makes me puke. Luckily they have sliders. I go through EVERY team and change ratings of players that get obserd ratings. To be fair, I think our team should get: Staal: 88 Whitney: 85-86 Cole: 81-82 Ruutu: 83 Cullen: 82-83 Larose: 79 Jokinen: 80 Sammy: 80 Brindy: 82 Kostopolous: 75 Yelle: 78 Walker: 78 Corvo: 81 Gleason: 80 Pitkanen: 83 Ward: 79-80 Wallin: 75 Alberts: 75 Ward: 87 Leighton: 73
  14. Not much more can be said. Its clear that this is our best skilled pair and they will probably play the most minutes.
  15. Agreed. But if we ever disagree again....
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