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  1. 1. Washington 2. Philadephia 3. Boston 4. Pittsburgh 5. New York Rangers 6. Carolina 7. New Jersey Devils 8. Florida 9. Montreal 10. Ottawa 11. Atlanta 12. Buffalo 13. Tampa Bay 14. Toronto Maple Leafs 15. New York Islanders
  2. Why? Pitkanen is our #1 dman and easily top 30 dman who continues to improve every year and finally find his home and starts to play with his full potential. Ruutu is nothing special and little overrated (and overpaid). For me, Niklas Backstrom should be n1. The guy is phenomenal goaltender, easily top 5 in league.
  3. Bowman is not our best prospect. Sutter or Boychuk are. But you never know who of yours prospects will be the best NHL-er. But Drayson is seriosly underrated. The kid is just good and will have success on NHL. I'd love to see him plays on Staal wing ( he's big fan of Eric Staal and i like Drayson's style). The future .
  4. Great guy. But in his last season like a Canes player, he was just tragedy. One day, he will back, book it.
  5. We don't need Kobasew right now. We already has a plenty players who can play on top 6 without problems. Chuck is not upgrade on this players, so i'll say pass. But next season he's UFA, i think, and we will have Whitney, Cullen, Walker gone, so i think JR will try to get him.
  6. Wardo is one of these veterans who just know how to play game even on 35+ year. The guy is just good and has a lot of expierence - . Also, he will play on pair with our best d-man - Joni Pitkanen. Last year Pitts make Babchuk to looks very good. This will work with Pitkanen- Aaron too.
  7. Next - Justin Williams at deadline. Just stay healthy, W.
  8. I don't think Staal needs elite winger to play his best. See him in 05-06 - he plays like animal on line with Cory. Stillman is just perfect type for him - underrated playmaker with expierence who knows how to make his linemates to be effective. It's time to find new Stillman, JR. Or maybe you will bring Cory on Raleigh ( i thinks he's available and Florida will make to trade him ).
  9. This mean we will see our prospects finally next year.
  10. Not top 4 guy. If Alberts play with Wallin... this will be disgusting.
  11. Blues - we play effective vs them. Canucks - i hate this loss with 4:3 in last minute. Ducks - i like Getzlaf and Giggy.
  12. Good. Our type - play with heart in every shift and work very hard. Nice guy, i liked this signing. Not a great player on world but if play with Jussi or eventually Bayda, i see good chemistry. But this mean, we will trade Eaves or Walker ( Scotty has NTC, i think )...
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