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  1. Living in Montreal I watch all the Montreal games and there is 24 hour hockey talk on the radios and people often mention how they need a big winger for the top line to be able to push them over the hump and make the Stanley Cup finals this year (you will see tonight how good, fast they are). Staal's name gets mentioned and as much as I hate the Habs and the thought of him playing for this team bothers me, I think the Canes need to totally clean up shop and Montreal has a lot of young players that they should be interested in. My trade is (of course Eric saying okay because of his NTC), Staal for Nathan Beaulieu, Michael McCarron and a pick. I think Montreal may do this because they only lose 1 roster player. Thoughts?
  2. Great, wait until you are 9 points out with 14 games left and you are almost mathematically eliminated....well done. If that could even be REMOTELY possible that would be amazing!! That would be a fantastic starting point.
  3. No, no, no. No more recycling. We need to bring in someone who has the experience of winning and being part of a well run, winning franchise. Not talking coach here, talking GM. Then HE brings in his guys to replace coaches and staff. There needs to be an all out change in the front offices all the way down to the locker room. The players need to come in and see that everything has drastically changed so that the air of comfortability has been wiped clean away. The regular, old ways of doing things has to change. I hope hope hope that this gets done this off season.
  4. I love it when someone cares that much to go to all that research! Well done. Call me greedy but I like to have the Red Wings success in Carolina.
  5. I think this is exactly it.....they are going to get a new GM and it will be his responsibility to hire his coaching staff, his scouts, and his minor league coaches. If they were to fire Muller and bring someone in it would be JR guy right now. That doesn't make sense. If PK doesn't do the above then I will be very confused. How can an owner accept not getting playoff cash year after year after year..... By the way, finishing at the bottom next year gives us a good chance on McDavid. Not that I am gunning for another losing season but have to find some positives no?
  6. Please forward this to Canes management. Well written. It really is sad.
  7. But with those sucking for draft picks ALSO came a change in GM. Shero in Pittsburgh and Tallon/Bowman in Chicago. In Edmonton's case they only made the change this season. Also, Toews and Kane or Crosby and Malkin are better than Hall and Yakopov (that might have something to do with it)
  8. Penguins were doing horribly and were set for bankruptcy. Here is what they did. 4 years in a row of getting a top 3 draft pick (winning the lottery for Sidney Crosby sure helped!) Picks were: Fleury, Malkin, Crosby, Jordan Staal Did not renew GM contract Craig Patrick and hired Ray Shero Black Hawks were in shambles as well. Here is what helped turn their ways. #3 pick of Jonathan Toews, and winning the lottery to move up from 4th to first to get Patrick Kane in back to back years. Their owner died so there was a change there and they added Joel Quenneville and Scotty Bowman (the most winningest coach of all time) along with his son Stan to their organization.
  9. One thing is for certain. Another year of looking like the Canes will not make the playoffs has turned us all against each other. Everyone, we are all in the 'Frustrated' boat. Let's agree that this TEAM is not playing well and the fact that it isn't ONE problem makes it harder because we want to be able to come up with the solution to turn this ship around. Wouldn't it be fun if we were sitting comfortably in the top positions and we were talking about the 'tweak' the team would need at trade deadline to make us true cup contenders instead?
  10. I was the one who put out the team's record with both those goalies playing and how the team has a winning percentage with Khodobin in nets. Is it all Ward's fault? Of course not! BUT, this team has won more than they lose when he is not the starter and Khodobin is (by a large margin). For some reason we get more from our players when he is not in nets. Same power play for both those guys..... But feel free to do the research on the effect of other players being in the lineup compared to those they are replacing and see if there is another case where the above holds true. Just easy to check with goaltending. Perhaps we are a much better team when Zack Boychuk is in the lineup as well but his ice time hardly makes him a difference maker in that category.
  11. AMEN!!! I want to see someone freakin' lose it!!! Enough of playing well and losing...heck, it isn't good enough any more!!! Think we can get a Pedroia at the same time?
  12. Plain and simple. Canes are not a winning team with Cam in nets. With him not in nets, they are. Might not be directly his fault but the TEAM plays better for some reason without him in goal.
  13. The scary thing is I don't see a quick fix to this team. Some might say bring in Cullen but is that REALLY going to fix a lot? IMO, not really. I can't believe this but it looks like another year of not making the playoffs......I am having a REAL hard time digesting that AGAIN. Whether you want to back up Rutherford's moves or not, this franchise NEEDS a change, starting from as high up as possible. They need to bring in some proven WINNERS. People who know what it is to win and can bring that kind of attitude into the management room, into the locker room, and on to the ice.
  14. Not only did they not score on the power play, but other than the first one could hardly get the puck in the zone. They are standing still at the blue line and running into each other. It was disgraceful. Hard to give penalty killing credit to a team like Buffalo. It was horrible.
  15. I am not saying that last night's loss to Buffalo (ouch that hurts just to type that) was Cam's fault at all. BUT, look at the win-loss records of the two goalies over 19 decisions this year. Khodobin = 13 - 6 Ward = 6 - 8 - 5 The team has won 13 of Khodobin's 19 games. They have won 6 of Ward's 19 games. Not putting a fault on the goalies, the TEAM just seems to play with more confidence obviously with Khodobin in net. The same cannot be said for Ward. 6 wins in 19 games just doesn't cut it. With this team being so fragile mentally they have to go with Khodobin.
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