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  1. The only thing this team is missing is a superstar to put butts in seats. But winning will do that too.
  2. I agree. Eric was never a true 1C. Was just a really good player on a bad team so that inflated his #s. I've seen alot of Darling. I've watched him down here in Fayetteville to the NHL. He's the real deal. Might start off slow but he will put this team on his back and get us a few more wins.
  3. Just so you know I've been reading all of your post for the last seven years and I finally decided to post lol Been living in Alaska.
  4. I guess you could say Williams in a way is a replacement for Eric Staal, not positionally per se, but role-wise (leadership). The problem I have is Staal was never a leader. He never stepped up to the role like #17. Williams will. Don't get me wrong Staal could play but he could never lead the team like he was supposed too. Really good hockey player just somebody you wouldn't build the hockey team around
  5. mdover95 I'm stationed in alaska so I feel your pain. Ordered a Skinner jersey while I was in Iraq and I haven't been able to wear it to a game yet. This whole thing sucks!
  6. I couldnt stand Mo,but hes won me over.Have to agree that his first stint he didnt have talent that we have now.Give him another year at least he's earned it.
  7. Seems all the really cool stuff happens when the t.v. cameras aren't on.
  8. Nice to see the cap getting back to old form!Lets hope it last.Seems he's got the fire back in his belly along with his scoring touch.Keep it up Rod cuz we really need you right now.
  9. Hope cole can light a fire in this team.I read every post on this tread and you guys make me laugh.Some ppl r bitter but we'll see.I think it was a good deal for all sides.
  10. Gerber is a leaf now we can move on to someting else lol <_<
  11. Trading Sutter would be a really dumb move.This kid has a big upside and Cole has big downside.Dosent matter he's going to the B's.Wont take long for them to give up on him.
  12. 13 of 16 in the circle and an a point not bad.Maybe we can work a trade with the Flyers those always seem to work out LOL I like this player he's gonna be a steal
  13. I say just go with what we got and be done with it.If we can get Neil then snap him up but I think this team might pan out,shots r there just need to find the back of the net
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