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  1. All I'm saying is that we've played mediocre hockey since he became the started. The skaters can't overcome 5-0, 5-1, 4-1 deficits night after night. I think Ward is a great backup or even tandem goaltender. The only time he has been "stellar" as Tripp likes to put it, is during the 06 playoffs when Gerber was sick. Ward came in during the playoffs and did some of the best goaltending I've ever seen. I just don't think he has the skill and endurance to carry a team as the starter. He is consistently inconsistent. I'm a backup goaltender on my team but I normally play defense and I know that the goaltender can't be relied upon to stop every puck. Defense has got to step up and get some things done too.
  2. I'm with you on most of that, especially firing Rutherford. I think he's made some terrible decisions since 06. The only thing that discourages me is that I believe Ward is way over rataed. The skaters cant win if there is a 4-1, 5-1, etc deficit every night. I think Leighton is the best goalie in the AHL and he should go back down where he can be a starter. Ward should be in the backup position. He is an excellent backup or even tandem goalie. He simply cannot sustain wins for a team by being a started. He's had two and a half season to prove worthy of being a starter and hasn't come through. It has been mediocre hockey since 06 and I know that it isn't all Ward's fault by any means, but it's something that needs to be considered. I promise we'll have mediocre hockey as long as he is the starter. I'm with you on the defensive pairings. One thing I wish was that Brookbank was a more skilled player. We need a skilled and tough defensemen besides Gleason.
  3. Too bad GM's can't be traded. I think some of the problem lies with Rutherford. I will admit, Ruutu, Samsonov and Corvo couldn't have been a better trade. This may get under the skin of some of you Cam Ward fans, but I PROMISE as long as he is the starting goaltender, we will always play mediocre seasons. I can't understand why people can't see it. Leighton is an outstanding minor league goalie and Ward is an excellent backup goalie. The only time he has shined is during the 06 playoffs. I cannot stand when Tripp says "Ward was just stellar" when he clearly wasn't. I often wonder if him and I were watching the same game. Giving up 5 goals is NOT stellar. I know some of you all are going to defend Ward and its OK. He is not starting goaltender material. What has he done since 06? I guarantee you as soon as we get a consistent goaltender, things will turn around. I know some people love Ward and its understandable, but he is slightly better than flash in the pan. Someone please tell me why so many people think he's this great goaltender? That was obviously rhetorical because he isn't. Now, let the bandwagoning attacks fly......
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