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  1. I have to agree with you on everything we need to stay the course for now because you are correct that the trade market just isnt there were only 13 games into the season most teams around the league arent very frantic to make moves. IF we are still sucking by the trade deadline that is the time to trade our players and look for the future we can get better value for our players then. On the contrary if JR can make a trade right now that is fair value and could give us a speedy winger to play with staal or even a D-man by all means he should take it. Lets not lose faith lets go canes!
  2. Words cant even describe how happy I am, it must be christmas Cam Ward is a great goalie who is very underrated LETS GO CANES!
  3. The new Jumbo Tron is awesome it is legit this year. Of course everything went up I am not shocked by that I wonder how long it will take before a hotdog is $10 and a bbq sandwich is $12 my guess is in 3 seasons gives us a better reason to tailgate . I am tired of going to pre season games and am ready for the real thing cant wait to go to the game friday.
  4. Honestly I am not sad or angry I just dont care we should all just move on we have a great team with or without babchuk. Anyways once teams realized that if they put some pressure on babchuk he didnt do so hot. For those who might be ripping on JR you need to check urself cause if we didnt have JR this team would not be were it is today.
  5. Honestly I say JR just trades Babchuk and get is over with maybe we can get a draft pick and a prospect or just a pick or just a prospect. Babchuk doesnt really want to play for carolina any more and I dont think JR cares if Babchuk doesnt wear a Hurricanes uniform we have plenty of depth at D-man with the addition of Ward and Alberts I think we will be fine at D-man without Babchuk.
  6. I like that idea it would give me a good laugh as well lol
  7. He is a good penalty killer I think it is a good move overall.
  8. I like the deal except for the last year when he is getting paid 4.4 million I think that is a little much, but overall I like the deal.
  9. I think Methot would be a great addition to our defensive core. You are very right Rutherford is not a big fan of developing d-man and Methot is young enough 24 years old and has played enough that if we could trade babs and eaves for him I think that it would be a really good deal. Even if we dont get Seidenberg having Methot could very well be enough Wallin and Alberts could be a 3rd pairing or Alberts with Carson,McBain or Rodney. I think all we need is 1 or 2 more moves via trade or free agency to get 1 or 2 more d-man.
  10. If JR decides not to make any moves to get another defenseman and we have this current group of d-man we are going to be in trouble. Nick Boynton was signed a few days ago to a 1 year 1.5 million deal that is a very reasonable deal for a pretty good veteran d-man I wonder were JR was on that one. Also I see that Paul Mara was just signed by the Canadiens. I guess if we are going to get a veteran d-man it is going to have to be via trade I would think that Toronto would be in the market to trade one of their many d-man for a forward maybe we can get Ian White. I just hope that by the time the season starts JR gets a legit d-man who is a top 4 d-man. Maybe if JR packages Babchuk,Eaves and a Pick we can get a good top 4 d-man I would say trade walker but with his NTC.
  11. I think u nailed it right on the head could not agree more hopefully Boychuk or Bowman pan out because if they dont then staal isn't going to have a real 1st line winger.
  12. yep just saw it on tsn http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=283832''>http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=283832' target="_blank">http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=283832[/post]
  13. I wonder if scuderi is on his way out and if we can't resign seidenberg if JR would take run at Scuderi
  14. We have 2 weeks until free agency starts and JR has signed a grand total of 0 players anyone else just a little worried?
  15. I think that next off season when we have alot of contracts expiring that is most likely when JR will get staal a big name winger. I wouldn't rule it out that JR would get one this season, but I just think that overall the probability of JR getting Staal a star winger will be during the off season next year when we have alot more money freed up. At the same time we will have to get a star winger for a decent price JR isn't going to spend 7 million+ to bring some in my guess is that 5.5-6 million and less will be what JR would be willing to spend. We could see a deal like Pittsburgh did when they traded Whitney for Kunitz both have a few years left on their contracts and the $$ wasn't crazy on either of their contracts.
  16. As much as I want to see Boychuk playing on Staal's line I just think we need to wait 1 or 2 more years then put him up there on the 1st line just to make sure that he is ready. I could be wrong and he could have a big break out season this year and if that is the case then I have no problem with moving Boychuk up to the 1st I guess we will all have to see how it plays out for him.
  17. lol I like LaRose but not as much as that couple that sits next to you I also have sit next to the people that want to trade Staal and other playes now I find that ridiculous as well. I think that we can agree on this one LaRose skates 110% everytime he hits the ice and he doesn't take a shift off.
  18. I am pretty sure I never said that I want to give LaRose staal money I think LaRose should get between 1.5 and 2 million dollars. I kind of allready know that LaRose isn't a Staal type player once again I never said that he had the same talent as Staal. Honestly if Cole was let go I wouldn't have a problem with that especially if he wants 4 million a year. LaRose,Ruutu,Jokinen and Seidenberg those 4 are the players that I want to see resigned the most I can understand signing cole for 2.5 to 3 million a year.
  19. I did just share my opinion on the subject and u just jumped all over me about it so u pretty much just contradicted what you just said.
  20. I dont understand what is up with you hating on LaRose he afterall did out perfrom your boy cole this season and once again no one said that we want a statue of him in front of the RBC center like u said.
  21. I actually would really like that trade Babchuk for Dubinsky if JR could make that trade or a trade similar to that I would be very happy with that. We most likely will get the most value of out babchuk if we trade him to the Rangers like u said.
  22. haha that deal by columbus was pathetic they wasted their $$ big time.
  23. I am pretty sure that most people don't want LaRose paid Staal money. Also if u are basing a player on his size calling LaRose a smurf well then ray whitney must be no good according to ur logic Martin St.Louis must be horrible then also according to ur logic Boychuk must have no chance right he is only 5 feet 10 inches. Something that Chad LaRose does that Cole doesn't is that Chad works his behind off on every single shift and I for one would rather have a player like that then Cole who doesn't always play his hardest every shift. I would have no problem with JR letting Cole go. I am not even a big Chad LaRose fan, but u can't call him a 4th liner that guy deserves to play in the top 6.
  24. I dont see why people want to get rid of whitney he has been the leading scorer on this team for the 2006-2007 season and this season 08-09. I fail to see how trading the Wizard is going to help the team also even though he is 37 he is still producing and for his age his doesn't really have to many injury problems (knock on wood). I would have no problem with letting cole go and trading Brindy. It isn't like this team needs to have huge over haul or anything afterall we did make it to the ECF. I could understand getting an elite or near elite level winger for Staal to play with, but at the same time I really dont want carolina investing 6-7 million a year on a winger. It would be ideal if we could get a really good winger for 3-5 million a year that price range would be a lot more reasonable. I think a shut down defender would be good around 3 million could get you a very good defenseman. My guess is that if Rutherford wants an elite winger to play with Staal it is going to have to be via trade. I could see JR going to the free agent market for a defenseman (Boynton, Komisarek, Oduya etc..). Overall there are more defenseman to pick from the free agent market than elite level wingers.
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