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  1. Well the frustration level has reached a high not seen in about 6 years (the last time the team lost this many in a row) for the players, coaches and fans. There are a couple observations in looking at the team and player stats which indicate to me that like today's economy, the issues run deeper than they appear. Here is a summary of observations to show the "depth" of the issues the team faces: Ugly Stat #1: The captain of the Hurricanes is at -26 and the trend is still down Ugly Stat #2: In addition to the captain, there are three other players who are at -10 or worse, including former leaders of the team such as Whitney and Williams (the other player is Dennis) Ugly Stat #3: The team is the ONLY team in the league with no short-handed goals Ugly Stat #4: Even though the team has the highest opportunities for Power Plays at 211, they only convert 15.6% of them Ugly Stat #5: The team has given up 24 more goals than the scored (only 4 other teams in NHL are worse) Ugly Stat #6: Only 4 players have 10 or more goals scored and the most is Staal at 19 Ugly Stat #7: About 25% of all Canes power play goals have been scored by one player (Staal with 8 of 33) and last but not least, Ugly Stat #8: The team has lost 5 games in a row The first seven stats above highlight the deep and breath of the issues the Canes face for the rest of the season. Like today's economy, the fix is not simple and will likely take time (so plan on saving some money this year in not having to shell out big bucks for playoff tickets). The issues that need to be resolved in order of importance (IMHO): 1) The team needs a wholesale attitude adjustment to move from complacent, lazy and at times arrogant to hungry, motivated to win / fight, and more humble....this is on the coaching staff to resolve with more "tough love" (already started in Friday's practice) 2) The team needs to make a decision on leadership for the future (no matter how hard it is to do)....we are in leadership "purgatory" in trying to let Rod "get back in his groove" while having Staal be the "de facto" leader in terms of ice times and play time in critical moments....we can not reserve Rod only for critical faceoffs as a way to placate this situation 3) The team needs to play with an intensity that increase their time in the penalty box...yes, I did say MORE time in the box and not less...as I see this differently than most not as a positive, but as a symptom of bigger issue in attitude as referenced above 4) The team needs to show they can score short-handed as currently teams have no respect for our kill which I believe is leading to a poorer showing on PK The above are some MAJOR issues, so the fans will need to be patient to work through them. In the mean time, we will likely remain just outside the playoff window peering inside for the remainder of the season. Comments on the above are welcome.
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