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  1. TSA thanks for all your efforts! That was a very classy way to send off a player that meant so much to our beloved Hurricanes!!!
  2. I wish I could share what I know! It is killing me!
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    Call ups

    Mr. Coastal Caniac I assume now you know my information is not hearsay??? http://www.wralsportsfan.com/hurricanes/blogpost/5187139/
  4. ilikekabs

    Call ups

    Let's see if I am right. I did not know that I am required to identify a source????
  5. ilikekabs

    Call ups

    Sutter will come up to replace Rutuu. Rutuu is out for THursday. I am not positive that Sutter will replace. Cole will go Thursday.
  6. You are right as far as we have no business here. However, I am beginning to believe that fate is on our side. That is right fate! Say what you want, none of us believed we had any business beating NJ or Boston (at least I did not). However, this is playoff hockey and anything is possible!!! Play our game, be disciplined and I truly think we may have a chance at another Cup!!!! GO CANES
  7. Nolan - I am very sorry for your loss. If we make it to round two, you can have my lower level tickets (4) to one of the home games here in Raleigh. I am sure you are busy with hockey and it may not be feasible but if not these playoffs, how about a home game next year. You pm me and let me know. God bless your family during this difficult time.
  8. I feel sorry for that guy.....that is awful
  9. Just want to say that I did not mean to bash Corvo. However, he was less that gracious to a fan that wanted his autograph that evening. It does seem as though the public attention is not his thing but you can at least be accomodating to those that pay you salary (ultimately the fans). I will say that I have a fairly close relationship to a member of the team and they think he is very "stand offish" to his team mates. My opinion is what you pay for it!
  10. I would just like to say, I have been the last 3 years. I won the bid to travel with the team and won the chance to be a sideline reporter this year. However, you can pay your admission only and stand shoulder to shoulder with your favorite Cane. It truly is an opportunity of a lifetime. The players are incerdibly gracious (except for Corvo). Do yourself a favor and go. Next year I may sponsor some of you - who knows!!
  11. I do recall that one of the Edmonton players "dug up" our coin during one of the pre-games with his skate.
  12. Anybody else think Heidi was hot!!??!!
  13. It is true that the announcers travel with the team. Who signs their paycheck I am not sure, but one can conclude that it would come from the Hurricanes.
  14. Back from the game tonight and still inspired by the Glen Wesley ceremony. What an inspiration he was not only professionally but personally as well!
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